Invisible Link

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What would usually be the link between a studious boy and a typical ‘Ah Lian’ (a term used to address female gangster in one of Singapore’s dialect)? Aaron was one of the students in the so called ‘A’ class, under a special programme, that was privileged but came at the requirement to maintain an As in all, yes ALL, his 9 subjects. He was mathematically, musically talented with an IQ of 200. His parents however insisted on putting him in a neighbourhood school so the bursaries would see them through their low income. Good in every way you can imagine, and unlike any guys his age, he had the maturity to see and plan for whatever he wanted. For his own experiment, his dad had sold his van and entrusted a sum to him, which he invested in stocks and shares using his father’s name (since he was still under the age of 18 then). As the pot grew silently, they already had enough to sustain the whole family until retirement. I would say he was every girl’s wet dreams.

Angel was the Ah Lian in school, smoking, and having a tattoo on her lower back which was visible under the white uniform, despite coming from a low income family, did not care about most of the implications she deserved. Sadly, there was no way of her coming into contact or knowledge about Aaron, since their situations were earth and heaven apart. It was only until an assembly, that Aaron had been invited to perform in the school hall.

It was a Tuesday, and the day everything would change for the both of them. Aaron went on stage, and looking at the lethargic crowd, decided to change the piano piece he was going to perform.

Aaron: ‘Afternoon everyone. I’m Aaron, from class 4E1. I’m going to play a piece of music, which I composed just today, to match this cool, rainy weather that all of us felt like sleeping in. Close your eyes at any point in time, and I assure that you will see something.’

He took his seat and all the teachers applauded louder than every class combined. None had the attention for him. As his nimble fingers worked on the keys, the music began loud and gradually softened. Everyone in the hall was slowly brought to a lullaby, eyes closed, but ears tuned to the flowing sounds.

For the first time, Angel felt peace, and deep in thoughts about herself, and everything she had done. Throughout the twenty minutes of performance, she had saw something in herself, thanks to a guy she didn’t even know on stage.

After he was done, there was no applause. It was pure silence and thoughts. He walked down the stage and in his pure voice, he woke everyone up from their dreams. Dreams – it was the thing that every student had forgotten amidst the stress and pace of life. Assembly ended and Angel broke away from her usual group of friends, and tailed Aaron home. He had walked a good 2km and right before he went up the shophouses, Angel called out to him.

Angel: ‘Oi!’

He stopped and turned. She took his hand and shook, grateful for what he had done for her. Deep in her mind, she had already submitted herself to her. He invited her to his place which his parents were more than glad to receive, since she would be the first of any friends he brought him.

Angel: ‘You know, your music sorted me out.’

It was powerful. Very powerful. Alone in the quiet room of this young man, she suddenly felt so vulnerable. Her body was shaking lightly, and hands cold.

Angel: ‘I’m sorry!’

She launched herself at him and pinned him onto his bed with her body, leaning onto his chest and sobbing. Aaron did not know what to do. He had never thought of such intimacy and the close bodily contact with Angel definitely woke something in him too. She kissed him on the lips while still on him, and undid his school uniform. His shirt came undone and he suddenly flipped her on his bed.

Aaron: ‘It’s too fast. Sorry but I can’t do this.’

What did he mean? Was he going to reject a girl who just threw herself on him? Angel was embarrassed beyond words, but the sensation of a submissive slave did not go away. She apologies and sat up, adjusting her hair and shirt.

Aaron: ‘Shall we try again?’

He went to her surprised face and kissed. And pulled away. Strangely, this kiss he gave was different from the one she took. It was full of power, it had claimed her to be his. He fell back onto the bed and admired her. Angel stood up beside the bed and began undoing her shirt, one by one. Her half cup black bra showed and the skirt’s hook came off quickly. The matching black panties welcomed him into the other world he missed and she came back into his arms.

Aaron: ‘What about me?’

She undid his buttons once again, and worked on his pants. In Aaron’s mind, he had felt her sincerity to be his pet and could tell she had no guard against him at all.

Aaron’s parents (shouting): ‘We’re going out! Take care of your friend k?’

The main door clicked and they were left to themselves. After his clothes were gone, his underwear had already set up tentage watching his girl in her own undies. His only knowledge of sex was from pornography, which he secretly watch on his iPad since he owned no computer. Angel pulled his Lycra underwear low and stroked it slowly. Her perception of sex had changed with him. She appreciated his generosity to let her play.

Angel: ‘Can I.. ‘

Aaron replied a straight ‘No’. He took her hands away from his dick. ‘Touch yourself’, he said sternly. Angel went on her knees on the bed and lowered one of her bra straps, her fingers wriggled into her panties and the other hand went to her exposed nipples. Her mind obeyed Aaron and she caressed herself, stroking her clit and twisting her nipples. He was free to do anything to her.

Aaron: ‘If you want, you can remove your lingerie.’

So, lingerie IS pronounced that way and not ling-ger-ri. Angel had realised her silliness. She removed them and continued masturbating in front of him. She had never allowed herself to be controlled to such a extent, but it was irresistible with the dominant boy. She fell on her butt and spread her legs in front of him, while getting ready to finger herself.

Aaron: ‘Stop.’

She was so ready to put her fingers inside. The desire was too huge. She pushed her fingers in anyway and Aaron got off the bed. He ransacked the top of his messy cupboard and found the cane hidden away. It was a nightmare to him in the past, although it was rarely used. He pushed her upper back down onto his bed and gave him two strokes on her delicate skin of her ass.

‘Fuck!’, she exclaimed in pain, which after another two strokes landed. ‘No vulgarities’. She sobbed after hearing those words. The pain had found its way between her labia and her fingers pulled out. Aaron saw the tattoo and was immediately reminded of their differences in league and attitudes. She had brought the level of ‘Ah Lian’ so close to truly being one.

He went back to his bed with a soft belt and commanded her to hold his dick. She did, but went a step forward by jerking it. The belt was more painful compared to the cane and it was on her back. The pain channeled itself to her nipples and it grew even harder. She held it and looked at him. ‘Good girl. Now, suck’. Finally! She covered her mouth over his dick and sucked dutifully as a slave would.

Aaron’s grip on the belt loosened and the metallic buckle hit the floor. Seeing her master groan and moan in ecstasy, her body got wetter and her free hand roamed to her lower body. Aaron reached for the belt despite the pleasure and granted her another whip. Her mouth sucked harder while coping with the ringing pain on her back. Her fingers continued south and the whippings went on, with the swishing sounds being generated repeatedly. Angel still went on sucking and touching herself.

He pushed her away and got off the bed in frustration. ‘What the fuck was my command?!’, he asked. ‘To suck’, Angel replied softly. He stood by the bed and ordered her to open her mouth, he aimed his pee hole at her tongue and said, ‘I’m going to pee now. Do you want to drink it?’

What the fuck! Was this how it’s going to be? To be treated so lowly? ‘No.. ‘, Angel’s voice had a tremble to it. ‘Good’. Aaron got back on the bed and he placed Angel on his pillows, with her opened legs facing the side of his bed. He sat on the floor beside and proceeded to explore her vagina, paying attention as he turned the various flaps around, and exposed areas leading to her clit.

‘Is it sensitive here?’ He asked while rubbing her clit in circles. With his shirt over her mouth, she had been sniffing his scent and could only moan. He slapped her thigh really hard and she screamed ‘Yes yes!’ That was what he wanted to hear. His fingers slowly slipped into her pussy and unlike those in porn, her clit was well hidden and her pussy lips were almost concealed under her skin. She was nicely waxed, and had no prickly stubs. Using his hands, he kept the sensitive areas exposed and felt around her vagina walls.

Angel had been moaning like a kitten purring and it was music to Aaron. The sound of pleasure, safe with no implication (of pregnancy). He was done in a few minutes and stood in front of her opened legs.

Angel: ‘You want to put it inside?’

He just reached for his cane and she cowered to the far length of the bed. ‘I’m sorry I’m sorry Master.’ He placed the cane down, and she noticed the time. It was only 2.30pm. School usually ended on time with days on assembly, and she normally would spend a long time wandering and creating havoc with her friends. This day on, she belonged to Aaron.

Aaron: ‘How shall we do this?’

He went to his iPad and tapped away on the screen while sitting at the headboard, Angel waiting patiently by the side. ‘You can masturbate for now.’ She smiled and her fingers went to work. Aaron did not have condoms in his house, since there was no sexual outlets (or should I say inlets) to be used.

‘What would you like to do?’ Aaron asked for the first time. Angel was lost. She wanted to fuck him badly, and the wrong answer might just give her another few lashings. She gave her the honest answer, ‘I want to have sex with you’. His heart softened with her sweet voice and asked her a couple of questions about her status, whether she was disease free. She was clean, with only her ex-boyfriend as the only partner, and condoms were compulsory – then.

‘I don’t have a condom though. Damn!’ He was cock-blocked by those thin slices of rubber.

Angel had a way though, ‘Umm. Aaron, I am on the pill since I was with my ex. The fear of the condom tearing was too huge, so I went on the pill till now.’

He already had his answer then. It was one she would not like, ‘Let’s do it another time. You can go now.’

Can? He was going to leave her high and dry? Angel had no choice but to get dressed, and leave. That very night, she fingered herself to four orgasms, with thoughts of what Aaron could do to her that day. Aaron, on the other hand, did not have the urge to release but had planned on what to do with her. He had not masturbated before, nor had any wet dreams, still the urge to try anything on himself was suppressed.

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