Untangled Love

‘Hey! Remember me?’

‘Janice right?’

‘Yeah! I’m going to have an ice latte.’

The brown-haired poly student came in at the last order and studied at the table right outside the bar till I finished closing up. Since I was with another staff then, I had to go through countless winks when I told her I would lock up later.

‘Hey, you okay? You’re like zoning out most of the time.’

‘I guess so. Some shit just happened between my boyfriend and I.’

‘Whoops. Sounds tricky.’

‘Nah. Not really. I just thought you will make a good listening ear since you don’t know me that well.’

We sat at the bar table and spoke for a long time in the most ‘romantic’ setting ever, sipping green tea mixed with some whiskey and listening to emo-mandopop. As expected, she crashed at one point and couldn’t stop sobbing, even after I let her straddle over my lap like a little girl.

(me whispering) ‘A friend once said this to me, 你要找个你不舍得对她生气的女孩.’

Her arms wrapped tighter around my neck for a while more before she finally pulled herself together, and kept her body at an arm’s length from mine. The ensuing silence that came along with the long stare, snapped when she brought her lips upon mine, further confusing me in that kiss.

Suddenly, lust seemed to have overtaken her broken heart after she shoved my hands under her shirt-dress, squeezing my fingers over her bra. Feeling more like the ‘victim’, my erection disobeyed my morals as her passion could be felt through the tongue that slithered wetly through my lips.

‘Even you appreciate me better than him.’

‘Hey hey. We should stop before things go out of hand.’

‘You won’t stay with me until I feel better? *whispering* The bra clasp is in front.’

My index and thumbs freed her breasts so I could give in to my horny self, reaching under her bra to caress those juvenile cups sensually. Her hands worked hard to undo my pants, prying those zippers apart just wide enough to whip my cock out.

She then proceed to hold her panties to the side while she wriggled her ass into my groin, where my cock was pushed downward so it could enter her.

(her moaning) ‘Fuck *sighing*.. it feels so good to do it raw. Such a pity he won’t feel this.’

I was seriously going crazy about what she was doing to me, ignoring my thoughts (which she totally should xD) and NOT using a condom. I picked her up and placed her on the table in front of me, before I commenced the sex that threw her backwards on her hands.

Under the incandescent light, her skin glowed with sex, as well as her moans that was causing me to take things slow. My hips, they were thrusting in the most graceful strokes I had ever done, sliding in and out with its full length to make sure we covered all the bases. Her eyes, they were staring at me so seductively, especially with the lip-bite that looked so tantalising.

‘You’re quite good at this huh?’

‘Excuse me, I’m much older than you.’

She gradually laid on the table as I moved faster, flipping her dress high enough for me to knead those doughy bosom. Her knees were jerking all over the place as I rammed harder and harder, till I couldn’t hold out any longer.

(me groaning) ‘I’m cumming soon!’

‘Really? Please cum inside me, please! I want to feel it!’

She locked her feet around my butt and I lost my balance that moment, coincidentally slamming the last stroke that triggered the glorious explosion inside her. I couldn’t stop the powerful ejaculation no matter how hard I tried, using her pussy to drain my balls for a new batch to come.

We stayed in that position until I recovered some of my strength, and pulled out of that girl who was smiling so satisfyingly.

‘Get the tissue for me? I’ll clean you up.’

She wiped herself first in front of me and then licked me clean of cum before we wore our clothes back, heading separate ways home. After that tryst, I found myself her go-to guy for any sexual urges she had without an official boyfriend, but it didn’t take too long before we gave in to our near-daily sex and indulge in less-guilty activities with a proper boyfriend-girlfriend status.

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