Just ’em Three

‘Hey bro! Long time no see! This is Jennifer. Or you can just call her Jen.’

Ryan shook her hand and they had their dinner on the floor, feasting on the pizza he ordered and beer his best bud, Brandon, bought. From where Ryan sat, he could look directly under the short denim dress Jen wore, which completely silenced him without any panties under.

‘psst.. like it?’


‘Act innocent only. How long you never masturbate already? Single for a long time already right?’

‘Haha. Single for two years only. But I just masturbated two days ago.’

‘Still the horny bastard sia.’

‘Like you la!’

Brandon then whispered into the ear of his drunken girlfriend, who then gave Ryan a sly smile.

‘Go go!’

She crawled on fours towards Ryan and a loud slap on her ass sent her scurrying to his side.

‘What’s up?’

‘Eh bro, let her do what she wants. Don’t touch my bitch ah.’

Her hand immediately went for the elastic waistband of his beach shorts, yanking it down and grappling his cock out of his underwear-less crotch. Ryan couldn’t care less about the warning his friend gave and kept her as far as he could away from his rising cock, if only he managed to catch that hand she wrapped around that elongated organ.

(her whispering) ‘Don’t fight it k? Let me play with it for a while.’

He gave up resisting since Brandon was probably the one who initiated it. She took the last slice of Hawaiian Chicken that none of them could finish and taco-ed his man-sausage between it before she jerked him off.

That crazy girl then laid her head on one of his thighs (cross-legged) and ate that penis-flavoured pizza. Once she was done, she moved on to ‘dessert’ which was lodged between his legs. Licking that pizza-flavour cock, Ryan was so high that he could only keep drinking to stop himself from saying anything dirty.

Once she started taking him to her throat, he couldn’t contain himself anymore and fell backwards onto the floor, where she gained more space to eat him out. Besides holding a handycam at what his girlfriend was doing, Brandon actually went to her head and forced her deeper, till she choked and had to swallow the dinner that almost, almost leaked out of her cock-stuffed mouth.

(Brandon to her) ‘All good?’

(her panting) ‘Yeah. I’m okay. With or without condom?’

He thought for a long while before shaking his head in an Indian manner, signalling for her to go for it since he was his best friend. There was no doubt that they knew each other best no matter how rarely they met.

Jen split his legs apart and lowered her pussy over him in reversed cowgirl style, waiting for him to pick himself up into doggystyle. Facing the last two pieces of honey wings, she helped herself to them while getting pounded from behind, soaking in the loud groans from the sex-hungry Ryan.

‘Baby! Pass me the cup.’

‘Seriously! You’re getting fucked and you can still eat? This is so going to be the funniest sex tape ever!’

‘Fuck la. The drink!’

Moaning in-between bites and sips, she only paused when an orgasm arrived, dripping her clear fluids all over the floor while getting hammered.

‘Brandon! Stop stop. Let this bitch do some work la. She needs to burn off all those fats she ate tonight.’

‘I have a way for her to work her abs though! If you don’t mind la.’

‘Go ahead! Punish that little slut.’

He pulled out of her and kept one hand on her back while guiding his cock, into her ass. That starvation of hers instantly disappeared as she struggled to stop him, but the fight went silently once he forced the full length of his manhood into her.

(Brandon asked in concern) ‘Dear? You okay?’

(her snarling) ‘No! Fuck you!’

‘Eh bro. Stop stop. I think she’s.. ‘

(her commanding fiercely) ‘No! Just move that fucking cock of yours!’

Ryan’s cock then moved an inch out and in, into her, slowly covering more distance as she groaned harder. A thumbs-up sign from her unleashed the monster in him, and there was no speedometer capable of measuring his speed. Through the camera, Brandon could see how much his friend’s cock had expanded while fucking his girl in that unconventional hole.

The two of them went like wild cats, exploding lust and passionate foul words around the house like there were no neighbours around them. After ten minutes of furious sex, Ryan executed the last five, longest, hardest strokes into her anus, unloading his cum in forceful, agonising grunts.

She gave a little squeeze of her asshole and his pitiful soft cock flopped out of her body, looking like a few inches of turd except for its colour. His dong appeared clean, swollen, red as hell, without a single trace of feaces. Nonetheless, they cleaned themselves up in the toilet before she crashed in Ryan’s bed, while the two bros drank the night away.

Luckily for his new queen-sized bed, the three of them could fit and they didn’t wake up until Jen started playing with their morning wood.

The boys jumped out of bed at the same time and threw her around like a rag doll, placing her in doggy so her guy could fuck her, while Ryan received a morning blowjob. They turned her around after some time and swapped roles, ravishing her young body as if they needed to get their money’s worth.

The double-penetration act happened no matter how ‘gay’ it sounded, burying their cocks in both her rear entrances while feeling the in-out motion of each other. After they filled her up with ‘breakfast’, the exhausted little girl had to blow them off for a second ‘breakfast’ that did nothing to satisfy her morning hunger.

‘Dear, from now on, he’s your fling, and I will still be your boyfriend hor! Except that now we can use his place freely for sex.’

The trade-off was sex, as rent. While the couple spent many nights fucking their brains out, Ryan had lost count of how many times he fired into her while Brandon was at work. Jen had become the addict, shooting herself high with penises whenever either of them was around.

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