Playing Ground 3

Incest alert! Written from the POV of a daughter.

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When I woke up the next morning, besides soaked shorts, I was trying to make sense of what happened last night, if it was real. My face was surprising smooth, without so much a hint of cum, and everything just seemed like a dream. Still, I was glad I have such dreams, even though it might not be real.

After I changed into a new pair of shorts, I went to the kitchen where my old man was plating bacon, in the nude.

‘Good morning sunshine.’

Don’t tell me! I ran up to him for a hug and more importantly, to feel his flaccid dong pressing against my groin. For fuck’s sake did I change my shorts? Right? I stripped my bottoms off and he managed to stop me before I removed my shirt, since we were in front of the window where neighbours might be looking into.

We brought breakfast to my bed and he placed my plate on the pillow, before making me bend over to eat it, like a bitch. I couldn’t think beyond having him admire my body in that position and got right into it, taking small bites as he sat naked behind my butt.

The instant he grabbed my ass cheeks to eat that oyster between my pussy, I could feel myself getting wet for him. In my blanking mind, I quickly ate up as he ate me, squirming to his delightful smacks on my proudly cute butt. In all, he managed to give me an orgasm before I was done.

For his breakfast, he took a seat on my computer chair and began eating his food, after requesting me to do the same, but on the floor. I sucked on my favourite dick again for the third time in two days, licking him clean of any leftovers I might have missed last night.

Making him groan as he chewed, it sure pleased me to see him so vulnerable in his little girl’s hand, or mouth. We didn’t spend too much time on food and finished doing the dishes as fast as we could, before going back to my comfortable bed for whatever came next.

You could say I was astonished and shocked when he placed me on the bed like a baby, but tied my knees together with a belt. Happening so quickly, I found my knees perched against my chest, as he adjusted himself right below my groin.

Rendered impossible to reach him in that position, I helplessly let him jab his cock into my pussy, giving me no chance to prepare myself when he sank that whole eight inches into me. Believe it or not, I would be screaming for the whole neighbourhood to hear if not for his hand over my mouth, silencing my moans as he thrusted his hips.

Regret? Pleasure? Guilt? Shame? I didn’t know what was I feeling when he plunged me into darkness, overwhelming every nook and cranny that sent electrifying shocks throughout my body. In his eyes, I saw love, and shame, things I understood with all these happening to us.

After five minutes of violent sex, he suddenly fell backwards onto his bum and started sobbing, to my dismay for disrupting the ongoing waves of orgasms I was fainting to. It was the first time I saw him cry, and to be honest, I felt guilty for putting him in such a state.

I got out of the bondage and straightened his legs, before prying his hands away to show his face covered in wet trails across his cheeks.

‘Daddy. I’m sorry.’

(In his sobbing voice) ‘It’s not you. It’s definitely not you.’

The pulsating clit was still bugging me then, and I straddled over his lap, and onto his cock that has shrunk an inch or two. I hugged his face in my chest as I rocked my hips slowly, grinding him for my pleasure, though at his expense.

I ended up squatting and fucking his fully grown cock after he felt better with a kiss, and we did the rest of the work in that position.

(In his stuffy tone) ‘Girl? Daddy’s cumming. Daddy’s cumming!’


I rode him till I felt a gush of cum flood my lady parts, pumping life into the life he made with mummy, for goodness sake. He couldn’t wait to set me down and pulled out of me once everything calmed down, looking even more confused to what we just did.

‘Daddy? Let’s get dressed.’

‘Where to?’

‘Morning after.’


Rightfully wrong.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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