Japan in Singapore

‘May I ask, how old are you? You look quite young to be just fixing cables in houses.’

‘Oh. I’m 28 this year. I didn’t study much, so this is what I do now.’

The housewife stood behind Allen as he ran diagnostics on his laptop, attempting to fix the software issue after he installed the fibre optic cables. As a devoted staff, he didn’t bother with the nightgown she was walking around the house in, since he had other tasks to do besides cabling.

Despite being really busy on his computer, the lady stayed around the family computer table where the router was, talking about his dreams and life that couldn’t be any worse. Allen had seen enough Japanese porn to know that this somewhat resembled it, but hey, this is Singapore right?

After she left his side, he was just glad to be able to focus on his work, until he heard some moans coming from behind. He peeped over his shoulder and saw her sitting on the couch, both feet at the edge and masturbating herself.

‘Am I distracting you?’

‘It’s okay mam. It won’t take long.’

Wet slippery noises came after she stuck two fingers into her pussy, thrusting as loudly as she could to get his attention. Still determined to finish his job, he did not budge an inch and typed the Linux commands even faster.

Suddenly, her chest landed on his back and two hands went around his waist, to unbutton his jeans that he couldn’t say no. The only good thing about ‘the customer is always right’, was him NOT resisting any advances since she wasn’t exactly hurting him. Her fingers quickly found their way to his erection and began jerking him off, getting noisy groans from him as he tried to contain his excitement.

‘It’s almost done.’

‘So soon?’

The desperate housewife went on her knees by his chair and awkwardly leaned over his lap, sucking that cock of his until he could no longer type. She wasted no time and spun him towards her, where she blew him till he asked her to stop.

‘Would you fuck someone else’s wife?’

‘No I wouldn’t.’

‘Isn’t it one of your company’s policy to meet every demand of your customers?’

She led him to the sofa and laid sideways on it, while rubbing her pussy for him. Finally a use for the condom he carried around, he put it on and positioned himself on top of her. He used whatever knowledge he had about sex and slowly dipped his cock into her pussy, that was slightly loose compared to his girlfriend.

At last, a pussy he could last longer in. He started slamming his hips on her without delay and impressed that woman with his speed and depth his dick went. Three minutes into the rampage, her body started trembling violently she climaxed, which he totally didn’t stop, nor even slow down to let her recover. In that tightening hole, he hammered her even harder until another orgasm arrived, to boost his ego from not being able to make his own girlfriend come from penetrative sex.

For the lady who threw herself at him, she was almost regretting, that she might get addicted to his cock after what he just did to her. All the craziness kept him pumping to a point she had to beg for him to cum, which he was still finding some difficulty to do so in her well-loved pussy.

Her eyes began to roll white and her words turned into a slur, turning him wilder after he learnt what his dick could do to her.

(him groaning) ‘I’m cumming!’

He pulled out immediately and ripped the condom off, surprising himself with her instinctive reaction to suck on his dick like he was her husband. Five minutes later, he unloaded into her mouth where she swallowed it as it came, making him squirt a few extra rounds with that special treat.

That sexed-up housewife fall onto the sofa and went semi-conscious, while he packed his tools up and prepare to leave her place. While she signed on the papers with her feeble hand, he used the panties she removed to wipe her pussy up.

Who wouldn’t like a little present for a job well done right? The next day, at almost the same time as the day he set up their internet, he got a call from her, to come and take a look at their computer again. Which of course, we knew where he needed to keep plugging, and unplugging to make it work.

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