Inside-her Tips


Michelle, a seventeen year old Normal Academic student, ran up to me while I was halfway on my cigarette, under a random housing block at least ten minutes away from the school. I couldn’t be more disappointed with myself for being caught red handed, especially wandering so far out thinking that no one would find me there.


‘Can I have one too?’

‘What no.’

After she grinned at me for a few seconds, I gave in to her knowing that I would be in deeper shit than her if she exposed me. To avoid getting her into trouble, we went to a staircase to continue smoking, while she came clean with what she stalked me for.

As a Chinese-Malay mixed blood, her most used language at home was Malay, since her Chinese dad was always overseas for business. Despite his absence, they (her parents) insisted that she took Chinese as her second language, since it would an advantageous for her in future. Knowing that I was one of the teachers setting the Chinese O’ Level paper for the entire Singapore, this little conversation was for her to get some tips out of me.

‘You know I would rather get ratted out smoking than to risk my whole career right?’

‘Then I’ll make you a promise you can’t refuse.’

‘What? Sex? You know I can walk away anytime right?’

(her saying) ‘Try me then.’

She unbuttoned her shirt and removed her bra, shorts and panties, taking off her skirt to stand half-nude in front of me. I didn’t wait for anyone to walk in on us and headed for the lift, where she appeared next to me still naked waist down. When I saw how fearless she was to join me in the lift, I hit the button for the floor below us to end the joke.

Truthfully speaking, her figure was nothing less than perfect in that state. Long, naturally brown, flowing hair, pale, yellow complexion, cute, plump lips, never ending legs, I dragged her out of the elevator and brought her up a flight of stairs to put her clothes back on.

Before I could even sort her ball of clothes out, she sat on the floor and began masturbating while moaning out loud.

(me whispering) ‘HEY! SHHH!’

‘Not till you take your cock out.’

‘Fine fine!’

She went quieter as I undid my pants, to see her fingers wrap around my dick that was semi-erected. The hard on stiffened up to a few jerks of her hand, and she pulled me closer to her face with an open mouth. In an instant, my mind went blank as she slurped on me hungrily, swirling her long tongue round and round my little head.

I still couldn’t get the fact that she was naked out of my mind. So I helped her up and let her continue jerking me off while I put her skirt back on, buttoning her blouse so she looked ‘decent’ once again.

Michelle went to a wall and lifted her skirt to her waist, tucking my cock into her sweet, young pussy before she hopped into my arms.

(her whispering) ‘Fuck me J.’

I pinned her against the wall and thrust deep into her, savouring that mind-blowing tight hole in continuous wet strokes. Her body trembled non-stop as I hammered her faster and faster, hugging each other harder as she moaned her orgasm for me.

(her moaning) ‘I’m coming cher! I’mmmmm… cominnnngggg!’

She started peeing right between my legs and I used that incoming contractions to milk my own cock for its worth, swinging her lower half at my dick that pierced ever so deeply into her. Her splashing pee lasted for an eternity till I felt my balls blowing up and pulled out of her at the last thrust.

‘Cher, you’re cumming?’


‘Where do you want to shoot?’

She spread her panties over her palm and squatted in front of me, pumping that swollen thick shaft at her mouth for the eruption that I sprayed into her dropped jaw, coating her tongue with my yummy semen till there was nothing left in me.

As she swallowed, she wiped me dry with her panties and left it inside my underwear when she pulled it over my groin, giving it a pat to make sure it stayed in place. Michelle and I then took a cab in her braless/ pantyless state, to get my notes I took when the group of teachers set the questions.

Since there were too much risks to give her a copy or bring those classified documents out, we organised 1-to-1 ‘tuition’ at my place, where we would be fucking before and after, apart from being nude all the time while in the confines of my house.

After Michelle credited me for her outstanding finals result, her parents hired me proper to continue coaching their daughter, at whosever house that was empty. Besides having a conducive environment, the ‘orgasmic’ factor is a must to achieve the maximum potential for information retention.

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