Cum Jerking

‘Will you watch over me?’,

As soon as Maeve finished whispering those then-meaningless words into my ear, she wandered towards the crowd and weaved in and out of a few people along the edge, before she reappeared behind a guy I couldn’t quite make out. While I didn’t mind her dirty dancing with other guys, especially in a club, it wasn’t until she ‘spun’ him around did I realise, who he really was.

I have to admit, that she did a really good job, of not letting him see her as she rocked her body behind his, maintaining her form as she caressed him, by running her small, fantastical hands along his chest and occasionally, reaching a bit too far down. As the songs changed from a fast, to more sensual one, her body seamlessly adjusted her swaying movements to the tempo.

Just like we had expected, it didn’t take him long to ‘dance’ in a more distracted manner, purposefully guiding her hands towards where his groin was. As the spiteful, and playful girl Maeve was, she wasn’t shy about groping him, at where he used to pleasure her with. From fondling his body under his shirt, she slowly progressed to his jeans, then followed by the subsequent, awkward endeavour of trying to contain his ‘excitement’ while she massaged him in the tight, confined space.

In small, unassuming steps, she finally had him where it was dark, cosy, and lined with couples making out. Even then, she didn’t let him do anything more than touching her from the front, which proved inadequate no matter how he bent his arms to return her ‘favour’. Within minutes, he was rendered immobile, save for the small, jerky movements, once she commenced her in-pants handjob, toying him well enough to make him squirm strangely in their spot.

With her two hands in his pants, I could only imagine what he went through as he gasped and writhed, while unable to disable her forwardness from the front. At one point in time, he finally stopped struggling and was in a ‘certain’ mood, that lasted for a good few minutes before he suddenly squatted down – like how a boy would react when a girl made him jizz in his pants.

For some reason, it was especially entertaining to watch Maeve pulled her hands out in his squatting position, thereafter wiping those soiled hands with his shirt that he couldn’t care less about. It was then, Maeve used those same hands to turn his face to her, before doing a little skip-dance back into my arms.

After we exchanged a kiss, she left to clean herself up, and dragged me out of the club for a dark, sketchy corner to let me ‘reclaim’ her, with a rushed, but passionate, quickie to refill her pussy.

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