Is it All about Money?

Before anything, let me highlight that this is a non-sexual entry. Skip this if you are not interested in J’s life, and wait for a few days before he churns out another story for you to read and get on with life.

Since the beginning, I have put away the thoughts about using this site to make money. ‘Make money’ being the idea of profiting enough to cover the expenses and my mundane lifestyle of working and writing in a continuous loop. At some point, we will all be tired of what is repeating without an end in years to come. So, I will share some of my life with you, and hopefully, receive some help from those who can.

My day job – My work is towards the manpower side than the skills sector, and I did not mind the pay (that increased last month). At times, I have thoughts about telling you guys more about what I do so you can help me out if I have something you need. But when I think about ‘who the hell would care about other people’s lives’, I stopped myself from bringing up my private life with you guys. Today, I risk being ignored and share some life stories of myself.

Now, in an attempt to keep the place I am working in, and myself, alive, I will tell you guys what I do. As much as I have learnt from my previous employment in the financial sector, it is always good to separate the company, and the ideas of individuals that might require a bit of twist and turn to bring in the money for survival.

Currently, my line of work handles a lot of alcohol, not medically, but specifically, beers. Other supplies like hard liquor and coffee can be discussed as well, but the main topic of my entry is to let you guys in on a little ‘lobang’ I have.

For now, I am exploring the idea of supplying beers with a special approach. That is, to customise a carton (box of 12 or 24) containing craft beers from different microbreweries and supply it for events and functions. From here, I sincerely ask of you guys, my loyal readers, to refer and engage my enterprising plan if you see a need. Pricing wise, it will also be in accordance to the selection of beers. Ranging from S$8 a bottle (usually in 330ml) to S$60, even S$188.

How the hell can a bottle cost so much? You ask. Well, if you know craft beers well enough, there are some that are brewed in limited quantities, and can be kept like wine to age for years to come. And others that have ABV (alcohol content) from 10 to 45%. I can’t sell the beer that has 65% though.

Next up, would be real estate. Personally, I am not into the property market or any business doing shady rentals. This area would be taken care by one of my close family members, whom just started out on his career. As most of you know, it is not easy to make a living especially with the laws that were introduced, slightly less advantageous to the relevant agents in the line.

Rental, sales, take-over, anything related to properties, do help spread the word and give J’s family a hand.

Back to myself (selfish statement there), how much I wish I can tell you guys where I work so beer drinkers or good food adventurers can come visit but it is not my method to make use of you guys. What you read here is all I can tell, and with my outmost gratitude, I appreciate any help you guys can give.

Fear not if there isn’t anything you can do for me, nothing will change. I will still be writing, and will be making dicks hard and pussies wet to make sure everyone gets their share of fun, with a piece of my mind (coming up with ideas and plots for the stories).

Once again, thank you for reading this non-sexual entry, knowing you guys are here for me no matter what shitty stories I sometimes come up with. Everyone of us is working hard to pay the mortgage, and so am I. This is really a short-and-sweet life story for someone who spent many years of his life studying and working in a job that relates nothing to his education. Are some of you like me too?

Right now, I’m so jealous of those who have inherited or made too much money without any plans for it. Spending freely and living the dreams of many while the rest of us chase after the money. What a life. How about spending some on me? :D

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