No One Around

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Jake: ‘Come on, there’s no one around.’

Dragging his newly met girl at the club, Crystal was walking sloppily against his shoulders. At 3am, there weren’t many people around and the sheltered seats under the blocks were the perfect spot. Still wearing the one piece thin dress, he wasn’t even sure if it was a nightie or dress. Both their hormones were already on each other and the tongue fight didn’t take long to begin.

Jake’s hands were already under her clothes and fingers darting in and out of her soaked pussy. Her moans were soft, but the air from her mouth were heaving directly into his ear. Unzipping his pants, the huge bulge sprang free and Crystal needed no cue to grab it and stroke it. The two sweating bodies were oblivious to their environment, totally focus on each other. Quickly, he pushed her head down and fell back onto the metal backrests as her warm mouth covered his whole shaft, with the tip of his dick right at the back of her throat.

Up and down her head went, dripping saliva all over his pants but at the same time driving his thighs into a series of uncontrolled muscle spasms. Taking her weak body onto his lap, he untied her panties, which was designed with just a knot to secure and threw it into the bushes. Lifting her up with his last concious bit of energy, her waist slipped and went over his dick in one thrust.

Suddenly, her eyes opened wide and received every bit of what was happening. Not wasting anymore of the night, she started bouncing away on his lap, slurping his dick with her juices in every stroke. The slight suction and tightness definitely made the whole process unbearable. Two rounds of the dick-wrenching orgasms later, Jake were at his limit and cummed his thick load into her without warning. Crystal didn’t know that she had been creampied either. No one would be fucking a softening dick right?

She rested for a while more with Jake inside of her and finally fell into sleep on his lap. What could Jake do? Bring her home? Maybe. He carefully lifted the half-trance girl up and placed her on her sides on the stone seat. Looking around to confirm no one saw what he did, the bastard Jake got dressed and left.

Was there really no one watching? It was only 3.3oam, with plenty of time. At the eighth floor, an old uncle saw the whole event and couldn’t help from stroking himself. But now, the young girl was just lying there, waiting to be used. So quietly, the uncle left home and made his way down..

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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