Life Lessons

‘Eh daddy, you know. Our boy just asked me what’s a handjob and blowjob. I think he stumbled on some pornography. Can you talk to him later?’

‘Yupp. I will. We’re prepared for this.’

As surprised I was at his curiosity, I was more glad that he chose to ask us about it. For a long time, we had tried to be the coolest parents we could be, holding little back whenever we spoke about work and life at the dinner table. Now that he has turned thirteen years old, I figured such questions would surface given how accessible pornography was. I couldn’t think of other ways besides giving him as much knowledge as I had, in case he had to find them out the wrong, or hard way.

(wife asking) ‘Do you want it tonight?’

‘Yes! You know I’ll never turn you down right?’

‘Oh really? I remember that time you begged for me to stop.’

‘Hey! But that’s cause you made me cum three times in a row!’

She laid quietly on the bed after I pulled out a pink satin sash to tie around her eyes, being one of the ‘themes’ we had on standby whenever we had sex. She understood my habits well and kept her nightgown on, while I stripped my bottoms off for her hand to begin work on.

Once she made herself comfortable on my side fondling my manhood, I silently picked up my phone and sent a text to our boy. Of course, I left the bedside lamp on so it wouldn’t be too dark.

(text) ‘Come into daddy’s room very quietly.’

My phone was left within my reach as I saw our bedroom door opened, and a surprised look peeped through the gap. A series of hand gestures later, he sat on the stool in front of the dresser, at a distance not too far away from his mum’s massaging hand.

(text) ‘Handjob’

The clueless mum shifted her head to the erection she made so hard with her hand and began sucking me off, which prompted me to send the next text to him.

(text) ‘Blowjob. Video us.’

He raised his phone at us and came closer to my feet, filming how his mum slurped hungrily on daddy’s cock while growing breathless and tired executing her lovingly deep strokes.

‘Mummy, lie down for me.’

I flung the blanket away for her to lie flat, and sat beside her so I could hold her knees down. Before his eyes, I introduced him the delicate parts of the vagina in complete silence. My dear wife was just moaning sensually to the unhurried teasing of her pussy, enjoying the priceless lesson I was giving him behind her back – or under her pussy.

(her moaning) ‘Why don’t you start fucking me already? Want to make me do it instead is it?’


I ‘swept’ him towards her side and sat on my calves in front of her opened legs. Slowly putting my cock into her, the clever boy aimed the camera at the right places, capturing both the penetration and her face that was telling him how good it felt. In no time, I was fucking her as if he wasn’t around, basking in the wetness and tightness as a result from the Kegel exercises she did after giving birth.

It didn’t take us long to change to doggystyle, reenacting the exact pose he saw on that porno-flick. She was moaning as softly as she could knowing that our boy was ‘sleeping’, but I couldn’t care less with the truth right next to me.

‘I’m gonna cum now!’

I pulled out of her liked always and she rolled herself over, holding my hands so I could guide her to my cock that was seconds from unleashing its soldiers. Kneeling over her chest, she pumped my cock really fast to get me groaning in sheer agony, while dropping her jaw as wide for the cum she knew better to take it down her throat than soiling the sheets.


At the last moment, she angled it lower at her tongue as I leaned closer to her and caught all the stringy, hot cum shot without any mess. When she started licking after sucking the last few drops out, I chased him out of the room before she removed the blindfolds.

‘A happy man now?’

‘Hehe. Since I met you.’

‘Fake asshole.’

I excused myself to ‘check’ on our boy, as well give him the pep talk if he was still up. In the safety of his room, I transferred the video into a thumbdrive and deleted the one of his phone, since the live performance was good enough for him.

(me asking) ‘So you know what’s a blowjob and handjob now?’

‘Yes dad. You’re so cool!’

‘Hey. Don’t go around telling your friends k? If not no more new words for you.’

Right at that moment, she came into the room to check on us and asked him if daddy had told him what those two words meant. Tucking him in after the eventful day, we went back to our room and fell asleep to more petting that left jizz in my shorts – which she didn’t allow me to clean up.

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