A Small Price

I can only imagine how thrilling it was when you stole something by hiding it in your shorts? Were you excited? Thrilled? Or scared? I think you looked calm though, as if you have done it before. Have you?

Now that someone knows of your secret, you must be wondering what evidence would I have on you. So, the USB drive. Take a look. And call me.


What meant to be a routine ‘excursion’ to expand his CRV (Changing Room Videos) collection, took an unimaginable turn when that clip with her in it, turned out to be evidence of a theft in which she stole a piece of clothing by hiding it in her shorts.

As soon as he made sense what he saw, he dropped all his plans and followed her home, confirming the unit she lived in by the slippers she wore during the heist.

There was no hiding his sly grin when he heard her trembling voice on phone, shaking and uncertain about what, or how would she fix this ‘problem’. Being the one to have all the say in this situation, he gave her a hint he hoped she was smart enough to pick up.

(Jason on phone) ‘Well, you sound like a girl with a bright future, and I am just a regular guy – with needs I can pay for.’

(In her trembling voice) ‘So if I help you out, will that settle things?’

‘I don’t know. Maybe? It might take us, a few meet ups though.’

‘I.. I don’t mind. As long as you don’t report me. Can I meet you at block 243?’

‘Wear what you stole, so I can recognise you.’

He did not question about the block she suggested and made his way after finishing up his third cup of coffee, bumping into her just as he turned around a corner. Glad to see her in that I’ll-gotten pink top and the brown shorts she wore earlier, it didn’t take them more than three sentence to bring them to a floor she seemed to know well about.

She looked all lost when he took a seat at the stairs, making himself comfortable without saying a word.

‘How would you like me to help you?’

‘Hmm.. I’ll be fun with anything you are comfortable doing. You won’t hurt me right?’

‘Oh no. I won’t. I promise.’

She sat at few steps lower between his legs and proceeded to lower his shorts, just enough to whip his cock out and start jerking it. Given how worried and desperate she was, the handjob was so monotonous that Jason couldn’t give a more enthusiastic face. It was simply too boring.

‘Are you cumming soon?’

‘No? You won’t get anywhere with that. Why don’t you try something else?’

His eyes lit up the moment she tied her hair into a ponytail, somewhat turning him on even more with her studious outlook. A few seconds of hesitation later, he felt her lips go around his wiener and the rest was left to her mouth. Sliding up and down with saliva leaking everywhere, he was moaning softly in cloud nines. The tongue that slithered everywhere to stimulate his senses was doing a great job, caressing that sensitive underside he never got many of his partners to accomplish.

Having watched his face closely for signs of pleasure, it was her mouth that appeased her wildly, throbbing heart, somewhat glad to have found his sweet spot.

Fifteen minutes passed uneventfully before she popped the question again, jaws all exhausted from sucking that big cock she could barely put her lips around.

‘You know. I seldom cum with just blowjobs, unless you are really good, which should have given you the result five minutes ago.’

‘Do you happen to.. to have a condom?’

‘Oh no. I didn’t think that you would suggest this. But I’m clean. I can assure you of that.’

Deciding to take his chance by not telling her about that condom in his wallet, the step he took too far paid off when she awakened from her daze. She then stripped her loose beach shorts and panties off before putting on those shorts back, in case anyone walked in on them.

Well, he was in no position to complain since he understood what mess he might get into if they were to be caught, especially when he would be the one getting all the blames from the videos in the camera he has yet to transfer out of.

It was truly a delight to see such a young figure sit over his lap, descending as fast as she could without shocking her body too much. When he was finally inside her, the moan of sex escaping her mouth was unmistakable.

‘Is it too big for you?’

(In her trembling voice) ‘No.. ‘

‘Is it perfect?’

‘Yesss.. ‘

She grabbed a hold of his shoulders and began rocking along his groin, grinding that thick piece of meat back and forth in her unbelievably wet pussy. The duo was on their way to pleasure world with each passing stroke, volume increasing as her body shook violently whenever she climaxed.

Taking another chance to push things up another notch, he began planting bites on her neck, all the way to those small B cups that were wobbling like Jell-O. For the whole time he was leaving marks on her, she came another two times to that mixture of pain to her twitching pussy. Still slamming her ass on him, he grew harder and thicker to the knowledge of her dependence.

(He commanded) ‘Hold me tight.’

She wrapped her arms tighter around his neck and he lifted themselves off the steps, moving towards the wall where he would fuck her against.

Sliding his arms under her knees, he thrusted mercilessly at that punishable girl, driving her crazy with his size and rage pounding her vagina sore.

The pair spent another five minutes at the wall before his urge surfaced, forcing him to let her down to complete her mission. When he held his cock at her face, she no longer needed any cues to start working. Taking his dick in a more suitable mood, her lips and tongue easily brought him to higher heaven.

‘I’m cumming! Take it all in!’

He froze in his spot and fired inconspicuously at her mouth, releasing everything he had reserved for a good jerk in front of his ‘movies’. Swallowing as he creamed, there was nothing to show when he asked her to open her mouth.

Nonetheless, Jason was satisfied with how things turned out for them. That girl, was giving him a ‘punish me more’ look too.

(She asked more calmly) ‘Do you want to see me tomorrow?’

‘Why not?’

‘9pm here then.’

With that, he took her panties and they left their hideout, looking all wrong for someone his age to be ‘friends’ with someone of her small and skinny frame.

Through texts, he learnt of her name, Hayley, and her age – 14. Now that’s two strikes in a row (outrage of decency and sex with minor), the more he couldn’t report her even if he wanted to.

But shhh.

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