Early Bloomer

A confession by a guy, who matured earlier than everyone else his age (then).

When I was in secondary three, I became the president of a CCA, which required me to put in a lot more hours than an average student. Besides going for meetings with other presidents, I worked closely with my committee members and the teacher-in-charge, who was also my English teacher. So you can imagine when I have to face her everyday, for both English lessons and CCA. It was most ironic to say that the CCA which was supposed to take my stress away, become a contributing factor with so much administrative work.

On a Tuesday after a practice ended, I stayed back to compile the details for a camp organised for the new members. I am still proud to say that that kind of motivation would never come to me if not for the responsibilities my position gave me.

My teacher-in-charge, let’s call her Rach for now, joined me at the bench to mark her own work, while I busied with my own. During that unexpected bonding session, did I learn that she graduated from NIE just two years ago, and the CCA I was in, was her first task outside teaching. Our conversations gradually moved on to my personal life, which was no surprise when I told her I haven’t had a girlfriend before. Well, what did she expect from a 15 year old?

As the skies darkened at 6pm, the corner we were in was especially dark, and that was where she took her cardigan off in front of me. Back then, I only knew that her breasts were big, but not sure of their size. While I was stealing glances at that distracting pair of ‘eyes’, her feet suddenly went over my cock between my legs. The natural reaction, or erection, only got her more daring as she used her toes to rub on it, until I was so certain I will NOT stand up in front of her.

A few moments later, she asked if I was done and we packed our stuff up. I had no idea why she looked extra sexy that day, but now I know that it was because of what she just did to me. I can only use the word ‘horny’ to describe myself when I followed her to a toilet at the far end of the school, and took my pants off at her command.

Since there was no one else in school, we used the open area of the females’ toilet. I could still clearly remember that she was sitting on the sink when I whipped my cock out for her. Cluelessly obeying her, I touched myself in front of her for a while before she asked me to step closer, and showed me the pleasures of having someone else masturbate me, with her hands.

I took her panties off from under her knee-length skirt for my first up-close contact of a vagina, and listened to her closely as she guided my fingers around where it felt good – to her. That evening, I went down on her for as long until a gush of juices wet the area around my mouth. I just couldn’t get enough of her sexy moans I was growing harder to.

After I saw the flushed, turned on look, I knew I was learning too much in one day. She remained on the sink while she took my cock in her hand, leading me into her pussy for me to slip it in in whichever way or speed I liked.

The sensation was warm, tingling, calming, homely, comforting, or at least those were the words I could find to describe how my first time felt. It was an eye-opener to know that such hardness (of my dick), was supposed to enter a hole so soft and wet. Sex scenes from the porn I watched drifted into my mind as she made a few groans, to let me feel how she could squeeze her own vagina.

In no time, I was fucking my own teacher, who taught me English, who helped me in whichever ways I needed to run a CCA. The way she raised her shirt, her bra to let her boobs bounce free, the sight of her skirt resting at her waist, with our hips knocking fiercely against each other, I was still in disbelief.

She came once more during the sex and I went even faster in hopes to give her another one. Before I knew it, I was losing control of my thrusts and an ominous urge built up in my head. I didn’t want to make any mistakes then and pulled out so I wouldn’t be a father at fifteen.

Rach hopped off the sink immediately and squatted in front of me, sucking my cock as if her life depended on it. She intentionally locked gaze with me throughout the whole ordeal and right when I came, she slid her lips all the way to the base so I could shoot into her throat. I couldn’t believe how good it felt when a throat tried to regurgitate the most sensitive part of a man’s body.

We cleaned up after she got what she wanted and since then, I couldn’t look at her the same way again. The two of us would stay back after each practice for more ‘CCA’, and, that camp I spoke about earlier? We actually managed to find an air-conditioned room all to ourselves, fucking in such adult ways even my parents could never imagine.

Almost ten years have past since I graduated, but we didn’t stop our activities at all. For three years during my poly days, I went back as often as I could to help her, and she would never fail to reward me during each visit. During my NS, she got married and we drifted further apart.

Once every two or three weeks, we would visit the school, that was demolished and rebuilt for a bigger one, with more secret spots to, yes, continue our tryst. Except that now, it is between a fit, young man and a mother of two. ‘MILF’, is the term for her isn’t it?

As wrong as it may be for a teacher to ‘use’ her student like this, I am fully aware that this a common fantasy that teachers fear. It might sound logical for a male student to accept such things happening to him, and outright illegal if a MALE teacher did this to a student of either gender.

Don’t be misled, don’t be ‘inspired’, don’t be hopeful. Things were much more different in the past without CCTVs in schools, and security was as lax as your front door. Study hard and charm with wits.

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