Playing Ground 2

Incest alert! Written from the POV of a daughter.

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Back inside my room, I couldn’t help fantasising about how much more we would have done if he hasn’t stopped me, instead, even going further to claim that last inch I didn’t meet and unload for me, no matter where he wanted. The wetness between my legs went right into the small, dri-fit pair of FBTs I wore earlier, refusing any panties since I changed into them.

How could I simply ignore the availability of a cock, ‘opened up’ just mere minutes ago, right in the next room? I opened my door and stood there for a few minutes, listening for him to do something else besides sleeping.

In the end, I didn’t know what I was expecting when the whole house went dead quiet. After all, Dad IS safely back to Mum’s side, though with one more secret he couldn’t tell her about.

I laid listlessly in bed until my watch made that hourly beep, marking 2am of another sleepless night. Right! At two in the morning, mummy must be sleeping soundly. That playful girl in me brought me out of my room, to their door and listened really hard for my mum’s unmistakable snoring noises.

Once I got that never-ending cue to enter, I tiptoed to the side of the bed where dad was sleeping, and went on my knees in front of the man who made me so wet. Lightly pressing on the blanket to make sure mum didn’t have her leg over dad, I slipped my hand under the cover and felt that muscled thigh in my palm.

There was no turning back once I moved my hand into his shorts, catching that morning wood that was pitching halfway for morning.


His head turned sharply in my direction and we saw the shadowy figure of our heads. I couldn’t stop my hand from jerking him off then, and he slapped his hands over his own mouth to mute himself. I got only wetter to that size growing under my control, until I wanted to do more.

Carefully flipping the blanket up, he caught the end and placed it gently over mum, giving me all the space needed to lower his shorts. My hungry mouth went over it without a flinch, and blew him more skilfully than my ex who didn’t have the patience for.

The stillness of him allowed me to suck him until lost control of his hand, going over my head to push me deeper. As the both of us listened closely to the snoring mummy, I made sure to gag instead of choke, letting him use me for what seemed to never be enough of.

After ten minutes of that shameful act, he patted the top of my head and guided my mouth away, for him to sit up and replace his cock between my lips. With some help of my hand, I jerk-sucked him off for that huge load that filled my lower jaw up so quickly I had to push him out, and took the rest of it on my face.

In a flash, I ran out of the room and into my bed, where I rubbed his warm semen all over my face, re-remembering the taste that appealed to me for the firs time.

(He whispered) ‘Goodnight ger.’

Now, it certainly will be.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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