Sister’s Boyfriend’s Sister

(Rachael’s soft moans) Mmm.. mmm.. mmm..

The momentary silence in my headphones allowed me to hear what Rachael was doing behind my back, supposedly watching me play a zombie game that I got bored of ten minutes into it. It certainly was a little awkward when I turned my head to her, causing her to pull her hand away from her groin with a face red in embarrassment.

What was supposed to be a movie date became an indefinite wait when Rachael’s brother, who is my sister’s boyfriend, decided to ‘help’ her pick her outfit. Of course, the peace was destroyed once the couple found themselves in the privacy of a locked room, doing whatever couples do without a care for the poor girl waiting in the living room.

After a brief exchange of formalities, Rachael talked her way into my room where it was cooler, and slightly entertaining with my desktop running that silly game.

(She asked) ‘Umm.. J?’


‘I was wondering, if you want to join me for the movie. So I won’t feel like a lightbulb.’

(I asked in concern) ‘Will they mind?’

‘Well, you are going for my sake. Not theirs.’

(I concur) ‘Alright then. I’ll get changed.’

I was about to change out of my clothes when she made her way to the door, but instead, she closed and locked the both of us in. After seeing how ‘adventurous’ she was, a part of me somehow got more daring, enough for me to strip before her eyes.

(She asked nonchalantly) ‘Doesn’t it bother you when.. Umm.. They are so loud?’

‘Hmm.. Not really.. I can only imagine this is what my sister went through when I bring my exes over.’

By the time I slipped my shirt on, she came within two feet of me and seamlessly stopped me from putting my underwear on. It was too easy for that girl, in her grey spaghetti crop top and high waist denim skirt, to get what she wanted when she cupped her palm under my shaft that was stiffening at her close proximity.

There was no denying when it hardened in her gently grasp, growing longer and thicker until it split her middle fingertip and thumb apart. And then, there was a gasp at the sheer size of my dick, that dropped her onto my bed so she could look at it up close.


(Rachael replied) ‘OKAY! TAKE YOUR TIME!’

Her (hand) strokes became more fluid as she turned her attention to my face, staring down at her as she moved up and down. The unconscious lick of her lips was completely tantalising to watch and it only got me more excited, granting me enough courage to pull her face closer.

Without a word, she parted her lips and took me into her mouth, giving me an orientation to the glib tongue that almost threw me off my feet. ‘Weak’ is the only word suitable to describe my submission to her, but ‘hard’ made up for my loose control of my groans that made her smile so silly.

(Rachael whispered) ‘We don’t have much time.’

‘So this?’

I managed to reach for a small box where I kept my condoms, and a nod from her affirmed a mutual understanding. She actually took the liberty to cap me on, before she conveniently got into doggystyle with her feet dangling from the edge of my bed.

How else, if not, could I leave her waiting so eagerly only to turn her down? I took my position by the bed, between her legs, and showed my way into the pussy lips that spread so rigidly to my girth.

The penetration part was the only time I went slow, since the rest of it was just forceful, ‘carpe diem’, intense, passionate thrusts into her thrashing body. Despite our attempts to stay quiet, the shuffling of feet at my door was unmissable. They knew what we were up to and had no rights to interfere.

(Rachael whispered loudly) ‘I.. *panting* I.. came enough times.. *panting* Please?’

My hands went to her shoulders and jerked her back so fast and hard at my hips, ramming that rod of pleasure so deep to satisfy the ‘itchy sweet spots’ repeatedly till I was about to cum.

(I panted) ‘It’s about time!’

Her feeble body landed flat onto the bed the moment I pulled out and I did a lap around the bed for her head, where her mouth then took my cock at a whim for the incoming load we worked so hard for. Without the hindrance of a condom, my climax was triggered easily, releasing the mouthfuls of cum she kept swallowing to keep her throat clear.

We stayed in that position for a good minute until nothing was left, and we got dressed in the most sloppily manner ever.

(Boyfriend asking me) ‘So how was it?’

‘Deeply engaging.’

We went for a movie as planned, and us boys, ended up with crumpled fingertips while the girls were left with sticky palms.

In the end, there were no ‘lightbulbs’.

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