Sipping Coffee

It was a pleasantly cool Thursday and even better as an off day. Having no plans for the day, there was only one thing I wanted to do for a long time. I hopped down to the open air Starbucks along Orchard. Getting myself a cup of hot latte was the easy part, and finding a spot to watch people go by, wasn’t. Nonetheless, a seat came and there I was sitting comfortably in the warm morning sun against the cold breeze, minus the traffic noise, my Arc and a book were my companion for the day.

After about 10 pages on my Kobo Guilty Pleasure  e-book, a tap on my shoulder brought me back to the mortal world. Looking over my shoulders, a lady not older than me was signalling to the empty seat beside me and I gave her the ‘go’ nod. Removing my earpiece, I adjusted my chair to give her more space and hopefully to get her name as well. Two books, ice blended latte, iPhone, pretty manicured nails, probably for the spotting event too.

Me: ‘Wonderful morning no?’
Girl: ‘Yeah. Totally. Out to watch people go by?’
Me: ‘Oh no. I’m more concerned about the number of people wearing slippers to Orchard.’

Sweet giggles and we’re off for a good start. I stopped her from giving me her name and that move alone was another conversation topic. Who cares about names in this bustling town where everyone is in a hurry? After about 2 hours bite-size humour and silent reading moments, our second cup of drinks were on the table.

Girl: ‘Do you know where is the closest washroom?’
Me: ‘In there?’
Girl: ‘It’s not really clean you know?’
Me: ‘Gotta be the hotels then. I’ll watch your stuff for you?’
Girl: ‘Do you want to change location? So you can accompany me too.’
Me: ‘Alright. Then.’
Girl: ‘I go first. Royal Plaza Hotel. Umm.. Opposite Far East Plaza. Help me pack yeah?’

She walked off briskly and I stayed to pack up and made my way to the hotel. We haven’t exchanged any numbers and oh my, her phone was with me too. What if I was a bastard? Reaching in a few minutes, I was bewildered why would she pick this? It wasn’t the closest nor grandest. Then, a private number showed up on her phone. That’s even worse, I don’t have her name, details, but I had her phone in my hand.

Me: ‘Hello?’
Girl: ‘Hey! Come up to the eighth floor.’

Did she really go that distance to find a quiet cubicle conducive for some big business? I made my way up and waited outside the toilet on the level. A door creaked and a familiar head popped out with a bare shoulder.

Girl: ‘Quick quick!’

Doesn’t it sound unbelievable? I could hardly recall what she was wearing then. The door was left open for me and the showers were running behind the translucent bathroom glass. It sure didn’t make sense at all then. Maybe I was getting lucky, but in such a luxurious hotel room? She must had a fortune.

Me: ‘I’ll wait for you.’

After 45 minutes, I was already cuddled on that soft bed and reading my book, while she appeared with a towel wrapped around her underwear-less body. She grabbed a new dress from the wardrobe and disappeared into the showers before hopping onto the bed with me, quite like a new girlfriend. Her arms wrapped around mine and leaned her head on my shoulders.

Me: ‘You alright?’
Girl: ‘It’s nice to meet someone like you here. I can tell you are a gentleman.’

The hemline was already almost at her pussy and her hands didn’t help at all, gliding across my stomach and undoing my belt. Quickly, I got up and removed my skinny jeans that weren’t comfortable anyway. While I was doing that ‘striptease’ in front of the bed, she was reaching into the bedside desk for a condom. Her legs were wide open with the fresh Dove shower scent lingering, dress causally left to reveal her lower half of body.

Me: ‘Are you sure?’
Girl: ‘More than ever.’

She lay on the bed while I positioned above her, letting my hips push the untouched hard dick into her wetting love hole. It wasn’t accurate the first time, but it didn’t take the third time to get it right. I was in the most heart-warming place, feeling her muscles relax around my dick. She was getting looser for my entry, but once my hips started thrusting, the tightness returned and her moans turned into screams.

Girl: ‘You’re hitting my clit! Keep going!’

I wasn’t even sure how long I would last, or will I even shoot. Her pussy was a perfect fit for me, not unbearably choking, nor too loosely unsatisfying. Our body kept arching over each other as my shaft brushed along her walls, stimulating every bumps and flesh inside. Her eyes would be closed with her teeth trying to bite her lips but I wouldn’t allow. I simply had to ram it extra hard the moment she opened her mouth for more air. It was like a game, picking up all the timing and signs. Suddenly, her fingers dug into my back and her legs wrapped around me like a python killing its prey.

Girl: ‘Wait wait! Don’t move!’

A warm stream of liquid covered my groin and her body convulsed lightly, which I helped contain with my weight on hers. As the jet reduced, a crazy idea overcame me and I pounded her again. This time, I was just moving my hips, and pressing against her with my body. The spray then regained power and kept flowing till the poor girl fainted with a scream so loud I was certain someone would suspect murder.

Once again, the job was mine to clean and tidy her up. The spare bedsheets in the wardrobe helped and within an hour, she was sleeping naked under the thick quilt and I went back to reading before dozing off. The wake up call wasn’t exactly a call. Her mouth came over and woke my little brother up before going hyper speed for at least fifteen minutes without stopping. Until I released that huge load which I didn’t let go earlier.


She swallowed her dinner and went for a shower before leaving the room for a proper meal. I had my questions about the room answered, and the expensive dinner she treated me to was the best dining experience I had. This girl would be a guy’s dream come true to marry. Rich, smart, sexy and faithful. In the end, no numbers nor names were exchanged, and we gone our separate ways.

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