Interest Paid

(Milly asked) ‘Why didn’t you reply my texts today? Are you angry at me?’

‘Nooo.. I just feel lost. I know I said I would help you. But that amount.. sigh

(Milly agreed) ‘I know it’s a lot a lot of money. I’ll pay you back. Sorry to make you worry so much.’

Although I didn’t exactly ‘lose everything’, the amount of money required to get her out of that fix was – literally everything I had. All the investments, potential returns, emergency fund, anything that I could ever fall back on, suddenly wasn’t there anymore.

(Milly asked) ‘Do you want me to.. do anything for you? I don’t mind helping daddy every now and then until I pay you back everything.’

‘It’s ok. I’m not really in the mood. Thank you for still being here.’

(Milly replied) ‘Aiyooo. I’m not going anywhere. Go shower first. I’ll bring your towel to you.’

Without wasting more time, I headed straight to the shower and took my standard ten minutes wash. Unlike before, when my towel would be waiting right outside for me, she had forgotten to bring it.

(I shouted) ‘MILLY! MY TOWEL!’


That cheeky, grinning, skinny girl then skipped into my view, wearing just the strappy, two-piece caged bra and panties. After handing me the towel, she immediately squatted down and took my dick straight between her lips, teasing the tip incessantly with her tongue. With sparks flying in my head, my legs turned jelly in no time. Hanging onto the walls for support, she switched to a handjob while admiring my orgasmic face.

(In my trembling voice) ‘Can I go sit down?’

All smiley, she led me to the bed and perched me down, before going down on her knees again to lick all over my shaft. All I had to do was to lean back, and shiver to every up-down motion of her lips, fitted snug around my girth. Despite staying constant in her rhythm, my body was breaking down steadily. Soon, I was laying on my back, and she calmly climbed over my waist.

In utter silence, she collected some saliva in her fingers and smeared it onto her pussy between her open-groin ‘panties’. Very gently, she then grabbed my dick and rubbed its head along her slit, until she herself, was wobbling in her knees. Her pussy carefully slipped over my twitching head, down my engorged shaft, all the way down onto my groin. Letting off a shy sigh, she began moving her waist up and down, quite awkwardly I would say, but to her best efforts.

(I spoke softly) ‘Milly? … Let me.’

I sat up and hugged her in my arms, before I stood up to plop her down on the bed. Perched atop her body chest-to-chest, I began thrusting my hips, slamming mindlessly into her helpless, frail body.


As my mind reasoned with my body to maintain a manageable tempo, her legs wrapped around my hips and pulled me in, forging a tension I needed most of my strength to ‘resist’ (a.k.a. pull out). With the ongoing ‘power struggle’, a sudden clench of her vaginal walls threw me off far and high, thoroughly eradicating any self-control left.

Right there and then, I slid out of her, rolled her onto her chest, grabbed her waist, and lifted that pussy right up. Holding that slender body in my hands, I swung my hips skilfully towards her ass, slipping my dick ever so easily in and out of her overly wet cunt. It was that position, paired with a slightly angled upward thrust, she buried her head hard into the pillow while letting off a deep groan.


Her vaginal gradually became tighter, to the point I could no longer hold it in anymore.

(I groaned) ‘Milly! I’m cumming!’

Out of habit, I arched my groin away from her, abruptly ending the delivery of pleasure in her pussy. Little did I expect, she slid herself off the bed and retook my dick in her hand, stroking it affectionately while aiming its tip at her bony neck.

I let off a gasp as my breath left my body, as my load did straight over her collarbone and breasts, like a watered-down cream of mushroom. None of my cum was wasted as she spread them as far as they’d go on her skin, citing ‘a good moisturiser according to the Internet’ for her action. Once I was exhausted, she cleaned me up like a fine wife, and tucked me into bed.

That night, we both slept so well that we had the energy, and drive for a little workout the next morning.

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