Baby Food

Before we get started, let’s not have any clothes to get in our way, for I’d like to get a good look at you, at the woman I am falling for. Let me see those skin that has caressed me longer, deeper than on the surface. Let me feel the weight of those two you have be lugging around, let me hold them for the rest of your, no, our, lives.

One gentle peck first, then a longer one, then the third that we will never break away from. Slide that tongue around mine, around what you will stir as I brush my hand across your face, down your neck, to the warm centre of your breasts. Over that curvy waist, and then, between them smooth thighs of yours, for the liquor-covered feminine part I can’t stop fantasising about touching it.

Let my finger be coated, in your saliva from those lower lips, spreading so gracefully like the wings of a butterfly, that is about to be petted like a little pussy it is. Allow me to just rub my fingertip up, and down, and up and down, and.. a little in there.

Wrap those pretty fingers of yours around me, around what would drive me panting loudly, and feel every inch of my skin as you wish. Don’t stop me from getting that image of your deeper self on my fingers, like Braille of love and lust, along your inner walls.

Squeeze for me, then squeeze me. Move your hand faster, but don’t stop me yet. Let me just.. Rub you a little more, to feel your hot breaths on my neck, in my face, at my lips. Let’s kiss again, let’s kiss till.. Ahh. No. I don’t want your lips on mine anymore.

Since I can’t see what you are about to do, I can’t slow you down. Take the small hood first, don’t go too far down. Press your lips lightly around it and pull away. Yes. Do that again. You can hold it. Please hold it. Lick it like a Popsicle, relax your tongue, and push yourself hard against that fleshy, soft tip.

Can you hold it in your mouth again? But tickle it with your tongue, then circle around it. Make me shiver, make me groan. Keep going that till.. Till.. Arghh.. Down, down now. Oh god.. It feels good. It’s so.. Ahh..

Go slow, take your time. When you go down on me from the side, I can tell you that this isn’t the position that would make me cum. It’s a tad too sensitive. The sides of my shaft aren’t exactly my soft spot.

Will you sit between my legs now? I wish I could watch you suck, but you’re making me too weary, with your hands and mouth. Bend it downwards, and yes. Take it in. You can go faster like this, you can slam your face in that pipe and I wouldn’t push you away. Let your lips touch the hand you are keeping my cock downwards with. Go as deep as you.. Sigh.. It’s so warm in there.

How are you doing baby? Are you okay? You aren’t letting me catch a break are you? You’re.. Driving me crazy! Ahh.. Arghh.. I do feel like a king. And you are the handling the staff of destiny well. You have no idea, how much I want to put it inside you whenever that jolt of pleasure lights up my senses.

Let’s not wait anymore. Let’s do more. You know, it’s deadly when you are on top. Like I can’t stop you, and I have no control. Why don’t you go on top first? Then we change positions after a while? Let me just, watch us connect into your soft, wet, squishy hole of goodness.

Can I just lie back and relax? Cause all my muscles are asking for that. Don’t move too fast, move correctly. That’s right. Back, forth, back, forth, stop! Stop! You’re going to.. Stop! Lie still for a moment. Let me enjoy this longer. I am worried about round two, so let me rest.

Okay. You can move again. Ride me like your stallion, jerk swift and fast. No wait! Too fast! Control yourself a bit! I can’t do this anymore. Come. Lie down. I’ll be on top this time.

Umm.. Can you help me put it in? Is my baby rubbing herself with my tip? You seem to be enjoying it. Keep doing it. It’s stimulating for me too. Keep going. Don’t let me SURPRISE JAB! Look how cute you are when you’re so helpless. I’m going to go faster, so you will lose your vision, so you will be all over.

BABY! Why are you so tight? I can’t move anymore.. Wait wait. Okay. I think I’m good.. No wait! A while more. You are so good to be inside of. It’s so fleshy inside. Can I go all the way now? I don’t want to hold back anymore. I wanna fuck you till I cum! Shhh.. I’m thinking too loud, and it’s not respectful.

Are you rubbing yourself? Good. Although I want to move, you’re feeling funny inside. Like squeezing, like you are massaging me. It’s calming and nice. I’m sorry you have to get your hands dirty for an orgasm. If my stamina is.. Are you coming baby? You’re wrapping around me! I can feel it! It’s making me tingly on the inside too!

You smiled! And so will I. Shall I finish this now? No. I’ll still be on top so I can pull out – unless, do I have budget for Ella? The clinic is still open right?

Baby. Can we go off earlier to get the morning after? I can totally tell how excited you are from your nod. Okay! So here I go! I’m just going to move so fast, and make you scream so loud, and make you so blissful, and high, and, and.. I’m cumming! I’m cumming!

A bit more! ARGHH! ARGHH! ARGHH! It’s pumping into you. Can you feel it? My baby is patting me. She likes it. Yes! You’ve got everything I had. Hehe. I’ll let you have me inside for a while more. I’m too tired anyway. But sticky, we’re sticky!

Please? Let me go now? I’ll remain on my knees so you can clean me up. Slowly! Slowly!!!! Don’t suck so hard! It’s sensitive. Oh yes! Clean it up now girl. And what am I looking at? Baby is having her dessert. Is it salty? Is it good? I seriously have no idea why do I taste so good.

What’s this craving for sushi? Hmm.. Bus to Bedok, then to clinic, then sushi! Okay! Baby? Sushi later? Hey? Hey hey hey! It’s too small now! Why are you.. Making me.. All weak again?

Sigh. I won’t be able to listen to myself once it gets big. Right! Ella! That’s it isn’t it? Well, since we are going to get it, why not another round? But you’ll have to help me first, and I’ll do the rest.

In doggy this time. I want to jiggle you from behind. And cum in your mouth. If it’s possible, try to hold yourself up k? I’d like my little doggy to be struggling in that position. Hmm.. Why did the words ‘playing with your food’ suddenly appear in my mind? Is that what baby does?

It pleases me when I see you enjoy whatever I give. I feel so precious. And you are too, for making me feel that way. Come, lick me clean and let’s cuddle for a while. Can I rub you while at it? Please? I’ll be good. I won’t play with your food (inside you).

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