International Studies

‘I have never imagined myself to be in a dorm of a college, especially not of such a prestigious one.’

Marcey, whom I just met during my first grocery run, took up my invitation for a home cooked meal in the room I was going to spend two years in, for a degree I just started on. Although she did went through college, she never found a job in her field of studies and ended up working at a completely unrelated company, earning slightly less than what her qualifications would get her.

After an hour of cooking, I brought out the last of the three Asian ‘cuisine’, a stir-fried, luncheon meat and onions dish my grandmother cooked which never failed to make my day. We feasted on the rice with no restraints, cleaning the plates up thoroughly of any bits.

(I sincerely said) ‘That will be my thanks for showing me around the mart, and for not rejecting my invitation.’

‘Oh god! You know, I pity anyone who would turn this down. This is so good.’

She went to the kitchen and brought two cans of beers she bought earlier, popping the cans before I could react. Out of courtesy, I had a drink with her and she helped herself to the TV where my Netflix recommendations were showing.

(She said) ‘Now that we are chilling, Netflix!’

Those words ‘Netflix’, ‘chill’ did brought some memory back from 9GAG, an app I left untouched for the past two days of revision (for my yet-to-begin classes).

‘May I?’

I flashed a packet of cigarette at her and that dropped her jaw.

(She exclaimed in excitement) ‘No shit! I have something better.’

An Altoids tin came out of her hoodie and a stick of hand rolled joint was shoved in my hand.


She clicked the lighter in front of my joint and we took a puff together, flooding my lungs with the high-inducing drug that is so illegal in Singapore. It didn’t take long for us to be cuddling in the dark living room, grabbing her arm and thigh as I made senseless comments.

(She calmly asking) ‘It’s good shit right?’

(I replied grouchily) ‘Yeah man.. ‘

In that disgruntled mess of thoughts, her hands began undoing my jeans that I couldn’t find any strength to resist, stripping my underwear off to join the pile of clothes next to the couch. An icy cold hand then wrapped itself around my cock, stroking it gently while she climbed over my lap to make out.

Of course, I couldn’t focus on the ‘hook up’ that was unfolding, let alone reciprocate her kisses all over my neck. She slowly slid onto the carpet and took my dick into her mouth at a heartbeat, expediting the random bursts of pleasure lighting up my senses.

Barely using any suction, she worked her soft lips up and down my shaft, massaging all the sensitive flesh that were either missed, or wrongly handled by my previous partners. The way my tip touched the back of her throat got me really jittery, losing control of my groans to the organ she played so skilfully.

(She asked) ‘Do you have a rubber?’

(In my drowsy voice) ‘There. Red. Toiletry.’

She found the Okamoto Crown pack of three and pulled one over my erection. By then, I had recovered enough of my strength and surprised her by carrying her suddenly, to the bed I couldn’t be thankful enough to share with someone.

An unexplainable rage came over me when I dropped her into the soft mattress, spreading her legs wide apart as I crawled to her groin.

(She whispered) ‘Now, we’re talking.’

I rammed that bulging mother-son’s cock into her and started thrusting without mercy, partly grateful, and disappointed by how inadequate I was to ‘fill her in’. After all, she is American, made for Americans. Though that certainly did make me wonder what luck their guys had IF they found an Asian girlfriend.

My hands found their way on her waist and plow her at great speed, stree-free from the lack of any ‘urge to cum’.


I slipped out of her during an orgasm that caused her to arch inwards so hard, leaving her flopping like a fish until she was too tired to continue. After she rolled over on her belly, she stuck her ass out and..

(She pleaded) ‘Daddy?’

I leaned on her back and swiftly slid my cock in, feeling that slippery tunnel consume me as I humped her. It was exhausting to ‘caterpillar’ my hips at her, but the light grip of her vaginal gave me all the drive to keep going.

We switched to doggystyle easily and I lashed all I had at her, forcing myself to plug that sweet hole over and over again. Still, I spent ten minutes in that position before I could feel my load coming.

(I whispered) ‘Marcey? Marcey?!’

Her shocked tone told me of the comfort she was in, almost falling asleep if not for my cries.

‘Don’t cum just yet! Take it out!’

I pulled out and sat tired behind her, while she adjusted herself to look at me. Seductively falling forth to place her C cups on the bed, she tilted my cock towards her mouth and took it back in, slurping hungry for the her first Chinese dessert.

It didn’t take me much to collapse and let her do the rest of the work, till I creamed with just a casual warning. That sexually worn out girl took all of it with an appreciative, mmm-ing delicious expression that did nothing but pleased me.

Dragging me to her side (proper sleeping position on the pillow), we hugged for a good while before she drifted off to sleep.

(She whispered) ‘You are delicious.. ‘

(I whispered) ‘Goodnight Marcey.’

So guess to which part of her body did I wake up to in the morning?

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