Unstoppable Love

‘Kor, your birthday is almost over. And you’re done opening all your presents?’

‘Yupp! One of my best birthdays so far!’

To his bewilderment, the lights in his room dimmed as she turned the knob next to his door, til all he could see, was her silhouette. Her figure grew larger as she walked towards him slowly, dropping the cardigan first, followed by the pink babydoll dress she easily stepped out of once it hit the ground. At his bedside, she was in nothing but the nudity of her flawless skin.

For most of the day, she was out instead of celebrating her brother’s birthday, which he had to put in so much effort to convince their parents not to get angry because of how much he loved her. There was nothing she had not done for him no matter birthday or not, and he would rather she spend on herself than him.

The shapely breasts stood out in the soft glow as he admired his gorgeous sister in front of him, fully comprehending why guys would make the effort to send her home no matter how late it was, only to be cock-blocked when she used him, her brother, as a deterrent. A lady emitting class, well-protected by wit, had the knowledge of all the ‘pick up lines’ men would throw at her.

‘There is only one gift I think you are worthy of, and that is also why I kept myself from any guys.’

She crawled over his dazed body and he fell onto his back like how she had anticipated, for her to pull his shorts he changed into after the last guest left, down his stumpy legs that gave him the hunky figure. Her lips didn’t wait to smooch him as if they were lovers, consuming his virgin kiss with a more experienced one, though still sweet and innocent in his mind.

The darkness of the room helped greatly to cope with the awkwardness, coming from her hands running under his shirt to caress his hard chest, along with her panty-clad groin that she had rubbed over one of his thighs under her legs. Her face pulled away with great effort to separate their lust-bound frenching, laying kisses on the skin as she made her way down to his throbbing erection, which had been poking at her belly ever since his shorts were off.

‘Jie.. ‘

‘Shhh.. ‘

She had always liked how he addressed her as an older sister, though she was the younger one. It made her want to take care of him, like how he did for her whenever a mistake got her an earful from their parents. She liked how it would force her to be better, as a role model to be the sister society expected the older sibling to be. As many times she had failed, he never made her felt at fault.

The tip of his penis received a kiss from her too, though it didn’t last as long after her tongue came to tease the slit, licking it like how she played with his inquisitive tongue earlier. Her head then went lower to let him feel the different sensitivity each inch was in charge of, getting a soft but intense groan as she covered more distance.


A short gag got his attention as soon as her lips touched base, giving him the first ever ‘taste’ of a deep throat. He couldn’t help but lift her face away, and continued kissing her for a while before he placed her in his warm spot. There, he stripped her panties off and didn’t hesitate spread her legs when his eyes saw how smooth she was, diving in to eat her out despite not knowing how to.

Those hard sucks on her clit, long strokes along her wet folds, dirty wriggling into her vagina, lip-shakes over all the sensitive spots, were causing her angelic moans to fill the room up. She couldn’t believe how well her own brother was pleasing her, even though he had no experience in it. By the time her ‘fountain of youth’ wore him out, she was that close to losing herself from how desperate her body was.

(her whispering) ‘You can put it in now.’

‘But without a condom?’

‘Yes. Your birthday is a safe day.’

He never took his eyes off her when their shoulders aligned, for his hips to carefully arch forward in her guiding grip around his thick brotherhood. The first two inches, spread her legs wider. The second two, sank her waist deeper. The last three, swung her arms and legs around his back to love him fully.

The two siblings took a minute to enjoy the completeness of their selves, until her feet relaxed to let him move. The excited boy didn’t know how to control his speed then, and rammed as he liked into that desirable pussy so many guys had tried to get into. Her fingers clenched tightly as her brother pumped that fat cock fast and deep into her, excavating whatever fluids that were building up inside, out over their slapping pelvis.

(him groaning) ‘Can I try doggy? I’m sorry it’s so soon.’

‘It’s okay. Of course you can! You’re the birthday boy.’

She held onto his hands as she tucked her knees in to turn to a side, and had him hold her waist so they wouldn’t disconnect during the position switch. Expectedly, he slipped out for a moment when her ass rose from the bed, but it didn’t take them long to be pounding crazily in the new pose again.

He was in an even frantic mood when he saw his sister’s slim body bent over willingly for him, getting the whole package of his slamming into her gradually-tightening pussy without mercy.

‘Kor! Slow.. down.. arghhh!’

She threw one arm after another backwards for him to grab onto and he rode her truly like a dog, knocking his hips against her fine ass till she was shaking uncontrollably to the orgasm he gave her. The sex-rage went even wilder once he felt her vagina form a vacuum, drawing him back with every outward stroke.

Something in him overtook his mind and he picked up one of her legs, fucking her while she balanced herself on three limbs as if she was a ‘peeing bitch’. Her other knee finally gave way and slammed her flat onto the bed, to which he kept going in a sideway pose that was even more pleasurable than any they have tried.


The quick-witted girl dragged herself away to let his cock out, and eagerly patted on the pillow for him to lie down. He obliged without any questions and let her go down on him again, feasting on his cock in long, fast-paced bouncing of her head.

While he tried to savour each lap his sister made, the increasingly hard-to-control, aching urge was building up in his balls that were about to explode.

(him whispering) ‘It’s coming.’

Her lips stopped at the tip and the rest of his shaft was massaged with her small fingers, until the final moment burst within the confines of her warm, wet mouth. She continued tickling the area around under the little helmet for the most excruciating orgasm he ever had, before he lifted her head away for the second time.

‘Thank you Jie.’

‘You’re welcome? Hey, you took my virginity too you know? I hope you’re not going to thank me each time we have sex.’

‘Huh? We are going to keep doing this?’

She wrapped his blanket around her naked body and collected her clothes before skipping out of his room, into hers where he knew jolly well to go to if he didn’t want to sleep in the cold.

When he entered her brightly lit room, she already had a pouch out and opened. Introducing him to her personal stash of vibrators and dildos, he picked the longest one to use on her. The one that was too big, that she regretted buying – but not anymore.

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