New Birth, Day

‘Happy birthday Jenna.’

Jason handed her a Hello Kitty soft toy from McDonald’s just before he turned off all the lights in the cafe. For the 19 year old girl who had everything, he had no idea what to give her for her birthday. Instead of thanking him, tears started to swell up in her eyes and she broke down to his disappointment.

‘Eh. I know it’s just a cheap soft toy la. Don’t have to be so sad what.’

‘No! It’s just.. it’s the first present from the person I like.’

‘First present from the person.. oh! Umm.. Thank you?’

‘You stupid idiot.. ‘

He brought her to the sofa seats and stayed by her while she cried her heart out, in the arms of her supervisor who was almost five years her senior. He wasn’t someone who could be bothered with such child-like crush but he couldn’t brush it off as a joke either.

(her asking in tears) ‘Can I kiss you?’

‘Wah. Want another birthday present ah?’

He gently lifted her chin up to his face and closed in for a kiss, which she went buffet-style and squashed his cheeks together with both hands. Something broke loose in her that night and the two colleagues were suddenly making out without any self-control.

Jenna took her denim jacket off and slapped his hands over her breasts, squeezing them herself (with his hands) to let him know, she was his that night. As hyped as he was, he knew his limits very well and didn’t move much on that delusional birthday girl.

‘Are you scared?’

‘No. I’m not. I know exactly what NOT to do.’

‘Fuck it.’

‘I can’t!’

The next thing he saw, was her shirt going over her head, bra getting unhooked from behind just so she could placed HIS hands over her bare chest. He only lost his mind when she put up a fierce fight to wrestle his cock out, pumping it in the dry skin it was in.

‘Can you at least put some saliva over it? It’s painful!’

‘Yes boss!’

She turned her head down and let a blob of saliva splat in her palm, before resuming the sloppy handjob. Since she was kneeling to match his height, he had the space to unbutton her shorts, and lower them enough to slip a hand between her legs to rub one out for her.

(her whispering) ‘I won’t regret fucking you tonight.’

‘But will I?’

‘No you wouldn’t.’

She stopped him from getting up and straddled over his lap, brushing across that solid hard cock with her moist little pussy. The way she held his cock upright under her opening, he couldn’t figure out what was she doing.

(him wondering) ‘Can you get it in?’

‘Duh. I just want to do it right for my first time.’

‘WOAH WAIT! First time?’

‘Oops! Too late!’

The little hood of his cock had infiltrated her young mind and there was only one way out – to head all the way in. The faces she made as the rest of him slid into her were unforgettable to say, if not cute.

(her asking) ‘What do I do now?’

‘Lift yourself up a little but don’t let it slip out.’

‘Okay. And then?’

He straightened his arms along the backrest and started ramming upwards, pounding that sweet pussy all wet and tight beyond her capability to keep it down. Her crazy moans echoed loudly in the empty cafe as he went faster, till she suddenly slammed her face down into his shoulder – for a bite when her very first vaginal orgasm hit her.

Jason endured that ringing pain and carried her to a higher table, where he continued ramming all of his 7 inches into her body. During the last lap to his breaking point, he never stopped kissing her so she would remember how it would feel like to make love.

(him whispering) ‘Cumming soon.’

She nodded with her lips on his and let him plow her insane, till the moment he pulled out.

‘Let me take it in my mouth. I want to taste it.’

‘You sure?’

‘Uh huh!’

He went to her head and held her face still while making the final few strokes, dipping just the tip into her lips for the creamiest explosion she could not imagine how that two balls could contain so much cum. Jenna started swallowing even before he was done, and remained very still the last squirt exited.

In a flash, he helped her up and went into the toilet together, wiping whatever little mess they created. That night, he booked a hotel to celebrate her birthday, where they made full use of the remaining hours to accustom that newly deflowered pussy of hers, only sleeping when the sun was up.

A give and take birthday huh?

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