One and Three, on Two

About an hour after my parents left the house to attend the yearly seventh month gathering, the creaking of my bedroom door stirred me awake but not to the point of full consciousness. Thinking that it was one of my sisters getting something from my room, it wasn’t until I felt the two sides of my super single bed sinking, that I sobered up to see what they were up to.

(Henna whispered) ‘J?’


(Henna whispered to Jenna) ‘He’s awake.’

The bedside lamp that turned on suddenly blinded me momentarily before I could see what they were doing, stripping their bottoms off on each side of my bed. To think back, it was the first time in years both my parents were out at the same time, and that brought back the horrifying childhood memory that I thought was long over.

Not letting me get ahead of them, Jenna, the sister younger than me by five years, went to my feet and reached under the blanket for my shorts, which was the really small one that I ONLY wore to bed. Pulling it easily down my legs (and off my feet), I slapped my hands onto the blanket for protection, but was futile to the strength of Henna, my older sister with the same skinny shoulders, thin waist, and long legs, flipping the blanket onto the floor.

The two of them then crawled menacingly to my sides, before lying down on my bare chest in similarly cheeky grins.

(Older sis whispered) ‘Remember when you were younger?’

(In my trembling voice) ‘Yeah?’

‘Remember how I would put Jen’s little hand over your cock.. ‘

Right in front of my eyes, she picked Jenna’s hand up and placed it on my growing erection, leaving her sentence incomplete for me to imagine. Just like how it happened back then, she did the same motion again, holding Jenna’s hand and guiding her up and down my cock, while she cradled my cold testicles in her palm.

(Older sis cont.) ‘.. you were groaning so helplessly then, but you liked it didn’t you?’

‘Yeah.. ‘

(Older sis cont.) ‘.. and now look, how big have you gotten.. ‘

A glance at Henna who was jerking me showed me her delighted face, with more awareness to what she was doing now, than five years ago. Slowly losing my sanity to the nimble fingers caressing my rod, groans started to escape my lips for their pleasure.

(Older sis asked) ‘What did I ask her to do next? Do you remember?’

(As I groaned) ‘You asked her to.. Suck me like a lollipop.’

(Younger sis exclaimed) ‘Hey! Really? I don’t recall that!’

Henna then reached behind Jen’s head and gently pushed her down, right over my cock that was glowing so red from the lack of any lubricant. Giving a long, upward lick under my shaft, a toe-curling tremble shot through my spine, across my whole body, and into my head to make me gasp loudly. The teasing lasted for a minute before she finally took the tip into her lips, pressing against my foreskin but not yet sucking on it.

Spending the next a few seconds to gather some saliva, she triggered the most satisfying cringe of my abs when she slid her mouth lower, taking as much as three-quarter of my cock in her beautiful mouth everyone was jealous of. Henna then shifted her sister between my legs, to lie on her stomach while she continued slurping on my member.

As for Henna, the most experienced of us, she split her legs over my face and lightly pushed her clit against my nose, using it to masturbate herself as I ate her moist pussy, like how it happened years ago. I was just glad she was smoothly shaved like how she taught Jenna to, once she went into puberty.

The three of us were in this dirty position that circulated our lust around, except for Jenna. She was just obediently blowing me until Henna ‘woke up’ from my hyperactive tongue-flicks that kept her in a state of high.

(Older to younger sis) ‘Jen, can you lie in his place?’

(Jenna asking) ‘Facing up or down?’


She automatically assumed the doggy position and I was violently put on my knees (by Henna) behind my little sister’s ass, a view I never expected to have since, well, never. As soon as I was in position, she sat on my pillow and spread her thighs wide, within inches from Jenna’s face.

(Older to younger sis) ‘Come. Lick me. AND YOU! Put it in!’

‘I. Am. So. Not. Doing. That.’

‘So should I tell mum and dad?’


The ‘accident’ took place on one night many years ago, when young Jenna came into my room when I was sleeping. We snuggled together in that particular stormy night, without much concern for proximity since she IS my frightened little sister. Halfway through the nap, she turned towards me and reached into my shorts, to see what was poking her. The fault came when I chose not to react, letting her put my hand into her pyjamas to ‘check’ why she didn’t have that thing boys have.

We ended up masturbating for each other until she received her first orgasm, that I then ‘cleaned’ her up with my mouth (which she only knew it felt good). I did came that fateful night though, into her mouth when she wanted to do the same for me.

The follow morning, she went back into her room where Henna was awake and getting ready for school, spilling all that we did to her – with much excitement. As a punishment, we had to reenact exactly what happened, and things took an unimaginable turn when Henna skipped school to stay home with us – to ‘re-teach’ Jenna about our sexuality.

Since then, we never spoke about that night again, but it seemed that they had more than just ‘girly talk’ in their room, having pounce on me when no one else was home. The only thing I learnt was that, Jenna never stopped indulging herself in those orgasms since the first I had done for her.

Coming back to the threesome, I couldn’t come up with any other ways out of this and went on to penetrate my own sister, complete with comments about my dick size in a sensual tone.

(Jenna replying weakly) ‘Kor.. you’re really big.. ‘

I stayed very still until she was comfortable with my cock inside her, and began thrusting at a slow pace. Comparing to mere fantasies, fucking a clueless, but eager, younger sister was a whole new realm opened up for me. My mind just couldn’t get enough of her small, soft and lightly damp vaginal walls, stroking along my shaft like we were made for each other. It did made me wonder if Henna would feel the same – if she wasn’t just pitting my sister against me (and staying out of this mess).

As my body lost control to the ever-increasing violent strokes, Henna, who Jen was going down on, moaned even harder and louder to that confused mouth working on her pussy. Bearing the guilt of the undo-able sin, there was nothing that could get any worse than this.

(I groaned) ‘JEN! CUMMING!’

(Jenna gasping in shock) ‘Huh?!’

A single cry from her sent me falling backwards, relieving her sore gap of my manhood – out of fear. All I saw was Henna rushing Jen to face me, and then holding my dick upright for her to go down on. Gagging the poor little girl with my erupting pipe, Jen just stayed as quiet as she could behind the choking depths, at the same time getting her pussy rubbed to a pulp by Henna so she would ‘serve’ me better.

(I groaned) ‘NOW! NOW!’

Her head slid all the way into my groin and down her throat, with my cum exploding one second later into wherever my tip stopped at. Feeling exactly like her pussy, the contractions at her throat squeezed and milked me thoroughly dry, before Henna tugged her by her hair away from my spent penis.

She then twisted Jen’s neck towards her and asked for an answer in a stern voice.

(Henna asked) ‘How did kor taste?’

(While she coughed) ‘Na.. ise.. ‘

‘Good. You’re sleeping with him tonight. I’ll be having my own fun with my dildo.’

Henna jumped out of bed and went back to her room after gathering Jen’s and her own clothes. All we did after was hug and went to sleep, occasionally kissing her cute lips to ease the torture she just went through.

(Jenna whispered) ‘Kor.. Can we not let jie know when we do it again?’

‘What? We are NOT doing that ever again.’

‘You sure?’

Another grin appeared as she fondled my flaccid cock under the sheets, erecting it easily with so much just a stroke (up and down). Needless to say, we went for another round, in missionary this time for her comfort.

I think we fell asleep after she climaxed once, since we woke up with me still inside her. Morning wood, delivered right to the ‘house’ of the woods-woman. We were lucky that our parents did not check on us, and no one was home when we woke up.

What else did you think we did? ;)

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