Crowd in a Car

After we were done with lunch, Joe and I went to get a smoke while the girls touched up in the toilet, covering all bases before we returned to the fashion-runway-like office where men dressed to impress, and ladies dressed to seduce. That said, ‘looking good’ is the unspoken rule for any sales-driven industry.

As Joe drove us along the expressway for a little sightseeing, Chanel, finally exposed Dior’s secret she learnt in the toilet.

‘J! Dior told me she gets turned on whenever she looks at you!’

‘OH SHUT UP! Joe! Chanel gets really wet whenever you talk to her!’

The girls began lashing out sisterly vulgarities as we, the guys, kept quiet about the new facts we learnt. Surely, I didn’t need to tell the ladies how often they caused erections, since they themselves wore some of the most classy yet sexy dresses to work.

‘Hey bitch! Why don’t you give Joe a handjob huh? Since you’re SO into him.’

‘Oh you think I wouldn’t dare? And you should start fucking J like the slut you are before we reach the office. Haha! Asshole.. ‘

Chanel then leaned over to the driver’s seat and zipping sounds came from his pants, which he wholeheartedly welcomed without saying anything. Dior wasn’t going to lose to the bitch and slipped her arms out of the off-shoulder dress, leaving her bra exposed while undoing my pants.

‘So, is this a challenge to see who can make these boys cum first?’

‘You’re on slut!’

Joe immediately turned into an alley behind one of many office buildings, stopping the car at the same time Chanel went down on him. Dior took almost half my cock into her mouth and stayed still to let her saliva gather at her lips, until there was enough to get started. Once she relaxed her mouth to let some saliva leak over my balls, her cheeks collapsed to create a little suction pushed my sensitivity up in that playful tongue of hers.

After a few minutes, gagging noises came from Chanel and that forced Dior to go deeper, taking me to her throat while I was shaking to the intense, high-speed blowjob.

‘Argh! Fuck! I can’t take it anymore!’

The comment from Chanel got our attention the moment she stripped her panties off, and climbed over Joe’s lap to get some of his cock inside her. As for us, the two in the back, I began lowering my pants even more as Dior laid on the seat, letting me peel her panties off so we could ‘join’ them.

‘Joe, pass me one too.’

He slapped a condom in my palm and we wore the necessary protection for our incoming pussies. Our jabbing hips had the girls moaning in little time, while they held hands like they were on a rollercoaster.

(Dior moaning) ‘J! J! I’m coming!’

(Chanel sneering) ‘Hah! Only a slut can come sooo.. Nghhhh!’

The ladies came at the same time as we rammed faster than ever, barely bouncing the sturdy land rover Joe owned. Dior flipped over to doggystyle once the orgasm was over, and continued screaming as I pounded her hard from the back. Chanel, still having Joe’s dick inside her, had turned towards the steering so he could bang her from behind too, except that she could hang onto the wheel while getting knocked up.

‘Dior, I’m gonna cum.. ‘

(Chanel cheering) ‘Woohoo! I’m gonna win!’

Chanel slammed her ass on Joe’s dick in excitement upon hearing that, making him groaned even louder like the slapping noises happening.

(Joe groaning) ‘Fuck!’


‘I came.’

Right then, Dior’s pussy squeezed me really tight before she blacked out, to which I didn’t stop fucking her till she woke up a second before I came. Unloading my load into that rubber sack, she locked me down with her feet until I was done giving her every drop.

The girls returned to their seats for all of us to wear our clothes back, and took the condoms off to check how much each of us came.

(Dior asking) ‘Bitch, you dare to drink this?’

‘Wah. You are really a slut hor? I’m game if you are.’

Joe and I watched blissfully as they tipped our cum into their mouths, swallowing and then going in for a kiss with each other.

‘Let’s go back now.’

So, that’s the after-lunch activity that got us fucking our respective girls whenever we can, after knowing their fantasies about us.

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