Rocking Body

In his eyes, she’s his little baby, lying on the bed in only a bra, awaiting for his touch under the blindfolds.

When the mattress finally sank to his weight, she bit her lips in fear and excitement for what was about to come. Or, what he would surprise her with.

The first strap went around her neck, metallic sounds clanking loudly as she felt the weight pull her down on the pillow.

The second and third, were for her wrists that he locked to the collar he placed.

The fourth, and last, fastened around her knees, and were raised to her sides with chains spreading her like an eagle.

‘Mmm.. ‘

She let a hum go when she felt the ache in her groin, from splitting too wide. Alone, was she left again after getting into that awkward pose, still unsure of what he was up to.

When he moved again on the bed, a cold plastic tip touched her cold vaginal lips and stroked up and down a few times before it was pushed between that pinkish gap.

‘ahh.. ‘

A groan slipped out of her when the small object slid easily into her, with a protruding thin wire that tickled her ass. The loud click shocked her a little by the vibration she felt rattling in her pussy, taking at least a minute before her body felt what he wanted her to.

Her volume increased to make her moans more audible, but was still sexy in that mysterious agenda of his.

‘Breathe in and out slowly.’

His first words after a long silence were strict, and it sounded like a good piece of advice for whatever he was going to do next. Another cold tip touched her ass, though somewhat more circular than the vibrator, made its way into that sensitive exit until it popped into place.

Her mind knew at once it was a butt plug, that caused her to be in a frantic state to hold herself back from ‘pooping’ that toy out, against the instinctive urge to remove any foreign object from her body.

The next thing that came in contact with her, was something that she wanted most – his fingers. Two of them laid comfortably on her trembling hips, over the enlarged clit that was driven crazy by the internal stimulation. Slowly at first, he moved her in circles with gentleness, awaking the intensifying build up of erotism that resonated sex below her waist.

As his fingers picked up speed, her jaws shut themselves and released agonising groans, which only drove him wilder, and pressed harder on that tiny pearl.

‘Fuck fuck! I’m coming!’

The vibrator popped out halfway and he suddenly stopped rubbing. Instead, after he pushed the toy back in, he went to massage her breasts, killing that orgasm surely.

‘Okay now?’

He went back to her clit and tortured again, quickly summoning the second climax only to smoother it. The process repeated itself for at least three times, before she was drifting in and out of sleepiness for his incessant teasing.

‘Hey. Let’s end it now.’

His fingers that wriggled into her overflowing pussy jolted her away, making her feel him digging that bullet (vibrator) out of her. He flipped his palm up and curled them two at ninety degrees, kicking off alerts in her mind to what was coming.

Well, she WAS! He thrust his arm fast and deep, gorging that sweet G-spot to its death in a safe setup where her limbs were restrained. The next three or so minutes was just her screaming, begging for mercy, warning him aloud to the explosion she was soon to arrive at.


The hardest squirt sprayed over his bent back and the rest lined in declining power till the ‘sprinkler’ ran out of juices. The last squeeze of her vaginal walls ejected all two fingers out along with the plug in her ass, onto the bed.

She couldn’t move even an inch when he untied her, tucking him under the sheets while he packed the adult toys away. At last, the big boy joined her in bed and she couldn’t stop hugging him closer after the craziest orgasm she had.

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