Pining Me

The moment I get into my bed, my whole body was trembling with the excitement of seeing you. Although it might be inappropriate to tell you this, but I was getting wet even with the most harmless thoughts of being in your arms, breathing in your scent, feeling your warmth in my chest, closely pushing against yours. I’ll then wrap my thighs around yours, so that part of me would be so close to you for comfort.

I tried to shorten the nine hours wait as much as I could, thinking about the clothes I’d like you to see me in, make up that was quick to apply, yet decent for me to step out of house in, heels you might want me to ‘work’ in, any other clothes that might get your attention, and the shade of lipstick that I want all over you. Then, I realised how little sleep I could actually do without, so I could see you as soon as possible. I can’t wait any longer.

Having you in bed is good, but what would make it better? I know I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from touching you over, holding your cheeks to kiss, playing with those cutesy protruding man-nipples of yours, gliding my palm down your stomach, and over those small grey shorts that has my acknowledgement waiting.

I couldn’t care less if I was all dressed up when I get into your bed, but I wouldn’t mind being naked if you’d like me to. I can already feel your hardness in my hand, ready to be manipulated under my control. If you are going to be quiet like always, I’ll be taking your shorts off for you, then sliding my head over your stomach, to be closer to what would physically join me to you.

My, saliva has already began gathering in my mouth – for you. I have never forgotten that soft, but hard, shiny red tip, and there, that particular spot I’ll be extra gentle with. Can I taste you already? Let me just lick the tip.. Mmm! And hold a bit more in my mouth, before I do that ‘thing’ to make you squirm at my mercy.

Honestly, I haven’t once cared how much agony you were in. The way you shook and trembled, occasionally asking me to stop, was rewarding. You’re mine, and that was what matters to me, to do anything I like to someone I love. You know I wouldn’t resist whenever you push my head down to relief that ache, but I sure will make you desperate again, so I can be your ‘cure’. Use me, tell me how, let me be perfect for you, in this aspect for a start.

I don’t exactly fancy nor need you to touch me, since it’s you I want to have, no matter if how soon or ready you were for me. But you can still rub one out for me if you really want. I’d totally let you. It does take some strength away from me, but I have plenty of where it comes from, especially when you’re around.

You satisfy me by letting me indulge – in a (sexual) manner that would bring us really close together. Of course, we have our ways with each other when we were, more sober? But when I want you this much, after this long, I’m sorry but you have no say.

I can’t help but make it my day, to have you in every way to make up for that sore I’ve endured for you. I would say, instead of being ‘starved’, I imagined it to be more like, ‘I’ve never had you before’. And you would make that seem like your case too, with that swollen, glowing red pecker I just licked every inch of.

About that.. Can I? Can I now? Please?

I won’t mind if you just lay there, while I climb on top of you, spread for you, and put you right.. in there.. Yes! The perfect fit that felt slightly bigger, but still nice, and warm, and long, and comfortable. Gosh. I didn’t mean to start moving, I just did it – on my own?

I like that you’re groaning so helplessly. Tell me. How do I feel? Am I tight? Wet? Is there any pain? I’d like to know everything in your mind now. Oh my god! That part is hurting again? You are in pain! But you’re bigger than usual, is it because of the pain? I’m sorry.. I can’t seem to stop. Will you bear with it for a while more, for me? Please? I’ll make it better.. If I can just slow down or something..

Wait! Would you like to be on top? Let me get off you and lie there, and spread my legs if you don’t want to do it for me. No. Don’t hesitate anymore. What’s stopping you? I want, no. I need you inside me now. Oh yes, push it right into me, give in to me. You might not need it as much as me, but I know I do. Fuck! You’re.. Making me feel.. Really good.

Lose it, lose it all. Nothing is stopping you now. Why are you stopping? You’re about to cum? But why not? Can’t you just keep going until you cum? I am so ready to be filled up by you again, to feel that hot, thick liquid that I got hooked on. I’m done with tasting you from the source. Are you better now?

You’re moving again. Oh yes! You’re bigger?! Go all out this time.. Let me hear those words..


Oh my god! It’s hitting so deep into me! It’s making me all warm on the inside, like literally, inside. Shit! I’m coming too! Keep shooting, keep going, I’m climaxing with you! AHHH! fuck! AHHH! Can you feel me? Tell me. I’m squeezing you all over right? Arghh.. I’m done, and so are you. So..

Let me taste you, with a bit of me. Hehe. Mmm! Let me just have another.. Mmm! Did I spot some oozing out? Let me just.. Mmm! Lie down now. Don’t push me away. I’m going to Mmm.. Mmm.. Let me try to use this little thing as a pacifier.. until I sleep.

For now, please recover so we can do it again.

I’ll have you, without me, right in my mouth, all over my tongue for the second round.

Rest well, love.

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