It’s Just Business 3

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The instant I turned the door knob, the manager pushed his way into my room and Jing followed closely behind him, walking into Min who was still asleep. There, he handed me two plane tickets, and returned more files we mailed over before my arrival, all signed and ready-to-go.

(Manager saying) ‘You are welcome to bring one of them back with you, and Chiang will pay one month’s rent for her. But if you choose to work for us, you are free to set up a branch office in Singapore, with her as your first staff, and the company will take care of everything else. It’s your call. The detail is in one of the files there. I hope you enjoyed your stay here.’

Dumbfounded by that counter-offer, I spent a long time looking through that document he mentioned. With words like ‘as charged’, ‘as required’, ‘without an upper limit’, I couldn’t shut out that position which had to come right after the biggest deal I just signed for my (current) company. This after all, Was a much bigger place than where I was.

As I kept flipping the pages, Min and Jing were making awkwardly fumbling around in bed. Like the good girl Min was, she kicked the sheets away to expose their fingers on each other’s clit, furiously rubbing one off. On one side, was a girl I got comfortable with over two days, and on the other, was Jing who had this underdeveloped body of a thirteen year old.

Of course, I didn’t wait to join them in bed and let them suck me off, while I texted Chiang.

(WeChat to Chiang) ‘If I am allowed to bring both of them back, I will accept your offer. Get someone to prepare a new set of agreement that include both their names. I will sign the papers today.’

Unsure if he would take up my counter-counteroffer, Min then laid on the spot between my legs, wriggling herself downwards until she could slip my dick inside her. Jutting back and forth on my butt, I proceeded to make good of her pussy while Jing positioned herself on top of Min.

Going ‘helmet on’ for Jing, the doggystyle commenced in her unbelievably tight pussy, that sent me wailing to Min’s jealous eyes. The both of them went on their knees for me to ‘use’ every few minutes apart, until a text came into my phone.

For disrespecting her elder, Jing wasn’t allowed to have me inside her again, and I was ‘fucked’ in doggy by Min’s backward-thrusting ass.

(WeChat to me) ‘Fifteen minutes. Ying will bring it to you.’

Right. Next door. How convenient. I took that last few minutes to shag Min really badly (or good-ly) until I came into her mouth for her breakfast, except there was nothing – according to her. When Ying came into the room, Jing was sucking me with Min’s fingers inside her.

(Ying telling me) ‘This is the page.’

I held Jing’s head down for the duration I skimmed through the page, and signed at the corner once I saw the changes. She took the agreement back after removing the copy I didn’t sign on, and left with a grateful farewell.

Now back to the two girls, who were head over heels when they learnt that they were going with me. Jing just went berserk on her blowjob until I came again, into Min’s mouth she invited her for, to make up for the earlier impatience to please someone else’s ‘master’.

For the first two months they were there, we stayed in a serviced apartment and fucked one too many times than I could count. After we found a suitable office, the floor right above it became our new home, for the only man they had to please for the rest of their lives – or risk getting sent back to the life they could no longer, nor want, to return to.

Just imagine my return (to Singapore) with good news, and then the bad.

Man, fuck my life, for a good reason.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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