Eu Naturale

Wandering out of my tent at two in the morning, I couldn’t sleep knowing that this period of ‘alone time’ might be all I could get before the daily hustle of life threw me back on speed. Scaling a mountain this high, I was one of the two person that didn’t come with anyone else. That said, Sherry and I had to team up out of necessity, to share some load that wouldn’t be possible to climb this high with.

Somehow, I was surprised when I saw her smoking at the edge of the cliff, looking into the deep darkness with a smouldering bonfire behind to keep the flies away.

‘One for you?’

I lit the stick from her fire and smoke in silence, understanding our need for ‘this’ and enjoying nothingness. It didn’t take us more than that one stick each to feel the tiredness creeping into our legs, having covered so much distance in anticipation of ‘this’. That said, it was worth the pain, two times over.

We went back to the sleeping area and decided to drag our sleeping bags out, to a spot some distance away from the cliff. Stacking our two bags (opened up) on top of each other, we quickly made ourselves comfortable and lit another stick while staring at the mesmerising sky full of stars.

(She whispered) ‘Hey.. ‘


As soon as I turned my head to her, she leaned in for a kiss and our lips stayed together for the whole duration we fumbled around to get our hands into each other’s trousers. She quickly got started with jerking me off, and I reciprocated by circling my fingertip at her clit. Since we have no cover over our bodies, we were careful not to remove any clothing in case someone woke up.

Sherry then climbed over my chest and pulled her pants down to her knees, giving me a brief glimpse of her pussy before I taste the viscous sweetness on my lips. At that point, I couldn’t care if she went down on me, since this was what she knew she needed.

To be fair, she did try to go down on me but it didn’t last more than a few minutes, with me distracting her with the invisible alphabets I was drawing with my tongue, on her pussy. She was just leaking non-stop for me and I did my best to lick everything up, minus some of her fluid she left when she grind her hips unconsciously.

(She whispered) ‘Are you up for it?’

‘Wait wait.. The question is, can you trust me?’

She stood up and turned to me, before sitting down over the erection she stroked to that enormous size. The stars in front of my eyes couldn’t look any prettier especially when they were made dazzling by her rocking hips, sliding back and forth over my groin to keep me wide awake in pleasure.

Five minutes after she did her cowgirl thing on me, she collapsed next to me and it was my turn, to fuck her under the watchful stars. Her legs widened without any guidance, and I buried myself inside her within a few seconds. Her mouth remained in a silence scream state as I thrusted hard and fast, causing a few hoarse moans to escape her lips.

To be frank, I couldn’t help but fall in momentary love with her moonlit face, glowing with sex and contentment under the most beautiful sky we have ever seen. The missionary sex only got more intense when I fell on top of her, slamming her pussy harder and deeper in blissful agony.

(She whispered calmly) ‘I’m coming.’

The shock from the sudden contraction put me on hold as she shivered sensually in my arms, for about a minute before her legs loosened. Not going to push things further than what I’ve received, I pulled out and made myself comfortable by her side.

(She asked in concern) ‘Why did you stop? You haven’t came right?’

‘Did you get what you wanted?’

(She assured) ‘Yes. And it is beautiful.’

‘That’s good enough for me then.’

She coddled into my chest and initiated a handjob, until I myself was convulsing in increasing intensity.

(She whispered) ‘Cumming?’

(I whimpered) ‘Yeah.. Almost.. ‘

Her head slid down my chest to my belly and the rest fell into place. I came into her mouth and she let my Navy Seals loose into the wild, where they would enjoy their last moments under the same stars that awaited us.

‘Goodnight J.’

‘Goodnight Sherry.’

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