No One Around 2

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Uncle Tom made his way to the stone seats where the poor girl was left to.. be raped? Peeking into her handbag, her IC showed her sweet 16yo photo (her picture when the IC was made), and DOB – 1992. Taking his old camera phone out, he snapped a few pictures of her with various upskirt positions and pulling her bra and shoulder strap down for even more suggestive photos. Why would anyone stop at photos when the body was right there, to be used or even abused?

Sitting ‘innocently’ beside to check if she was fine, the slight snore and smell of shots were more than enough to tell him what happened. Sticking his finger into her pussy, the mixture of cum and juice were turning him on. There was enough lubricant to go around right? Scanning around for one last time to make sure there was no cameras or people, he pulled his berms down and took the long left unused slab of meat. Doing a half-squat on the floor, the little adjustments to her posture made things a lot easier as he slid his manhood into his first SYT. The tightness, wetness, warmth, basically the whole fucking-a-drunk-young-sweet-whore-in-public thing was the thrilling part.

Despite his age, Uncle Tom was thrusting deep and hard into her, waking her up with the dizziness of the weird sex she was receiving in the middle of sleep. This dick was different from the one she mounted on earlier, bigger, longer and with more rage. Slutty Crystal did love it. Her pussy was pulsating in rhythm as his dick stroked her vaginal walls.

Uncle Tom: ‘You’re awake girl?’
Crystal: ‘Yeah.. you.. are good.’

Hearing that response, he recalled his cum control techniques and applied Tai Chi breathing to it, regulating his energy use and increasing his speed. Soon, her moans were beyond her control and light, sweet moans were becoming his distraction. The grasp on his dick were getting stronger and her pussy was just this close to collapsing from the strength and depth of his pounding.

Crystal: ‘Uncle.. faster. I’m cumming soon.’

With no restraints, uncle went as fast as he could and with a loud grunt, his weapon poured the hot fudge into her womb and literally knocked her out again. Using the street lamps as illumination, he watched his own creampie overflow as he caught his breath.

Uncle Tom: ‘I shall bring you home.’

See? Even an old uncle would not leave her lying there helplessly. With that, he helped her to his place, where a little mess covered the corner, but not too devastating for a guest. At 8am, an aroma of fresh toast and coffee woke Crystal up, only dressed in her tube layer under the dress and an unfamiliar shorts.

Crystal: ‘Uncle. Thank you. I don’t remember anything at all. Did something happen?’
Uncle Tom: ‘Oh no. Nothing at all. You smell of alcohol. Any hangovers?’
Crystal: ‘Yeah. Headache. Do you have Panadol?’

Popping the two pills into her mouth, the effects of the sleeping pills were quicker than usual, falling into his arms once again.

*Knock knock knock*

Guy (shouting through the door): ‘Daddy! I’m home!’

The door swung open and as Ryan stepped into his room, the sight of the girl in just undies and his boxers turned him right on. Closing the door gently, his dad already knew what he was up to…

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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