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‘And you’ll be fine spending the night away from home? Won’t your boyfriend be angry?’, I chided as I fell onto the bed, still fully dressed in the presence of a new ‘friend’ that generously ‘offered’ to be my tour guide. ‘Oh he will be angry. But I am already half-done with him. So he can’t do anything about me’, she replied in a fuck-all attitude, clearly tired of fearing any consequences that her overly-controlling partner has over her. Our situations, despite one of us being attached and the other, single, it has been a while since we made any new friends, much less meet someone whom we could get along well with and joke without boundaries.

Throughout the one-day ‘tour’ Angie had brought me on, around Johor Bahru, we spent more time chatting in any restaurants and cafes we took breaks in, than going on actual journeys. It wasn’t long before the sky turned dark, and she asked about my plans for the night that I revealed to her that I was going to spend the night before heading back to Singapore the next day. When she heard that, her face immediately lit up, and more questions about the accommodations popped up. After our final meal of the day, a sumptuous dinner at a roadside stall, we checked into the hotel and that was where it all ended – or began.

Like an impromptu striptease, there was no warning given when she casually reached behind her back, did a snap, and yanked a pair of black, strapless bra out from underneath. ‘Haaa.. finally.. ‘, she breathed a sigh of relief as I unconsciously did just the opposite, breathes interrupted by her homely behaviour. In a dumbfound state, I gathered my thoughts and popped my next question, ‘are you going to shower first?’

‘And you? Going to shower at all?’, standing right in front of me, she slipped her hands under her pink, ruched skirt, and peeled her thongs off. ‘Umm.. after you?’, I stuttered, still in disbelief of the chaos that I might provoke if anything more was to happen that night. Without any more words from her, she proceeded to tie her hair up, and swiftly removed all of her clothes before stepping right into the shower. Once she was gone, I began unpacking my bag, readying my phone charger, the new shirt I bought at Uniqlo, and jumped back into the bed to see what food I could get delivered when I get hungry.

Not more than three minutes later, she called out, ‘J! COME SHOWER WITH ME! I’m going to take a while. You better shower first and I’ll take my time here’. Breathing out a long sigh, I took my clothes off and did as she asked, stepping into the spacious bathroom where the curvy, young lady has yet to even soap herself. Like an adult baby, she did the work of wetting my body from head to toe, then squeezing a load of shampoo into my hands before she helped herself to the body wash. While I took care of my head, she took care of everywhere else, coating every crevices with fresh smelling soap, right down to my little head, which was already hard and up in the mere presence of her perfect body.

After making sure I was covered in foam, she turned her attention to my manhood, applying an extra bit of soap into her hands before stroking, jerking my shaft, and a thorough grasp-and-squeeze cleanse of my balls. ‘Nice?’, she asked that rhetorical question to which I could only answer in moans. Next, another round of hot water flushed all the soap away, and I made it my mission to return the favour.

‘My turn now’, speaking in a firm, fatherly tone, she was quick to hand the showerhead to me, to wet her body once more before I squirted some soap on her chest. With two hands, I ran them over her soft, yet ample bosoms, making sure to give those perky nipples a little pinch. I moved my hands down her ribs next, going over her butt before reaching down for her knees. I then carefully brought one of her feet to a cut-out in the wall, hands going for her private region thereafter.

With some soap left, I massaged the outer area of her pussy before giving her clit a ‘scrub’, causing her to shiver and lean onto me for support. ‘We’re almost done’, I reached above for the running showerhead and aimed it over her neck, rinsing all the soap away. ‘Yes daddy’, she whispered as I continued to rub on her clit, all the while feeling her shameful tremors on my shoulders. Once the soap were gone, I pushed a finger into her pussy and she suddenly let out a deep groan, vaginal walls closing in around my digit in shock. Gradually, as she relaxed, I resumed the gentle fingering and she was moaning with rolled-eyes with a smile, as if wanting to say something but all the moans interrupted her.

Finally, after close to fifteen minutes in the bath, I slowly pulled away and her mind was right back with me. ‘Was it a good shower?’, I cheekily asked to which she cheekily replied, ‘yes, it was fucking good’. We dried ourselves and I climbed into the bed first, barely having enough time to set the blanket when she jumped right on top of my feet. Like a madwoman, she pried them wide apart and dived right in, shoving her mouth with my dick before she brushed her hair to one side. Without delay, she started sucking me at full length, exhausting any strength I thought I had to ‘lead’ the way. All I could remember, was that my head and neck, was mostly tilted back as she unleashed deep, long strokes along my shaft, half-sucking, half-twirling her tongue on the base and tip. My arms, were flailing all over the bed as my toes remained clenched, mind blank except for the continuous burst of euphoria generating the violent convulsions I was known to have.

For the next five minutes, I was disabled by her mouth to do anything else, and each time I tried to look at her, all I saw was a determined gaze, completely glued to my demise. As she went on, I became more and more lifeless, partly desensitised by the overpowering pleasure delivered through my dick. When I was barely making any noise, did she finally stop, and went on to place her knees on both sides of my head.

At last, I saw what effect I had on her, from the merciless blowjob she just gave. It was a pump, pink pussy, covered entirely in a glistering shine of her juices. Slowly, she lowered her groin over my mouth, and I gladly took it into my mouth. My tongue started swiping all over her clit, lips shutting and opening on her labia, while lapping up all her juices. It didn’t take her long to start feeling weak, slumping her chest onto my belly, and for her mouth to take my worn out penis back where it belonged.

Since she had done her work, it was time to do mine, in a loving, gentle manner that took her breathes away one at a time. My tireless tongue, brushed across her erected clit, along the sides of her vagina, and even a little into her pussy. I simply did the same moves until she came, releasing a wave of gooey liquid into my lips and spilled some across my cheeks. Once she recovered, she rolled off my body and we laid side-by-side for a while, both contented with how the night progressed.

‘You haven’t cum yet’, she muttered sleepily.

Taking things slow, I got off the bed and rotated her to where the pillows were, perching her knees up this time for a proper feast I deserved. Going for my round two, my hands were kept busy on her breasts, kneading, pinching, massaging her as I ate her out, to a milder series of moans this time – of pure relaxation and pleasure instead of rage and lust. Once done, I shifted my body over hers, and stared into her eyes as she returned to her senses.

For all of you guys, you knew how it should continue, but we, Angie and I, understood how we should not continue. Unwilling to utter a word more, my dick found its way to where her opening was, twitching in anticipation for the unknown. The positions of her hands, one on her groin, spreading those moist lips apart, and the other, on my hips, had echoed our desires loudly across the silent room. Yet, none of us wanted to be the person to cave in.

After an intense two or so minutes, I leaned back, replaced her hand on my dick, and started to thrust slowly in her palm. Whilst that was happening, she pulled my spare shirt over her eyes and moaned, more sensually than I’ve ever heard that night. As my hips moved back and forth, her underhand grip began moving towards her pussy, still as wet as before the stalemate. As soon as the first inch pierced into her body, her legs sprung apart, went around my hips, and pulled me all the way in.

Suddenly, my righteous thoughts overpowered my body and froze me in that position, to which she ignored and continued to pull her body towards my dick. All it took was 2-3 strokes before my body was convinced, to start fucking the mess I’ve created. I leaned forward and pinned her down by the neck, and began slamming my dick into her, triggering loud groans and sighs as our smacking groins made their own noises. I was pounding her for a good three minutes before she relented, pulling the t-shirt over her face away, and flashed a deadly looking expression at me.

Slightly fearful, I backed away without pulling out and she sat herself upright after, shoving my chest down on the bed. Shocked by her unexpected stance, I was literally bracing for the worst when she crawled angrily towards me, kneeling upright to hold me by my neck.

‘You! Better be the best reason I cheat on my boyfriend for. He and I will be done after this, and you better not run’, in the strictest voice I have heard, and never imagined her to be capable of, I was partly relieved, and partly excited, for what was going to blossom between us. Whaaaaaat? was the first thought that came into my mind, but it wasn’t out of shirking responsibility. I was simply stumped by the honour of such a demand.

Nothing more needed to be said as she replaced her pussy above my dick, ‘using’ me to get us back into the mood before sliding it right into her body. With her two hands on my chest, she started riding me, rolling her ass back and forth, hitting all my buttons with every stroke. I was getting into the mood when out of nowhere, she spouted, ‘warn me when you’re cumming k?’

‘K?’, I hastily replied her as I faded into bliss, eyes rolling white as she rocked her waist harder and harder. ‘Cumming yet?’, she asked. ‘Not yet? I think. Why?’, I was puzzled by her question, as it was usually the guy who would want to know that. ‘Because you’re getting bigger.. and it feels too good.. ‘, right after, her moans took over and it was all that for the next few short minutes.

Never the less, I had to call it when my climax was near, and she was livid enough to process those words. Carefully, she dismounted me and helped me sit up, turning me to the edge of the bed for a nice, romantic cuddle.

‘You heard what I said just now right? If I am leaving him for you, you better be better than him’, she reiterated her point, and I couldn’t agree more with her. If we have to cheat, it had better be done for a better future, better life, and not a moment of folly. After hearing my response, she fell onto her knees, tied her hair up, and went down on me – lovingly this time.

Long, deep slurps, thorough licking, balls sucking, head teasing, hands stroking, I hate to say that it felt better than the raw, unchecked sex that we just had earlier. I could see the sparks in my head, resonating through my body in slight tremors, translating to those unstoppable urge to push her head down, or push her away due to oversensitivity. She knew exactly what she was capable of, and I was reaping the full reward of her past relationships.

She is, the full package any man dreamed of having, to love, to own, and to enjoy.

Slowly, in an unassuming pace, my body began to stiffen up, balls ready to bust before I was even aware of the situation. Like a kitten lured affectionately to a home filled with love and food, my hips buckled as the first load erupted into her mouth, filling her cheeks up a little, before the second shot excavated more cum out of me. The third, fourth, and subsequent squirts then took my soul, along with any thoughts, doubts, and ‘leftover’ love for my exes.

She has become the first, to reset my heart to love someone wholeheartedly – again.

After being drained, we cleaned each other up and went back to bed, where she took my hand, and used it to masturbate – knowing well that it would surely get me up again. Let’s just say after a night together, we woke up more tired than before we went to bed.

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