It’s Just Business 2

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For day two, the three of us went to a building about thirty minutes away, and I was left in an office with instructions to prepare all the documents that needed to be signed. The big boy, boss of a multi-million company, Chiang, appeared and we quickly got acquainted, though I wasn’t sure if I was suppose to answer the question of ‘How was Min?’

Nonetheless, after an hour of bullshit over some tea, he signed on the papers without reading, telling me how much he trusted me to take care of everything. While I packed the file I spent so many sleepless nights drafting, he ordered something over the intercom, which I couldn’t make out in his thick accent.

Moments later, Min, and another girl who looked much younger (and smaller), came into the office in their winter coats. As soon as the blinds are drawn, they got naked quickly and went on their knees, to which Chiang responded by prying his smaller dick out.

(Chiang asking) ‘您要哪个?’
Translation: Which one do you want?

While Min was looking all worried, the other girl was looking so hopefully at me.

(I replied) ‘Min?’

She crawled over on her knees and began blowing my mind off. As for Jing, she went back to her boss who was waiting on the other end of the couch. Somehow, continuing the bullshit talk was a tad tedious, comparing to Chiang who could kept putting me down with my distraction/ appreciation for Min’s hard work.

A load from each of us summed up that business meeting of an unorthodox nature, leaving me weak in the knees on the way to a restaurant for dinner.

There, Min was back to herself, the girl filled with laughters and joy in every little thing we did. From dinner time, we roamed aimlessly to buy anything that I wanted to bring back, before we went back to the hotel for my last night.

During my shower, she left the room to meet Ying for a bit, and returned shortly after I was done. After we were all refreshed, she began turning a little touchy, reaching for her clit as soon as we were tucked into bed. There, she didn’t need a minute to disappear under the sheets to start slurping on my cock again, while getting herself off.

This display of sexual affection did a good job in turning me on really well, and the best thing was not requiring any effort from me. About twenty minutes later, she flung the duvet off the bed and climbed on top of me, grinding on my hips as she kept her fingers vibrating on her pussy.

Climaxing way sooner than usual, she was screaming hysterically once the first orgasm hit her, knocking the wind out of her as her body kept thrashing. Her hips couldn’t stop rocking no matter how high she looked, eyes rolling white for long periods.

I didn’t know what was happening to her and gently laid her down on the bed, to have her suddenly wrapped her legs around my waist.

(Min whispering) ‘救我…’
Translation: Save me..

I hammered my cock down vertically and it relieved her a little, seeing how her vision returned to my eyes. She just kept pulling me downwards and I did just that, jamming my hardness into her softness that was slurping with wetness. She was especially that night, and I couldn’t stop myself even when I was getting so close to my climax.

(I groaned) ‘来了!来了!
Translation: Cumming! Cumming!

With no choice, I forcefully yanked my dick out of her and let my cum dribbled into her mouth, right before she sucked me dry of any leftovers. Her feet became the ‘hands’ that guided me back to her groin, plugging her hole full of my cock despite it being soft.

A quick reach for her purse revealed a bottle, which I took a whiff of, and got me erected instantaneously. To have my cock grow in the most ideal environment to be in, she was smiling silly before I even moved.

We did a rollover and it was her show for the rest of that round, squatting and bouncing atop for all that was worth. There was no lack of excruciating scream of dirty words, inaudible name calling, in our respective main languages. For that period after smelling that thingy, I couldn’t find the urge to cum anymore.

She led me to the dresser next to the window and we did our next lap there, creaking that furniture so badly for any onlookers to watch through our open windows. Taking a long time fucking her in standing doggy in front of the mirror, the lasting effect suddenly wore off, and it was at that precise moment Min’s body gave up.

She dropped on her knees in front of the dresser, seamlessly spinning to avoid hitting her face, and aptly stopping at my dick. She saw my half-way face and let me face fuck her, though with a shrinking cock that was as sensitive.

In under five, that flaccid, disappointing rod spit whatever few squirts out and she licked it clean before fainting. The rest of the night was peaceful and tranquil, compared to the intense sex we lost ourselves in earlier.

By the time I woke up, it was due to the rhythmic knocking on the door.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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