Invisible Link 3

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The next day was a Saturday, and she had made her way to his place at 6am, before his parents were awake. She arrived and made her way into the room, which then she stripped down to the set of lingerie he gave. Looking at the unattended toy on the bed, she took it and lay on his bed and basically relieved herself without the presence of her master around.

As he walked into the room, he was immediately stunned and reached for the cane. Angel, knew what was coming and she bent over, while continued to use the toy. He started his morning with ‘I want no noise from you’ and strokes of the cane swooshed until she came twice in just five minutes. It was so easy for her to reach her high with the mixture of pain and pleasure, that was overwhelming for her little mind.

The marks on her butt had easily reached twenty, but there was not much pain that lingered. Sweaty and tired from the punishment, Aaron let her turn on the vibration feature of the toy while she used it. Smiling weakly, she brought herself to another climax before he gave her a break.

All along, he had been sure not to mix school and the secret between them, up. That was his limit. And there was no way he would cross the line, despite her seduction at school. He showed her a gag mask and Angel gladly put it on, only leaving her mouth, nose and ears exposed. Her long hair had managed to be put through a cut he made and it dangled freely while the next act came.

Still in a forward bending position, her hands were tied in front of her and secured to the front of the bed, so she could not struggle. Angel then felt a cold liquid on her asshole and squirmed as she knew what was about to be done. A soft rubber-like plug then went into her anus and she received it without resistance. It seemed that the liquid he put earlier had relaxant properties in it. With her body defences down, Aaron pushed the toy in and out of her quickly, like how she used the vibrator on her pussy earlier.

Unexpectedly, an orgasm hit her very quickly after without the usual sensation of a build-up and the effect was even stronger than the clitoral or G-spot stimulation. Weak and exhausted, she felt the second item in her pussy and recognised it as his dick, that was filled with vigour and life. He began pounding her pussy while playing with the anal plug. Never she felt so cheap and vulnerable as waves and waves of orgasms just hit her from every angle.

Without any words exchanged and a lot of ruffling of his bedsheets, the two of them banged away like sex raged bunnies. Angel was soon going unconscious. He placed a bottle near her nose and as she breathed, new life flowed into her, restoring her energy. Her body peaked up and Aaron continued ramming her pussy. After a moment of pause, she felt the full length of his dick expand and later, a warm load of cum filled her pussy for the first time in her life.

The load continued pumping as he resumed thrashing into her, presumingly he had sniffed the same thing he gave her. The toy in her ass left and so did his dick. The next thing she felt was an expansion of her anus and his dick was felt in a totally different way. She could not make out the details of his manhood in her ass, as it was lacking the pain receptors, but she knew he was large, larger than what she felt in her pussy.

Aaron let off a soft groan and started moving his dick in and out of her ass slowly. Suddenly, the second load was emptied into her ass and she felt that bit of warmth and expansion in her rectum, which other than that, she did not noticed he had cummed. He began his new journey into her ass and went on at it till he was satisfied, not with cumming, but delivering another two or three climaxes to Angel.

The door clicked though they did not hear their presence, which they always did on weekends so as not to disturb their son’s sleep. They had the house to themselves once again. Aaron left Angel on the bed after he was as exhausted and cooked up a simple breakfast with eggs and toast, which Angel ate while keeping the mask and her leatherwear on. She was that low.

He brought her back to his room which she waited while he opened the door to another friend of his, Jeremy. He was fascinated with those Ah Lians but never had a chance to own one, so today as his lucky day. He entered the room without Aaron and knew who it was the moment he saw her tattoo. Angel was one of the best looking girl among her clique and possibly the most fanstasized about girl in school. He wasted no time and took off his shorts, forcing his dick into her mouth. Breathing quickly through her nose, she had no way to know it was not Aaron’s. Her body was left gasping for air once the dick left her mouth. Unlike Aaron, Jeremy was a hardcore masturbator that was smart in nature, therefore in the same class as Aaron.

He lay Angel on her back and went straight for her wet pussy, failing to notice the cum-cum-juice that was leaking out of her two holes. Thrashing his hips mindlessly into her, she had never felt this side of ‘Aaron’. His dick was throbbing loudly, and it felt fierce and nice. He used her body for a good ten minutes before Aaron brought the bottle close to her mouth again. He had been watching them from the gap in the door since long ago.

She felt the surge of energy and pushed Jeremy down, jumping on him and riding it like a Texas cowgirl. Wild and vigorous, she had managed to push him beyond his control and his load spewed into her like a fountain. Loads after loads, she could feel his life getting sucked out and she got off him. He left the bed and Angel sensed it. He took Aaron’s hands and shook it before leaving his place, contented with the great fuck he was given.

Having no other plans, Aaron undid her restraints and let her did what she wanted for him, cleaning up, washing, cooking. And in return, she was given permission to however use his dick as she wished.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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