Invisible Link 2

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It was two days later before Aaron asked Angel to his place again, after confirming his parents were not home. The day before, he had made his way to one of the sex shops along Geylang and brought a few items that would be helpful, in a way. His looks did gave him away when the shop asked for his identity, but the amount of money he had with him was too huge to turn him away.

Upon reaching his room, Angel hugged him tightly and kissed. Aaron did not punish her for her initiation, but was more concerned about what he was about to do to her. He sat her down and took out the BDSM outfit he brought for her. It was a bra and panties set, made of leather and it had straps that would go around her waist and chest, giving her privates no cover. The outfit had circular metal rings that joined the parts together. It just looked so degrading and slutty, just right for the girl controlled.

Angel: ‘Do you want me to put it on now?’
Aaron: ‘No no. Not now. It’s for you to wear on the days we will meet.’

The good thing would be that they would be meeting again, but the bad point would be her disadvantage of being exposed in such clothes under her uniform. He took a pair of police-issued cuffs (he had found a way to acquire them – with money) and asked her to cuff herself to the bed frame. Once she was done, he secured her legs to keep them open, and then placing a set of nipple clamps on her nipples. ‘If you perform well, I will take them off.’ With her confined to the position he put her in, there was no way she could perform.

Without getting her in the mood, he pierced his way into her tight dry cunt and found himself motionless due to the sensitivity. Although she was not turned on, the slight lubrication came from the perspiration when they walked the distance to his place. Instead of cumming too quickly, the sensitivity along with her tightness was causing his dick to ache. Angel asked him to place his dick at her mouth and she sucked on his head for a minute or so, working her skilful mouth till he was harder than before.

He rammed into her pussy once again and started very slowly. In a push-up position, his hips were the only part moving and he did it so swiftly and accurately that she realised her G-spot was being stroked each time. Her pussy got wetter and her body was ready for him. With the build up of her desire to cum, Aaron was not going any faster than he started and the fact she had been squeezing onto his dick did not tempt him to thrust any harder.

Aaron pulled out after an agonising twenty minutes and Angel was left dripping wet, almost begging to be fucked. He took his iPad and turned on a porno flick he downloaded and began masturbating himself. ‘Master, did I do it wrongly? Please put it back inside me. I need it!’ Angel was lost, what was he doing? Her body had enjoyed every moment his dick was in her, filling her pussy with the thickness, which was densely covered in veins and grooves, it was the perfect dick she had seen and felt.

The fact her boy had decided to masturbated to the girl in the video made her jealous and felt useless. Aaron was only teasing her, but her mind had took it personal. He untied her and she sprang onto him, taking over his hand on his juicy, pre-cum drooling dick. ‘Let me help you?’ She said with guilt. Watching the drops of pre-cum getting larger, it was about to be wasted on the bed. Her head approached and sucked away the drop, and gave in to her lust, sucking on that sweet lollipop.

Aaron: ‘I was just teasing you. You can help me. But not now.’

He was hungry too and handed her a piece of maid costume to put on. It fitted her well except that it had kept her ass exposed, but her nipples well shielded. She went into the kitchen with him to prepare a meal of instant noodles. Halfway through, she felt a long object went into her bare pussy. It was the first time he placed something else beside his dick in her, and it went in and out continuously to her unspoken wishes. Angel hastened her pace till the pot was on top of the stove, water waiting to be boiled. She went over to the living room with Aaron. Going on her knees and giving her boy a blowjob on the sofa, while he watched Discovery Channel was showing on the TV screen. With his eyes glued, she had the whole dick to herself.

The water sizzled and she went back to the kitchen, and Aaron tagged along as well. The long toy continued to thrust hard and deep into her until his meal was served. Then, Angel went under the dining table and sucked on her meal while Aaron feast away. The bowl was quickly finished and she went to do the dishes. Suddenly, a loud swish and pain resonated through her body.

Aaron: ‘It wasn’t tasty.’

‘I’m sorry!’, she washed the last of the plates and proceeded back to his sofa as commanded. Aaron then sat on the floor and licked her pussy which was dripping with juices. Angel could not help but moaned non-stop as she was rewarded with a good lapping on her clit. ‘Now, that’s better’, Aaron got up and she cleaned his mouth with her apron.

‘Can I go to the toilet? I need to pee.’ Aaron allowed it and followed her closely. ‘Let’s try something in here’, he said. He bent her over the toilet facing the water tank and stuck his saliva-coated dick into her pussy, while ordering her to relieve herself. It was the first time Angel had tried it but it still took a while before she managed to control her bladder and her tap released the golden fluid into the bowl. As she was taking it from the back, she took a while to clean up and the two walked in doggie style back to his room. It was fun as his dick touched her in different places while they walked.

Feeling full and lazy, he laid on the bed and had Angel climb on top, riding him with her agile body while he played with the nipple clamps, tugging on it to get her to slow down from time to time. Actually, it was for most of the time. Aaron controlled his mind well not to cum until the last moment. He wasn’t just going to let his virgin sperms get wasted too early.

As the grandfather clock stroked four, he stripped Angel naked and they went for a shower. Angel had been wondering why he did not cum but she was more than glad to wash his body for him. She cleaned him up thoroughly and she then washed herself. Throughout, she had been paying extra attention to his dick and managed to keep it upright till they were done.

‘Sit on the toilet and masturbate.’ Aaron went over to her and positioned himself in front. Right then, a warm stream of pee exited and splashed down her body, all the way into the bowl. Assisted by his warmness, Angel fingered herself even faster bearing no thoughts to the urine and after he was done, she gave his dick a quick wash. Holding her head with both his hands, he guided her mouth to his shaft and thrust viciously. Literally fucking her mouth, Angel touched herself in a quicker pace to relieve the choke and gags her throat was going through.

The shower did not take long, but the mouth-fuck was getting draggy. He let his hands go and allowed Angel to take control at her own pace. Her lips had sealed tightly around his skin and with saliva as lubricant, she was doing a good job. It did not take long before Aaron had to stop her.

Aaron: ‘I’m cumming.’

Angel smiled and opened her mouth.

‘Let’s stop here’, Aaron demanded. Not again? She wrapped her hands around his hips and pulled him close, while sucking on him despite his effort to push her away. His feet tip-toed and the large gush of cum poured into her mouth, like a shot glass, after another. She finally let go of his body and kept the cum in her mouth, holding it in without swallowing. She quickly got covered up with a towel after Aaron left the toilet to get her punishment.

Angel entered the room with a pitiful look and Aaron asked her to the bed and bend over like a bitch. So she did. Pushing the long toy into her pussy once again, he took her hand and placed it on the toy, which she moved it instinctively in and out of her love hole. With the cum in her mouth, she could not speak a word, but groaned as she felt every bit of the ten strokes of the cane he gave. Her hand had moved faster to ease the pain on her back and ass. For the first time, she found herself cumming in a mere minute with the pain. It was the next level.

She sat on the soft bed hoping the pain went away, like how we usually cover our little toes with a soft cushion when we kicked something hard. She looked at Aaron pleadingly like a little puppy but with tears rolling down her eyes. She opened her mouth to show him her enthusiasm and swallowed before her eyes.

Angel: ‘I’m sorry Aaron. I have been a bad girl.’

He helped her put on her clothes and showed her the door. ‘Wear what I gave you everywhere you go, from tomorrow onwards, and keep this inside you.’ It was his last command of the day, which she knew she had to obey, if not, the punishment would be on its way (which wasn’t too bad after all). That night, she had went out with her parents for dinner, and dressed decently for the first time, which the family was glad for. But under those clothes, it was the leather bra and panties, that could give her away if she dressed any less. And the little toy tucked safely inside her pussy, turning her on as she walked or made any movements.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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