Amy Love

(I whispered loudly) ‘I’M CUMMINNNNGGGG!’

The fast reacting sweetheart took the full length of my shaft at the last moment, readily accepting the daily protein shot that she has been getting for the past few nights. Swallowing and sucking it empty at the same time, I was getting more sensitive, as well as numb, a weird mix of sensation that made me very relaxed.

*Mmm!* She raised her head with a satisfied smile and cleared her throat of any bits, before going back down to lick up whatever oozed out at the tip. Thinking that our ‘deed’ for that night was done, I packed the bottle of water and jacket into my bag, only to see her making herself comfortable between my legs.

‘Can I suck on this for a while more?’

‘But there’s nothing left! And we’ve spent too much time here.’

‘Not like anyone is coming.. ‘

She gave my cock a kiss and continued teasing it with her tongue, leaving me clueless to how was she feeling, or thinking. Partly drained by that ejaculation, I laid listlessly against the railing until she got all excited again, to the erection that was happening right in her mouth.

(She whispered) ‘Looks like someone wants another round!’

(I whispered) ‘Hey hey.. I still need more rest.’

‘You don’t have to do anything.. Just sit there.’

Having pumped her in doggystyle for a long time earlier, my legs were tired beyond description, especially after an even longer day at work. Turning herself away from me, she got a good hold of my dick and lowered herself slowly over it, devouring it with that juicy little gap I could never fondle enough.

(She whispered loudly) ‘You’re so big and warm inside me!’

‘Just be careful k? Don’t make me cum inside you again.’

She threw me a grin and started riding me, rocking her ass back and forth to slide that now-a-little-numb shaft across her pulsating vagina. All those Kegel exercises she did with that Benwa ball I gave her really paid off, as I could feel how much control she had over me, squeezing me for more (of her own) pleasure, and relaxing all the way through to help me last longer.

In the mercy of her strides, I was just thrashing around wildly to contain the overwhelming sensitivity now blasting through my cock into my head. Whatever I was going through then, might well be how a female felt when rape occurs, bearing an unwilling type of arousal we couldn’t express without being seen as ‘enjoyable’.

Ten minutes into the staircase-reverse-cowgirl, strength had returned to my legs and I slowed her down enough for me to get on my feet. Still having no idea to how much was I allowed to do to her, I walked us to the corridor facing the quiet highway where the cars were sparse, and took over the outdoor tryst with my vigorous thrusts.

Humping her as rapidly as I could, I had to cup one hand over her mouth to prevent her from waking up the residents, but at no time did I stop moving.

(She whispered hard) ‘JAE! I’M COMING!’

She dipped one of her hands between her legs for that engorged clit and rubbed on it furiously, as the incoming contraction promptly drove me to the edge – for what I have been fearing to do.

‘I’m cumming too baby!’

‘Shoot it all inside me! Please? Just this time.. ‘

By then, I couldn’t stop the thrill and erotic idea of doing it in public, and came right where it felt the warmest and wettest for us. The quick spin of her body brought her to a squat in front of me, and she took that still-shooting barrel into her mouth, while she fingered herself with my cum as lubricant.

When I finally backed away from her, she fell onto the floor and kept shoving her hand at her pussy, to collect the nectar which she would lick off her fingers for me to see – with a smile.


I dare not let her come near me anymore and got dressed before helping her put her panties and shorts on. For that night, I fell asleep almost immediately once I got home, to the Skype call where she was still ‘eating’ me up from her insides.

How could I not feel lucky to have a girlfriend like her?

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