A Devoted Wife

(Soft sucking noises)

‘Hmm.. Baby.. so early? Don’t you want to slee.. (moaning) ahhh.. oh shiii.. ‘

For the third time in two days, Melvin was awakened by the same, life-changing blowjob that he didn’t know where his wife had learnt from, putting waste to all his senses at the same time rejuvenating them. Slumped in the bed like the husband he never was, she was just pushing all of his buttons over and over again. Halfway through that sensual blowjob, she began moaning into his cock, a clear sign that she had began touching her wet gap that would soon be used against him.

After he groaned for her to give him a break, she took out her phone and launched the camera app, in selfie-video mode. Aimed at herself and the lower half of his body, she climbed over his groin and captured all of his glory, disappearing into her love hole. Once fully inserted, she ignited her tireless engines to ride his cock to seventh heaven. Although he wasn’t doing any ‘real’ work, he was panting and wincing as hard as her, screaming voicelessly as she further teased her clit.

(Speaking into camera) ‘So, since my hubby is too tired to fuck his beautiful wife, it’s my job as his wife’s job to fuck him.’

Suddenly, her cry for attention awakened his otherwise-asleep monster, and it took him less than a few seconds to topple her over onto her back. With a renewed burst of energy, he straightened his back and jerked only his hips, thrusting that engorged penis fast and deep into his dear wife.

(Groaning as he thrusts) ‘you.. want.. this.. big.. fat.. cock.. right? Huh?!’

Her watering, pleading eyes, combined with that seductive lip-bite, only aroused him more as he bumped up his t.p.m., or thrusts-per-minute, to satiate his lovely wife. The two of them then started trembling at around the same time, both signaling their urge to climax with deathly-gaze.

Simultaneously, they grunted deeply as their bodies went into overdrive, unleashing whoever had any fluids that seeked for escape. Given how recently he just came (the previous night), he did not have much to offer her, but she on the other hand, left a tiny puddle at where she laid.

Void of any more strength, his body fell backwards into bed and his cock popped out of her, jolting her attention to the lack of ‘him’ inside. So she swiftly crawled between his legs, laid on her belly, and took his spent little rod back into her mouth.

Over the next thirty minutes, she managed to breath life into his chub chub and spent a good amount of time adoring and worshipping his erection, against his wishes.

While the newly-wed husband couldn’t keep up with his wife’s sexual appetite, she was there to help him in ways he didn’t want, but didn’t reject.

Perhaps, it is time, to reach out to the ‘Alex’ she had mentioned before, who wanted to fuck her so badly. She had, long ago given her word, that he could do anything to her (sexually), even listing things like ‘anal’, ‘threesome’, ‘personal cum dump’, ‘pimping her’, and fucking her wherever he so desired.

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