Hypocritical Act

(Hayley asked) ‘Why don’t you have a seat first? Let me take my meds and bring you water.’

Her thirteen-year-old sister disappeared into a room and stayed very quiet, while Hayley returned to the glass coffee table with my water and a zip lock pouch containing some powder. Pouring some of the content out onto the table, a straw joined her nose and the surface of what I suspected were drugs, before it got vacuumed up in entirety. The few snorts, the relaxing groans, soon completed my first tutorial on ‘how to take drugs’.

Seeing her head tilting everywhere from the high, I dare not move until she resumed talking to me.

‘Sorry.. I had to take it to keep the hunger away.’

‘But haven’t I bought you more food earlier?’

‘Yeah? And so it feels even better with a full stomach.’

She collapsed into my arms after a while and we hugged for a minute motionless, until she grabbed my hands in her cold ones. Guiding them up her shirt, I was soon tasked to massage her C cups, while she began to undo my pants.

‘Hayley! Hayley?!’



‘I can’t. I can’t stop my body from wanting it every time I take it.’

‘Yes you can. You can fight it. What is it anyway?’

‘My dad didn’t allow me to. It’s Ecstasy. Mmm!’

I shamefully gave off a loud groan once her mouth found its way over my cock, growing steadily to her lips that left saliva, and took my breath away. She dabbed a fingertip with some of that white powder before she continued caressing my balls, leaving me drowsy in pleasure. The next thing I knew, she stuck that very finger into my anus and it got me jumping in surprise.

Not only did she kept sucking, I could sense a smile despite her moving rapidly up and down my cock. Just barely a minute into the whole thing, I was growing harder than ever, at the same time feeling more ‘garang’.

Fucking drugs.

A term which couldn’t be more appropriate, once I lost control and flipped her onto her back (on the couch). In a frenzied rage, I yanked her shorts off almost as quickly as she undid mine, seamlessly bringing our genitals close enough to fuck in an instant.

(I whispered) ‘Condoms?’

(She whispered sexily) ‘I haven’t done it with anyone before, not even him. He was more afraid to do it with me than anything.’

She swiftly pushed herself downwards (of the couch) by placing both hands above her head, against the arm rest, and slid right over my cock. In that increasing heat of that moment, I couldn’t deny my body anymore and began thrusting all seven inches of me into her, pounding her so hard that her moans couldn’t be tamed no matter how hard she tried.

(While she moaned) ‘My.. Sister.. ‘

True enough, we saw her peeking out of her room at us, while our bodies were slamming so hard against each other. Beyond the hysterical moans, our lips couldn’t spend more than a few seconds apart, kissing and making out like fucking monsters. There was just something in me that kept me pumping so deep into her pussy, as if it was never good enough.

Midway, we switched to the cuter doggystyle and kept going, while she applied more E to her clit, easily rubbing onto my cock to get some of it inside her vaginally. With the both of us going berserk, I was losing consciousness the nearer I get to my orgasm, while she had already blacked out a few times during the sex.

(She moaned loudly) ‘J! COMING! COMING!’

Her pussy literally squeezed my shaft to a pulp as more juices were released, speeding my hips up for the few seconds of pleasure boost.

(I grunted) ‘Fuck.. Fuck!’

With suddenly clarity, I abruptly pulled my dick out of her and slumped onto the couch, panting heavily to catch all the air I had forgotten. Right next to me, Hayley was trembling in a fit, still moaning but in a more sensual tone.

Gradually, my eyes got too tired to stay open and I drifted to sleep for a few minutes. Unsure of how much time has passed, a hand going around my cock woke me up, and a jerking motion brought all my strength back.

(I grouchily called out) ‘Hayley.. ‘

‘I’m not Hayley.’

Forcing my eyes open, I was horrified to see her younger sister stroking me, with Hayley’s hand guiding her.

(I exclaimed) ‘No shit.’

‘He taught her how to do it, when I fainted from the drug. Mei, use your mouth on kor kor.’

Another shameful groan left my lips as she executed her ‘moves’ on me, running her young, sweet mouth up and down my cock in glee.

‘I’m going to cum. Can you take over? Please? I don’t want her to taste.. Arghh!’

A sudden deep throat messed my head up and it continuously milked me to my end, right down to the moment my cum exploded into her mouth. In fairness, she did a good job by not moving until I was done, and it didn’t take her long to display that ‘high’ look too.

Fucking leftovers on my cock.

The girls then split my cum between themselves and took a shower together, letting me dress them up for a night at my place. For the rest of the night after Hayley tucked her sister in, she came into my room for more ‘exercise’ which I couldn’t turn down.

Although they meant to stay for just a night, I couldn’t let them go back to their abusive parents and took them in after their dad was placed in prison for incest and sexual-grooming charges. How could anyone get enough of that hot, twenty-one year old, VS-thin girl right?

Fucking hypocrite I am.

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