Just Done

I was honestly dumbfounded, when you squeezed between the workdesk (that my laptop was on) and myself, onto the stool that was already ‘just nice’ for me. What I didn’t expect, was your playfulness when you slipped my hands under your loose, oversized shirt, to meet your pair of beautiful, soft boobs.

At that point, I was just impressed by how daring you were, and felt totally safe when you reached behind your back to massage my cock. It was only when you undid my pants, did I understood what you had made me wear that ‘grey, 3/4 pants’ for. You were quick too, at the button, at the zipper.

In no time, I was nicely tucked in your palm, enjoying the sloppy, erratic strokes you pleased me so intensely with. You then attempted to stand up, with your belly pressed against the table. I only shifted myself backwards because I had thought that you wanted to take something, or move away from my lap.

Instead, you bent further down over the table and let your shirt hike up naturally, stunning me with an even more absurd revelation. I couldn’t be more excited, to see the shaved, glistening slit between your smooth, well-rounded bum.

After moving myself to the edge of the chair, you held me in your gentle hand once again, this time guiding me to my rightful place inside you. I had guessed, that it was too ‘unlike’ you to step out of my place in such a tardy attire, but that was how you were able to make your man’s day.

You, sacrificed comfort, security, to give me everything at such a random time.

Once you have tucked me in, you went about and do your ‘thing’, riding me so wildly and rapidly that I was mostly at my limits for however long you could endure. I have to say, that it was somewhat joyful, to see you wear yourself out so quickly, having depleted your strength to ensure my ‘happiness’.

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when I bent you over the stone table, and hammered away while you sneaked a hand over your clit. Given how ‘open’ we were, it was probably for the better too, for the both of us to get some form of reward out of this endeavour.

Just like how your orgasm have always pushed me over, I crossed the point-of-no-return at the same time you did, except that next few seconds was truly my ultimate high before I blew my load.

You too, could tell how shocked I was when I pumped a few times more than I usually did, and faced the never-before sight of a mini-waterfall once I pulled out. You immediately caught some of it and tasted it, before you flashed that look of approval at me.

You even kept the transfer going, while I packed my belongings. I was glad to rub one out for you before we headed upstairs. I would never blame you for cutting my break short so we could go at it again.

But then, which man will ever complain about that? In short, thank you for the wonderful experience, and the thorough effort to make sure I sleep deeply well.

I have no idea what came over me the next morning though. My morning wood was just screaming for me to give you an amazing start to the day. Did you enjoy the lazy, no-effort-needed morning sex too?

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