A friend Lyn, 17 years old, had just broken up from a bad relationship, and never missed anything from it, especially not the forced oral sex she had to give to her ex. She had given me the privilege to write this recount on her behalf since my work had helped took her minds off things.

Today was just another ‘normal’ day I met my boyfriend (then), Eric. Him being him, asked me to follow him into the lift of a newly built block of flat, to the fifteen floor. Without much love from him, he pulled me to the staircase landing connecting two floors and started to unzip his pants. Of course I knew what he wanted. He had his ‘needs’ that I as a girlfriend would need to help him out with. Although his dick was already out of his pants, my blue uniform was still all covered up. So he pushed me into a wall and kissed me while his hands unbuttoned my blouse.

My lips had taken control and slowly drifting my mind elsewhere. His hands reached under my skirt and pushed them slightly lower, which I took over from him and removed it completed under me. His rough hands went into my sleeves and pulled the bra straps, placing them into my bag after it was unhooked. Without realising, my hand had been stroking him while his hand roamed under my skirt, rubbing on my desperate clit.

Other than this short foreplay that I enjoyed, what usually came after that was not as pleasing. Since he was just one of many guys who had been with me, I was careful not to give in to their sexual demands and had guarded my virginity well. So, without my pussy, the guys whom had been with me could only asked for the next best – oral sex. Eric’s fingers had dipped into my slit and was ramming his hand so hard into me that I climaxed with ease. After I came, he felt the excess juices that I’ve produced and knew I would not reject him.

With his fingers still inside me, the slow pace was driving me crazy, but I did not give in and blurt it out. I was enjoying it so much, when suddenly a couple of guys walked out from the row of units that we’re facing. Since it was a hot afternoon, I was so sure they saw us. I was against the wall that faced the lift landing, with him facing the very wall, one hand under my skirt creating the inverse V shape. I blushed immediately and tried to bury my face in Eric’s shoulder but he would just not let me. The two boys watched Eric’s hand go faster and my body just started sliding down the wall. My legs simply could not take the overwhelming orgasms.

I was soon squatting with my legs closed, clamping his hand, but he did not quit even though he knew we were watched. He went in front of me and used his calves to spread my legs, after which he came between and let his dick look at me.

Eric: ‘I know you want to masturbate. Just do it. They can’t see much from there.’

What a jerk! My fingers listened and went to my pussy, going straight into fingering my wet hole while moaning lightly. My mouth could not stay closed as his dick went into my lips, forcing my mouth open. I knew he was frustrated that I could not give him sex, but the way he took his ‘revenge’ on me sometimes hurt badly. I stopped fingering myself and held the base with my fingers in an O shape.

My mouth stopped right below his little mushroom and I blew some air out, forming a suction on my cheeks. With that done, I went directly for the deepest, and fastest, shoving my head towards his balls, sucking hard and pressing my lips tightly together. He had this weird reaction that ridiculed me, legs shaking as though in fear, and hands grabbing his own hair! Anyway, I kept up with that horrible tempo and depth down my throat for about thirty seconds, which was also how long he could last.

He finally said the word I was awaiting for, ‘shooting’ and it was also the cue I should get ready to choke. The force of his hips ramming into my mouth banged my head against the wall and beneath those pain, was the impact of his cum hitting the top of my mouth, spraying all over until there was so much that my tongue had nowhere to dodge the yucky taste. I hated how he used me like a slut. So after he was done, I stood back up and pulled him in for a kiss, smearing some of his man juice on his lips and frenching him with my mouth full.

It wasn’t until I saw his disgusted look that I smiled and swallowed the rest. The two boys were gone by the time I remembered them and Eric was too drained mentally to pleasure me anymore. With such treatment from him, I knew I could not stay long with him. Sad to say, my love life had been colourful in the wrongest manner and the hopelessness in men had been draining. Still, life must go on.

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Find it disheartening that in this day and age there are still girls being forced into such acts. SM did a good job writing but I shudder whenever I recall that this was based on a true incident.

Well, I guess there are people out there who have not heard or are aware of emotional blackmail, so they would just follow other people’s guidance or instructions without any knowledge of expressing their own discomfort.

It hurts to hear from the girls about such incidents too, but some of them sees no ‘wrong’ in following their body’s calling.

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