After getting together with her, I was constantly reminded of how lucky I was, to have a sweet, young teenager who is so devoted to me. During the first six months of our relationship, we grew very close very quickly, accomplishing many ‘firsts’ at her discretion – including giving me her virginity.

Once we passed that barrier, all of our dates would end up in sex, no matter if we were outside or at one of our homes. To be honest, I did think I was the most fortunate guy on the planet with that buffet of love making that were usually initiated by her. Crop tops, short skirts, mini dresses, tight running shorts, became part of her casual wear, while I was politely asked to be in ‘accessible’ pants whenever we went out.

During a major cleanup of my house, enough stuff were thrown out of my room to accommodate a bigger bed, and it was then she suggested to move in with me. ‘Wow, what a dream come true’, you might think, and it was, for the nightly ‘exercise’ we did and daily ‘breakfast’ she got out of me.

In time, she got more possessive and I was shown a side of her I have never imagined to be possible.


Upon reaching home, she ran where I was seated (in front of the computer) and gave me a tight hug, before dragging me to the bed where she stripped naked for me to watch. Ignoring the work I was doing on the computer, she plopped herself between my legs, with her back against my chest, and wrapped my arms around her belly.

For the umpteenth times this has happened, I knew what she wanted me to do and I began rubbing on her clit to her delight. Soft moans then began escaping her mouth and a hand reaching behind her back caught hold of my erected cock, jerking gently at the same speed I was masturbating her.

Sadly, there was no way I couldn’t get hard in that situation, no matter how tired, or how many times we have done it. Circling my fingertips slowly at her juicy clit, her fidgeting body only caused my hard on to be, well, harder. After all, how could I not get turned on by the sexy, slim figure so desperate for my cock?

‘Dear? You’re hard.. ‘

‘Do you want me inside?’

‘Heh. You don’t have to ask.’

She slanted her body forward, tucked her knees in, then sat herself down over the dick I had held upright. Finally, the moment she has been waiting for arrived and there was little work to do when her horny mind drove her ass up and down my groin. Juices leaked in generous amounts over my groin and balls as she slipped that tight vagina over my cock repeatedly, making me groan to the squeezing motion I felt inside her.

‘Dear! Why are you so big tonight?! I’m going crazy!’

Her body slumped to a side onto her shoulder and I proceeded to flip her on her back, spreading those defined legs for me to admire her smooth pussy I couldn’t get used to fucking. Lying motionless like a drunken frog, a few thrusts brought her screaming to the orgasms shooting through her spine, trembling her feet like an electrocution.

That pretty face, addicted to sex, dependent on high, was impossible not to get into a frenzy for, sending my hips slamming hard onto her ass to get all of my meat inside her. Strokes after strokes, her eyes rolled white as I grunted louder, losing control as she got tighter and wetter.

It was an almost immediate decision after she lost her virginity, to have an IUD implanted so we could keep doing it raw. For her first time, we did it without any protection until about halfway, where I put a condom on so I could shoot freely when it was time. That very move dampened her mood a little, and there was no way she would ever do it with some barrier between us after that.

Pounding her pussy harder and harder, my rhythm had long gone out of the window as I turned hungrier for her moans, pumping so wildly beyond my limits.


(She moaned) ‘OH YES! OH YES!’

Her strong pelvic muscles clenched onto my shaft for all its worth and willingly accepted my full load, which I suspected was just a tiny bit since she had sucked me off in the morning. Nonetheless, she rubbed herself to another orgasm before I was allowed to pull out, for her to lick me clean so none of us would have to step out of the room.

After that intense round of sex, we cuddled for about thirty minutes before she shoved a blue pill to me.

(She whispered) ‘It’s Saturday tomorrow.. ‘

‘Right.. ‘

I swallowed the pill and waited for just ten minutes, to see my cock get hard again under the effect of Viagra. As usual, we fucked our brains out into the wee hours, and slept into the afternoon when she offered to buy lunch for me – so we could fuck again right after that.

Just imagine taking that ‘medicine’ every Friday and Saturday night, and having all your energy drained MORE thoroughly during the weekends, would you still call it ‘lucky’?


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