Random Mom

(Jesse whispered) ‘Wait wait.. ‘

Right outside the lift at the twenty-second storey of her block, she stopped Nicholas by his wrist and stayed very still, as if listening for anyone nearby. After a minute or so of silence, she led him up a flight of steps and dropped her handbag on the ground, before leaning against the rail to flip her skirt up.

‘What.. ‘

(She whispered) ‘Fuck me here.. ‘

‘Huh? Now?’

‘I can’t possibly bring you home can I?’

The confused gentleman who brought her up that block out of goodwill then undid his pants slowly, still trying to figure out what or how did he get into such a ‘treat’. Initially wanting to make sure she could find that unit she was asking him about, it quickly turned into an intimate encounter with a woman clearly older than her, yet maintaining a very youthful looking figure from the thin waist, slender legs, and wide thigh gap.

Once he got to his underwear, she brazenly reached into it for his dick, while still facing forward. Somehow, she got really excited when she landed her hand on his member, clumsily ‘stuffing’ him into her pussy that was barely wet.

(He whispered) ‘Hey hey.. Let me. You’re not wet enough yet.’

He snatched his cock back and proceeded to rub her clit with it, swiping up and down with occasional ‘penetration tests’ to check for her readiness. A minute of teasing later, her fingers appeared from underneath, getting hold of his dick so she could put it right where she needed him most.



The accidental groan pleased her nonetheless, though it did cause some worry about someone hearing them. In a few strokes, he was completely buried inside that gradually moistening hole, getting more slippery with each thrust of his.

‘oh yes.. this is it.. you’re doing good.’

Her soft comments managed to ego-boost his size inside her, pleasuring her sweet spots with each inward jab that activated all her nerve endings. Holding both her arms for support, he let his hips did the rest of the work pounding her rhythmically, ramming that enlarging cock so deeply and forcefully.

Of course, he was groaning form time to time too, but he was mostly quiet to hear her voice better.

‘It.. it has been so long.. Since I had a dick inside me.. ‘

(He groaned softly) ‘Same for me too.. ‘

Having lost control of his rhythm at one point, it wasn’t long before he sensed his impending load about to blow up into her. Freezing his motion suddenly, he didn’t realise that she went crazy with that accidental edging, leaving her hanging right when she was about to get her high.

(She asked) ‘Do you want to lean at the wall? You look all weak now.’

(As he panted) ‘Yeah.. You.. you got me all crazy and weak. Let me rest for a while.’

Backing up to his chest, she easily slanted his head to her face, making out with her passionate tongue that slithered so slyly around. Dick tucked between her thighs, she casually caught hold of it and slipped the little him right into her pussy, shocking him with her boldness.

Shortly after, she began humping him backwards, milking his cock that was so close to ejaculation, in that tight, convulsing vaginal muscles. Leaving him with no space to escape, she rode him standing until he got really frantic, confusing lust with logic.

(He sternly said) ‘I’m cumming. Let me go now.’

(She grinned) ‘No? It’s safe to cum inside me. And I’m not letting you go.’

Mere minutes after she started grinding him up on that wall, he lost his sanity and slapped his hands over her waist, gripping them hard as his load pumped crazily into her pussy that was dying to have all of him inside.

The huge amount of semen flowed out of her once he was done, and it triggered the most satisfying orgasm from her too. Weakly stepping away from him, cum dripped loudly onto the floor as she stumbled onto a step, panting heavily for the climax that just blew her mind away.

(She panted) ‘You came so much.. ‘

‘You are the one who caused it.’

They wearily put their clothes back on and went two floors up to her unit, where a farewell kiss parted him, and her back to her son who was watching TV in the living room.

(Jesse WhatsApp) ‘Available tomorrow?’

(Nicholas WhatsApp) ‘Always.’

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