Playing Ground

Incest alert! Written from the POV of a daughter.

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Sitting down at the bench of the playground under my block, I could have guessed what he was going to ask when mum had a really long talk with him the last night. Until I heard him speak up for me during the talk that almost turned into an argument, I thought my dad was just a wife-fearing husband. Truth be told, none of them knew what was distracting me so much, and yet he still stood up for me.

‘So, are you going to tell me what’s happening? You know I seldom interfere with your life. But this is just one instance I have to get some answers for the better of us.’

‘I’m sorry dad. I didn’t mean to keep anything. I just don’t know how to tell you guys. *pause* I kinda stumbled into something I couldn’t shake off.’

‘Drugs? Some stalkers? Or is it cigarettes?’

The moment he finished asking, a packet of LD appeared out of his pocket, followed by a upwards jet of smoke he blew. It was the second time I was taken aback by him so few days apart, turning into the ‘cool dad’ I never knew his was.

‘Sex. *pause* Okay wait!’

‘I wasn’t going to say anything.’

‘I did it with a guy I never told you about. He was my boyfriend until last week.’

‘Okay? So, what can’t you shake off? The heartbreak?’

‘No! Sex! Legit!’

‘I don’t get it.’

There was no other way to break this to him, so I recounted the inner ‘calling’ that surfaced after the break up, which was due to an ironic reason. See, I was disappointed that he couldn’t stop asking for sex after the day we did it, to a point that seemed to be the only reason he was giving me any attention at all.

As much as I wanted it, his behaviour was too hopeless, like an addiction he couldn’t keep under control. Deep down, I know I would give it to him if he would just hold himself back during the times I needed him more than for sex. So now that we’re over, the craving for a dick suddenly ate me up on the inside, forcing me to ‘befriend’ the vibrating toothbrush which did nothing of what it was intended to do.

After ranting my stupid story to him, I was feeling so silly for making this such a big issue, to a point it soured my parent’s relationship. I mean, I just have to stop, or cut down, and go back to my studies which I have neglected due to exhaustion.

‘Dad. I feel so much.. *pause* better.. ‘

He had turned away from me to blow his smoke away, but it still wouldn’t hide that little bulge poking upright in between his thighs. Why wasn’t I surprised that he was turned on by my tales? Because he is a man after all.

The following silence gave me nothing but time, to imagine how big, how strong it was, with that occasional twitch. Now my toothbrush will no longer appear decent in his eyes.

(He said calmly) ‘I’m almost done. Shall we head up?’

He stubbed the cigarette butt out and patted my knee, conjuring an urge I couldn’t stop in time – to hold his hand down. The gulp I swallowed was so hard that I was so sure he didn’t miss it, while my eyes kept alternating between his face and.. groin.

(I asked fearfully) ‘Daddy.. Have you ever.. fantasised about.. ‘

‘Yes. And that’s why you don’t see me coming in contact with you as often. It’s my way of.. protecting you.’

‘From you?’


Realising how has he been desiring for me, ‘unlocked’ something in me that brought my hand over to his bulge, giving it a squeeze to make him grasp at the backrest behind us. He IS that big, and thick, and.. easily controlled.

I placed my thumb over the tip and rubbed it a little, under the bright lamp that lit the whole BBQ-cum-playground area up. Apparently, 10pm was too late for any residents of Punggol to be roaming around, and I have to thank them for that.

(He groaned softly) ‘ger.. ‘

‘Shhh.. ‘

I slipped my hand down his belly and into his shorts, feeling the smoothness of his foreskin at my fingertips, before a quick tug revealed that dry, hot head hiding that engorged tip. So, that IS the difference between a 16 year old BOY, and a 48 year old man.

Saliva was already gathering at my mouth, mentally ‘fitting’ it into where I wouldn’t hold back from licking it clean – before it goes, or if it goes into me.

The teasing lasted for five minutes to zero resistance, before I pulled that elastic band down to see it with my own eyes. Fuck.. Seeing it wasn’t cutting it at all.

(I whispered) ‘Daddy.. I’m going to.. Just close your eyes k?’

I couldn’t wait for him to acknowledge me and brought my head down, holding that thick girth with my lips for a moment to feel it holding my mouth apart. The saliva I stored then flowed around the tip, and assisted in my southward descend. In there, I couldn’t tell how much of him I have taken until he reached my throat, gagging me for a bit while I got used to his taste.

When I opened my eyes to see how far down I’ve gone, I saw about an inch that was still exposed. There was just no way I could take anymore of him in, apart from the overpowering salty scent of his manhood, and pre-cum.

A hand then went over my forehead and lifted me up, before I put in some effort to go back down.

‘Ahh.. ‘

That moan, was the acknowledgement I needed to know his acceptance of my actions, hurrying me to make a few more strokes before guilt stopped him from letting me continue.

‘Ger.. I think we have crossed to many lines in one night.. ‘

Right then, he got up and dragged me into the lift, where we stayed quiet until we went back to our rooms.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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