Princess Tiffany

When Tiffany was four, her mum had left her for another man. Her parent’s marriage was a shotgun, resulted from the thrills and excitement of making creampies. Both her mum and dad was just 24 then, and ever since, it had been her dad to bring her up to a mature young lady. If you had ever seen her, she would be one of those common SYTs in skirts, dresses or just shorts and tank tops. There was something between her dad and her though, that no one knew, cause it had appeared normal to Tiff too.

Once her parents divorced, her dad had been dressing her up, from picking of clothes, to putting them on her. Giving her the little oily massages every now and then, walking around the house in his bare body. So, Tiff learned and did the same. When girls are little, it might not seem much, but when she hits 14, she too, noticed her dad’s penis standing up high instead of the usual ground-pointing stance.

Tiffany: ‘Daddy, why is it standing?’

Dad: ‘When it senses a pretty girl nearby, it will get high.’

Tiffany: ‘Daddy! You’re making me shy! So how do I make it go down?’

Dad: ‘Go and get the massage oil and give it a massage.’

Tiffany went and returned, covering her hands with the fragrant lotion. Sitting on the small cane stool, she began her handjob and stroked it up and down, feeling the warmth and the vigour of a 34 year old man. With that same familiar scent, it was the same liquid that she had been massaged with since young, feeling the warm rough hands running all over her body, playing with her nipples, the rubbing between her butt and the quick flicking between her pussy lips. The scent was bringing all those memories back.

Of course, a fourteen year old giving a handjob in her skin, it was natural to get even harder. Her B cups were jiggling slightly as she increased her pace.

Dad: ‘Tiff, stand up will you?’

She paused and stood with her legs over the stool. There was no hiding that she was wet and dripping onto the seat. Her nipples were as hard as gummy sweets, and her pussy was blushing.

Dad: ‘You’re fourteen. And you can think for yourself. Will you have sex with your dad?’

Tiffany: ‘Yes daddy. You’ve been taking care of me, treating me like a princess. I want to make you happy too.’

He carried her like a new bride into his room and placed her lightly on the bed. Going between her thighs, daddy began French kissing her pussy, shooting his tongue in every directions. The frequent masturbation wasn’t anything close to this, and for the first time, Tiffany creamed some white substance and daddy didn’t even let her see it before licking it all up. Once he felt her love hole getting drenched inside out, he knew it was time to break his little girl into his new world.

Aiming outside her cute little pussy, it was obvious to him that she wouldn’t be able to take it, and a lot of stretching would be required. Poking his pee hole into the slit, the leaking pre-cum was driving Tiffany wild, helping her to relax at the same time. This was way far from fingering herself, her daddy was thicker and hotter. Not long, the widest part of his penis made its way in and all that’s remaining was the four of the six inches.

With gentle strokes, daddy inched in and the little girl’s body accepted it like a perfect fit. The full length of him would reach right to the ends of her and by then, the pain and pleasure had already knocked her out. Taking the small chance, he started sliding in and out of her in normal fucking speed, driving her awake with the ecstasy. Her hands were on his arms, gripping it ever so tightly to manage the overdrive.

Despite the frequent visits to his fuck buddy which was as tight, doing his little girl seemed to have a different vibe and it wasn’t helping in delaying his ejaculation. After changing to doggie style and going fast and hard at the tight cunt for ten minutes, the rock hard penis was at its’ wits end.

Dad: ‘Tiffany, I’m cumming!’

Tiffany: ‘Me too!’

Did he had to worry about impregnating his daughter? Nope. The vitamin pills he prepared every night for her always contain the pill. With that baby issue away, strong dad filled her with his precious semen, to the brim. It was a priceless sight to have his daughter in doggie, slumped onto the bed from exhaustion and watch the cream ooze from the slit.

Falling onto the bed with Tiffany, the two only had smiles for each other.

Tiffany: ‘Daddy, we are doing this every night right?’

Biting her lips and giving him the puppy eyes, the answer was already in both their minds. If one were to be brought up the wrong way, guilt would never come over their usual habits. Is sex all that guys care about?

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