Deep Addiction

‘Why are you here? Aren’t we done talking?’

To have his ex-girlfriend coming up to his office at such late hours, he couldn’t help but feel a little frustrated, at her insensitivity to the time, and also the venue.

(Stacey replied) ‘It’s not about that anymore.. I’m here for something else.’

‘What? Do I owe you anything?’

‘No.. But.. Can I feel you inside me again?’

‘WHAT? Say that again.’

‘I’d like you to.. Have sex with me.. ‘

(He answered sarcastically) ‘Of course!’

He continued fumbling his office bag for the keys but she was quicker to enter his workplace again, headed straight for the pantry where she had been during that one time he brought her there. Following behind her impatiently, he wasn’t allowed a lot of time to react when she unzipped the back of her grey, short dress, exposing the kinky set of laced, translucent set of lingerie he bought her a long time ago.

Seeing that sexy white bra and g-strings appear underneath that body-hugging outfit, he quietly took a seat at the circular dining table, while she did a striptease for him. Off came her dress, followed by the bra, and finally the small pair of panties that stuck onto her pussy for a moment as if it was damp.

For some reason, she was succumbing to a dark addiction she developed after knowing him sexually, something her body bothered her more than whatever love that was no longer there. It was, consuming her.


‘What? Keep going.’

She then leaned over the counter top next to the sink, and reached between her legs to masturbate for him, making dirty, purr-like noises as she vibrated her fingertips at her clit. As unbelievable as it was, Sean was partially dumbfounded, and turned on by what was unfolding before his eyes.

(He asked) ‘Are you seriously back for sex?’

(As she moaned) ‘Yes.. I can’t get that picture of your cock going inside me out of my head.. That is the only thing I can think of whenever.. Whenever Ben put his dick inside me. You have kept me awake on more nights than you can count.. And wet on more days than you know.’

‘So, you’d let me just fuck you and go.’

‘Yes. That’s the only thing I can ask from you anyway.. ‘

‘Good. Then come once for me.’

As soon as he finished speaking, two well-manicured fingers dug into her pussy and she thrusted them so fast and deep, gorging around for that spot she just couldn’t reach, before coming for him in under two minutes.

The force that clouded her mine, seemed to be relieved when he responded to her performance. Partly due to the love that no longer exists, she couldn’t stop the lust from displaying her most intimate part in full view of his fixated gaze. She knew she still had what it takes to get his attention.

Just as she was done, he got up and stripped his bottoms off, in certainty that there was no cameras or any sorts in the dining area of his office. Like old times, he put the first in into her especially wet hole and stayed motionless, while she touched herself faster and moaned more intensely for him.

‘Can you put it in? Please?’

In one stroke, he jammed his cock into that familiar, tight hole and pinned her back down, on the cold, unforgiving surface her nipples were in contact with. Each jerk of his hips brought her closer to orgasm, well understood by their 2-year long relationship filled with sex and intimacy no matter where they were.

As if reliving all his painful moments, an overpowering sense of rage took over his body as he pumped her faster, massaging all of his shaft with the vigour of her sexcited vagina, still getting wetter with each passing second. To be needed for his cock, he was glad that he was still in her mind, despite only being physical.

She had nothing but her body for him, although the ‘rest’ of her was already with someone else. It was just this one part, which couldn’t shake those erotic thoughts of him, off her no matter how many toys, or how much sex she had with Ben.

He was eager to hold those slim, tiny waist again, while fucking her in the vengeful mood he was in because of her. Her occasional cries of pain knocking against the counter went unheard, over the increasingly loud groans he was making for her pussy that was squeezing him tighter and tighter.

She was no longer concerned about what he saw her as, for her favourite, unforgettable dick was thrusting so wildly into her. That was all that mattered (or lacking) in her perception of a perfect relationship.



Ramming her as violently as he could, the tip of his cock brushed the G-spot that no one else, not even her, had found. Releasing that slut inside her, she began moaning crazily for no one but them to hear, and that got him even angrier for the hurt she had caused.

In one fell swoop, he caught both her thighs and lifted them onto the counter, positioning her in a split that she used to be so proud of. Like fucking a frog, he let go of his mental restraints and went all out on her, jabbing her pussy so rapidly with his pipe, until she was calling out the soreness.

‘Sean! Sean!!! You’re hurting me!’

‘And that is.. Exactly.. Arghh.. How much you hurt me!’

(He then whispered) ‘Shit.. ‘

The sudden disappearance of his cock told her enough and he seamlessly yanked her off the counter, dropping her onto the carpet in a pile but not without holding onto her fine blonde hair.

With her face right in front of his groin, his dick found its way into her mouth and down her throat, sliding up and down till she was gasping for air. In a minute’s time, he was done with that mixed emotion, pouring his cum down her throat as it came in waves, emptying his balls into her stomach that was churning so badly.

‘You like that huh? Bitch!’

‘Yeah.. *gasping* I do.. *gasping* I’m sorry Sean.. *panting* For leaving you.. ‘

Her weak knees delayed their exit for a while, and she was still naked under her dress when they left his office. Helping her downstairs to the carpark, she finally got some rest in the comfort of his car.

Unable to leave the one he loved in such a state, he drove her home and got an audio treat to her masturbating in his ride, all because of how roughly he handled her earlier. Besides giving him road head in the middle of the journey, she let him finish off a second time in her mouth – again.

Nothing would beat the sore feeling between her legs, especially not when it was done by his relentless, partially violent acts of ‘love’.

(She asked sheepishly) ‘Can we be friends with benefits?’

‘Even when you are attached?’

‘Yes.. ‘

And so, they have become.

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