Grade Sex

As soon as Cheryl saw her Chemistry teacher enter the male toilet near the staff room, she creeped quietly to door and kept it ajar, for her cue (of his zipper going down) to catch him at his most vulnerable. Once the unmistakable splash of pee hit the urinal, she dashed right in and threw her arms around him, fumbling around for two seconds to hold his dick that was still spraying at high pressure.


There was no way he could pry her hand away without making a mess, and the sight of her tiny hand around his mature, flaccid dick did little to help with the erection that was stirring awake. By the time the jet ‘powered’ down, he has grown big enough for her to get a firm hold on him.

Just as he thought she would let go after he was done, the last few drops of his pee dribbled over the fingertip she had placed over his pee hole. Now that he has a full-fledged hard on in her palm, he could only obey her command to enter a cubicle.

With no other way out of this mess, he remained seated on the toilet as she stripped her clothes off, leaving nothing on to hide her vital parts. Getting down on her knees between his thighs, she rubbed some saliva into the palm that had just touched him.

‘Cher.. I just want to get better grades for my test. Can you help me?’

Her hand had begun stroking him when she popped that question, giving him little leeway to catch his breath or make sense of what was happening.

‘I.. Ahh.. Can do something.. For you.. Ahh.. This will.. Ahh.. Get me banned from teaching.. Argh.. Forever.. ‘

‘So, we have a deal?’

‘I don’t have.. Any other choice do I?’

Not only did the smile she gave take none of his worry away, he felt worse when she went down on him, taking his fully grown dick in the comfort of her warm, wet mouth. Admiring that guilty sight of such a young girl bobbing her head up and down for him, that was the moment of ‘fuck it’.

There was just no way he could get out of this unscathed.

(He whispered) ‘Can I touch you too?’

‘Anything you want Mr. Loh.’

She picked herself up and sat on his lap, giving him a good view of whatever he was about to lay hands on. For the first time in her life, she felt the coarseness of an adult finger, rubbing her small clit amongst those bright pink folds of flesh. He easily brought her to the next level with an orgasm inbound from his fierce, circular motion, that hurt and pleasures her at the same time.

After a few minutes, a tiny shiver, along with a kitty-like moan, drenched his fingertips with her juices. Now, that definitely boosted his ego as a powerful male who still had something over someone as young as her.

(In Cheryl’s drowsy voice) ‘Cher.. Are you tempted?’

Well of course, the proximity of their genitals were so close that he had accidentally brushed against her privates a few times, amidst the handjob she continued giving throughout his teasing.

(He asked) ‘Have you done this before?’

‘Yes. But you will be bigger than any guys even five years older than me.. ‘

Hearing that he wasn’t going to be that asshole to take her first, there was a certain sense of relief, yet doubtful about the ‘fit’ inside her.

Not going to waste anymore precious time, he moved her closer to his hips and let her aim it for him, piercing right into her pussy when she did the final ‘wriggle’. For sure, she was the smallest he had ever entered, as he got so close to cumming even without any movements.

(He whispered in a hurry) ‘Cheryl! Don’t move first.. You’re too tight.. I.. I need some time.. ‘

The obedient girl remained motionless on him for about three minutes, before a definitive nod signalled her to start. Rocking her hips back and forth over his groin, she was starting to get really high when he stopped her abruptly.

(She asked worriedly) ‘What’s wrong?’

‘I can’t. Let’s try another position.’

She got off his lap and let him position her on one side of the cubicle, adjusting her hips until it was suitable for him to doggy. Still, merely an inch in and he was groaning in agony, forcing him to raise one of her thighs over his arm to spread her wider.

Seeing how helpless her teacher was, Cheryl picked that leg he lifted, and did a split that reached above their heads, against the wall she was pinned on. In a delightful surprise, she had become ‘loose’ enough for him to move without fear. To fuck a student who could do a upright split, he has never imagined for that kind of flexibility to be useful during sex.

With a slightly more relaxed pussy to fuck, he leaned against her stretched leg and thrusted deep and fast, both arms supporting her collapsing body that has been weakened by orgasms. Waves after waves of climax clouded her mind beyond her own limit, almost drawing the life out of her in that single instance of bribery.

That confident teacher pounded his student lifeless for about ten minutes straight, before the inevitable came ringing his balls in loud warnings.

(He whispered loudly) ‘CHERYL! I’m about to shoot.’

That said, he swiftly pulled out of her and helped her to the toilet, where she sat in a quiet sense of high. Using her hand to finish the deed, his other hand went around her head for the finale, which came very shortly after.

At the last moment, he stuffed his cock into her mouth and came the biggest load he ever had, thanks to the fantastical event of fucking one of his best looking student dancer. In the disgruntled state of Cheryl, she swallowed everything and let him put her clothes back on, before he carried her out to a bench outside the toilet.

As a teacher, he didn’t just leave her there and waited for as long as it took her to gather her strength.

‘Your grade is guaranteed. Will you go home and get some rest now?’

(In her tired voice) ‘Thank you Cher.. But can I crash at your place tonight? My place isn’t.. Isn’t exactly conducive for me to rest.’

At this point, I will leave the rest of the night to your imagination, as they made another deal that secured her grades for the rest of the year, or another few if he is assigned to her class.

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