Just Fucked Up

(Voice from afar) ‘Oh no. Someone has spotted us.’

Just when I was approaching the usual corner of the rooftop to have some time alone, another couple was busy doing their ‘thing’ there. Of course, I wasn’t going to spoil their fun and turned halfway around when that guy, leaning against a parapet, signalled for me to go over.

As I took small, careful steps towards them, I saw one of his hands holding the back of his partner’s head to prevent her from seeing me. A finger over his lips told me enough to keep quiet, as he continued to enjoy her blowjob.

‘Don’t turn around. He has a camera aimed at us.’

Which I obviously didn’t have. He had now blocked her peripheral vision by placing both palms by her ears, to keep her going and not let her in on the truth.

Another gesture, of his index finger flicking upwards, flashed in the bright backlight from MBS and I knew what was he planning to do. With less possibility of anyone else coming up here as the night passed, I followed his cues and whipped my cock out, before going over to his side where he patted on for me to sit.

‘Shit! Alicia? Look.’

He slanted her face towards my exposed cock and she looked downwards in embarrassment, not knowing that he was the one who initiated this. Stuck between my morals and raging boner, there wasn’t any choice to make when she reached for my cock, jerking it fearfully without so much a glance.

‘Don’t look up. He still has.. Bro.. Can you let us go if she do something for you? Alicia, we can do that for him right?’

(She replied softly) ‘Yes.’

‘Okay. Go over to him now. I will be right behind you to keep a look out.’

She unsuspectingly side-walked to my front and took my dick into her mouth, sucking it as she pumped the shaft where she didn’t try to take. Seeing how she was dressed like a teen more than a working adult, those white crop bralet and tight, high waist denim shorts prompted a question from me.

(Trying to sound fierce) ‘How old are you?’


Fuck. Just as I thought I’d enjoy the worst case scenario stemming from their daring tryst, I got myself into something that might bite me in my back. She was taking me further down into her throat in hopes of convincing me not to report them, and that guilty pleasure seemed to get the better of my sanity.

Unconsciously, I grabbed hold of her head and began thrusting my hips, gagging her slightly every time my dick reached her throat to tingle my senses. I was slowly losing control over this impromptu blowjob driven by fear.

(I whispered loudly) ‘I’m cumming!’


Wanting to complete my experience with a perfect ending, she buried her face in my groin and let her convulsing throat did the rest of the work, massaging me until I let off the unmistakable groan of climax.

Swallowing the waves of cum as I unloaded into her, I could tell she was feeling less frightened, doing that clean up of my cock in order to make things as convenient as possible for me.



I got up and zipped my pants, before looking around for her partner who couldn’t be found. By the time she was done tidying her hair, we realised what a fucker he was when she couldn’t get through his phone.

‘Sir.. You won’t spread that video or.. or what right?’

Right after she finished her sentence, she broke out in tears of confusion about her missing boyfriend. The more calls she made, the harder she cried and I was just standing around, unable to leave her in that state. We were after all, ten stories up.

I mean, what if she..

‘To think I gave him my virginity! And did everything he asked! Now this shit! I don’t mean you sir. I.. I don’t know what to do now.. ‘

When I saw how hopeless she was, I couldn’t hide my guilt anymore and told her of what he did, resulting in the free blowjob I got. There was nothing but hatred for the guy who did this to her, but I was honestly surprised that I wasn’t blamed.

I couldn’t anything more than the beast I was, taking advantage of her without knowing anything about them.

After ten minutes of intense bawling, she crashed into my arms and thanked me for staying there, even though I could have escaped.

Did I feel any better? No. Especially after she gave me her number with hopes that I wouldn’t ditch her after what she just went through, and did for me. Knowing what trouble I was getting myself into if I called her (a.k.a. giving her my number), I contacted her after an hour of deep thoughts, to hear her gleeful voice thanking me.

Well, fuck.

And ‘fuck’ was what we did when I agreed to see her, exploring new places and leaving our DNA all over in an explosive display of passion for; one, my fetish of her young, innocent body. And two, for her increasing desire of a fully mature cock inside her.

Just imagine the social stereotype if we got married, which I was so thankful that it was clarified when she told me about her fantasy of having a ‘daddy’. Besides her confusing, possessive attitude I couldn’t wrap my head around, it was easy to get hooked on her submissive behaviour whenever our ‘dates’ came to an end – with sex of course.

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