Bus Fair

‘J.. I can’t go any further.’

‘But we just left house!’

‘I know. It’s rubbing me on the inside with each step I take. My panties is soaked.’

Unwilling to solve that ‘healthy’ problem, I dragged her to the bus interchange ten minutes away, listening to her occasional gasps and moans whenever she had to step over something. The only break she got so far was during the wait for the bus, which undid all the calm when we hiked up the tall steps to the upper deck.

We took a seat somewhere close to the rear and it didn’t take her more than a few seconds to perch one of her feet onto the seat, immediately rubbing on her groin to relief the ‘pressure’. The hyped up girl snatched my arm and used me to massage her, until the bus started moving.

As soon as the bus manoeuvred out of the interchange, she slipped a hand into the loose shorts I wore and started jerking me off, making me really hard and big in record time. How could I, after all, not get turned on by her helplessness under my control?

I clicked on the control in my hand and it brought her head down to my erection at an instant, working that glib tongue on that shiny, red head so swollen for her. There was nothing more I had to do except guiding her lower, sucking all the life out of me while I maintained a straight face.

Over the next few stops, she paused and continued going down on me, until another couple sat two rows behind us. All we could do without arousing any suspicion was a handjob, that drove my fingers even faster under that tank top (I bought) she wore as a dress.

(Amy whispered) ‘I’m coming again!’

For the fifth time, she left marks on my forearm and finally, collapsed onto the window in exhaustion. The hand in my shorts was still moving, though it was more of a massage than handjob.

(I asked) ‘Baby, would you like me to cum in your mouth?’


‘Just keep going and then suck me off?’

‘But there’s people behind us.’


I held the opening of my shorts open for her and she paid more attention to it, pumping her fist faster and faster. It took me about three bus stops length before I pushed her neck towards my groin, which she wearily gave in and took my cock in her mouth and let me mouth-fuck her for a bit till I came.

For at least ten seconds, she didn’t get up and kept sucking for every last drop, which couldn’t seem to be enough for her. At last, she rose from the seat and none of us dared to look behind at the ‘busy’ couple.

(Amy whispered) ‘Can I take it out?’

‘Nope. Not till we are done with dinner.’

After dinner, she became the impatient one to look for a ‘hideout’, which we found at a nearby HDB where we shagged one out without removing any of our clothes. So it seemed that her outfit of a short dress, pretty laced panties, and my attire of a t-shirt and sports shorts, is the key to anytime-anywhere sexual relief.

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