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Upon arrival in the cold capital of China, Beijing, I couldn’t miss the huge cardboard with my name on it, spinning like a helicopter in the hands of the Chinese girl wearing a winter coat. Immediately going up to her and giving her my name card, she called out to a man standing behind her.

(Girl said) ‘他来了!就是他.’
Translation: He’s here! That’s him.

The mafia-looking ‘boss’ came over and shook my hands, before asking that girl, and another equally young one, to carry my bags – if I had anymore than my hand carry. So leaving them without anything, they gathered by my side and walked out to the MPV for my ride to the hotel.

This trip was specially arranged by the China counterparts my company worked with, for the first outlet to be opened in the most populated state in P.R.C. In the car, I spoke to the two girls in English for as long as I wanted to ‘prank’ them, while the manager (that mafia guy I mentioned earlier?) humoured me by conversing with his fluent English.

Fifteen minutes into the journey, the ladies took off their coats in the barely warm car, giving me a peek at their braless cups, nipples poking against their coloured spaghetti crop tops. It was only then I saw the rest of the tattoos (upward of the thighs) on Min’s body, covered in beautiful, intricate and detailed artwork.

(Ying telling Min) ‘把上衣和裤裤脱了。’
Translation: Take off your top and panties.

From how Min took instructions from her manager and Ying, I could tell that she wasn’t highly educated, and possibly owed them some favours. As she removed those said pieces of clothing, Ying unzipped (me) and whipped my cock out, before handing Min a rubber band for her long hair.

Once a ponytail was tied, she went down on me with uncertainty, but did not hesitate once she heard my groans. Ying then climbed dangerously between the front seats and joined the manager, who was ‘kind’ enough to take his own dong out, to receive the road head she was probably trained to do.

At no part of the journey did the girls stop sucking, making me wonder about their job scopes in the company. I knew nothing about their workforce except for these two who were doing what they were doing.

(Manager saying) ‘Ying will be sleeping in the room next to yours, and Min will be with you for the next two days. Don’t be shy and enjoy yourself!’

I couldn’t believe how crazy things could get in China. They literally used everything they have access to, to impress their business partners. Honestly then, I had no idea what would I ask her to do for the next two days, since I had official work to do.

Another thirty minutes later, we arrived at the hotel and the manager brought me up to the room, leaving Ying and Min alone for a while. After finalising my itinerary with him, I had the rest of the day to recover from the jet lag, if any. About an hour passed when the girls entered my room with a spare card key, with some food I was so hungry for.

(Ying telling Min) ‘你继续吧。别忘了我对你说了什么。’
Translation: Continue (with what you were doing earlier). And don’t forget what I told you.

As if the first part of my trip wasn’t bizarre enough, Min arranged the pillows for me to lie against, brought the food to my side, and got started stripping my bottoms off – all under the watchful eyes of Ying. Once she saw her going down on me, did she leave the room to us.

I couldn’t concentrate on my food no matter how ‘fantastical’ it sounded to have a girl blowing me while I eat, so I stopped her a mere minute into the meal. Besides surprising her with my ability to speak Mandarin, she was just so frightened to stop sucking. Once that rule to ‘not do anything kinky when I eat’ was set, she knew that I wasn’t like any men she had came across – I had my focus on the important stuff.

But as soon as I was done eating, she was back to my side, stroking me off while I lit a cigarette. Frankly speaking, it was an amazing experience to have a girl riding me reverse-cowgirl as I puffed away, heightening the after-food-smoke with sex.

For the sake of convenience, I continued pumping her in doggystyle after I finished my stick, holding that skinny waist of hers in delight. As I rammed the life out of her from behind, that dragon tattoo on her back mesmerised me, as if charming me to fuck her even harder with more force.

After a tiring fifteen minutes, I came into her mouth as she requested and shifted my attention back to the work I needed to sort out for a meeting the next day. Min laid quietly on the bed next to where I was seated, casually stroking me till I was hard again.

Surely, that wasn’t her cue to ‘go for it again’ right? I wouldn’t get anything done if that was her ‘mission’.

An hour later, still with an ongoing hard on from Min’s tireless small hand, I got a shock when Ying came into the room with a tray of food for Min.

Sandwiches, oysters, crayfish, salmon, I had my fair share of supper served by Min’s mouth. All that aphrodisiac did not kick in until I finished my work in record time, thanks to that alternating mouth-hand-job from her.

We got started on the wine as an early celebration to my company’s successful partnership, and felt a hard on harder than any of those times we fucked. Unable to comprehend what was happening, I fought hard to resist the empowering urge and tipped her onto her back before I leaned beside her.

Determined to take my time with her, I worked on her nipples first, pinching and twisting them until she was wet enough for me to work my fingers on that small clit of hers. Sucking her boobs and rubbing her pussy incessantly, she turned into the little girl she was, submitting to my every flick and twitch of my fingertips.

Right then, she caught a hold of my dick and lost control of her motion when an orgasm hit her really hard, the first she ever received from her ‘clients’.

(Min whispering satisfied) ‘到你了。’
Translation: It’s your turn.

I rolled over her and slipped my raging erection into her pussy, overwhelming my own senses with the first ever consensual penetration of our encounter. The tension in her vagina was gone, and replaced with relaxed muscles that accommodated my dick easier than before.

In no time, I found myself engaging in the most passionate sex, thrusting my cock so deep and fast without the impending urge to cum. No matter how it happened, I couldn’t summon enough suspicion to counter that heavenly sexual pleasure bombarding my senses.

(In Min’s moaning voice) ‘他们… 在酒里… 放了东西。没害的… ‘
Translation: They put something in the wine. But it’s not harmful.

Well, what was I supposed to do? Stop right there and then?

I held the waist of that cute little thing, taking her on a wild ride that got her screaming really loudly for Ying to hear. When I finally could no longer move my hips, she took over and arched her lower back up and down, milking me to my helplessness.

There was just no way anyone could have missed that hour long episode of sex, completed with both our screaming voices, right next door.

We basically fucked our brains out twice, emptying as many times into her mouth until I was too tired to move anymore. We collapsed onto the bed and she snuggled into my arms like, well, my girlfriend. Apart from kissing me non-stop out of gratitude, she couldn’t stop emphasising on how special she felt that night.

With our minds and bodies completed wasted and satisfied, it was about an hour later when the drug was done with my boner. Right before we fall asleep, it was her time to tell me her story.

For a nineteen year old, who did not have money to further her education despite topping her cohort, working for a millionaire was her ‘break’ to a life of comfort. Unlike her previous ‘tasks’ to please her boss’ business associates with handjobs and blowjobs, I AM the first she was given the green light – to fuck.

Although she had already lost her virginity to her first boyfriend, she was never allowed had sex with anyone else, under the order of her boss. For them (past associates), they had other girls from elsewhere.

Unknown when, I drifted off to lalaland until she woke me up, sliding her lips down my cock and keeping me in there until I was warmed up. Then the next few minutes, she tirelessly sucked me off till I was up and eager to get my day going.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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