(She whispered) ‘Is it time to take him out?’

A gave me a wink as she slowly tugged the zipper of my jeans down, slipping her hand into my underwear that has an opening right down the middle for easy ‘access’. Given how heated things were then, I was a little lightheaded after the brief but intense make out, rendering me helpless as her fingers tickled all over my shaft.

‘Mmm.. It’s so hard.. ‘

No words were exchanged when she laid her chest down on the ground next to my hips, body planted flat while her head moved into position to enjoy her ‘supper’. There wasn’t much time wasted once she took my little head into her mouth, savouring it like an expensive sausage that was more worthwhile to suck on rather than devour it.

All I could do was to lie back, and groan to every flick of her tongue, up-down strokes of her lips, kisses along the underside of my shaft that got me really turned on and hard. The whole thing went on for what seemed like a long time, with me occasionally rubbing her pussy with my hand down her shorts, teasing her hole but unable to shove a finger in deeper than an inch or two.

Just as we were engaged in that compromising position, two figures suddenly appeared from the stairs nearby – a guy in formal office wear, and a lady in a tight, floral dress.

(She whispered) ‘There’s someone there already! Let’s go.’

(Man replied) ‘Hey hey. Relax k? Come.’

By then, A had stopped sucking and was just lying on my lap, using her hair to block that erection that was deflating at record speed.

‘We’ll do it here too. They won’t bother us.’


He leaned against the parapet and began to unzip his pants, confidently ‘inviting’ his partner to go between his legs. Of course, she was a little worried the whole time she got into position, but things got a little less awkward when she started blowing him.

Seeing how open they were, A didn’t stay still for long and resumed eating me out. After fifteen minutes of synchronised moaning and groaning from the men, the guy fished a condom out of his pocket and rolled it on as if she had agreed to it.

To our pleasant surprise, she didn’t say anything and got up, rolled her skirt above her hips and lowered her panties for him. That certainly got A’s curiosity, and it didn’t take her long to ask me for the condom I carried around. While the other couple got started fucking in standing doggy, A climbed atop me once the rubber was in place, parting the gap of her shorts for me to penetrate, and the four of us just humped the breaths out of our respective partners.

The moaning sounds grew louder as the girls got the dicks they have been craving for, at the expense of the guys’ energy spent on ‘holding ourselves back for as long as possible’.


The girl let off the most sensual groan as she trembled violently in his arms, his arms tightly wrapped around her waist that was receiving its due orgasm from his efforts. The pair remained in that very spot for a long time while A was still riding me, planting her lips on mine and making out as her pussy tightened gradually.

After five more minutes, it was my embarrassing pleas for a slow down that A let them go unheard, increasing her speed as she rubbed her clit for the orgasm she was due for.


She jumped off me and kneeled between my legs she split opened, sucking me fast and deep (after she ripped the condom off) as she continued masturbating herself in her shorts. I was nearing my end when she surprised me with a deep throat, that stayed long enough to gag her till she triggered my ejaculation in that convulsing throat.

I couldn’t be more shameless when I grunted like a champion, for my girl who fucked, and then sucked, me dry. The onlookers were just fondling each other when A pulled her puffed up cheeks away from my dick, and swallowed with a smile that put the other girl to shame.

When A went back down to ‘clean’ me up, the guy whispered something to his girl and she did the same for him.

At 10pm, the four of us were done and the girls got into a conversation that spanned from ‘borrowing A tissue’. Before I knew it, I was standing next to the guy at the railing and the girls got into a ‘friendly competition’ to measure our sizes, and the duration (or skills of the girls) before we creamed a second time into our girls’ mouths.

While I won in terms of size, A has outdone me in terms of skills.

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