Messed-up Fun

Having not gotten his ‘relief’ from his girlfriend in a long time, Andrew was pleased when he saw the girl, whom he chose from a handful of others, waiting in the room mentioned in the text. Seated at the edge of the bed in a white crop singlet, the rugged denim shorts left her long legs, the ‘defining’ factor for him, exposed.



As his fifth time going for such service, the anxious look on her face didn’t bother him much, though it made her so much more appealing – that innocent, clueless look. After he placed his bag by the door, she went up to him and helped take his clothes off, down to his underwear. Although it was included in most ‘packages’, it was the first time he had someone doing all the work, leaving him in a sense of royalty unlike any.

(She asked softly) ‘Shower?’

‘Yes please.’

Just taking off her shorts, she led him into the standing shower and washed him up in her top (which turned translucent enough for him to see her bra-less-ness) and equally white panties, from running the water over his body, to lathering him up in thick foam. As she had her turn with his cock, he experienced the most delicate rinse at the ring right under his ‘little head’, feeling her run her fingertips in circles until he was too sensitive.

After she patted him dry, he stripped her wet clothes off and went into bed, where she made him lie down flat for her.

‘Do you want to play with me while I blow you dry?’

‘Yes please. It’s something she never allowed me to do.’

‘Your girlfriend?’

‘Uh huh.’

Jolyn got into doggystyle next to him, making sure she was close enough for him to reach, while she faced that armed missile. Starting with a kiss (on his dick), her tongue ran playfully around his pee hole as she kept him behind her lips with a gentle suction, turning his groans loose as he fumbled to reach her pussy.

Not exactly in a position to get a good view of her slit, it was his fingers that felt that unbelievably smooth skin, in front of a slightly moist gap. Beyond his satisfied discovery, he was getting light headed from her shallow strokes, going deeper as his body shivered wildly, cringing his abs to that calm-with-a-tinge-of-torture blowjob.

In time, his mind gave in to that life-giving mouth and stopped touching her, letting her change to a more convenient angle, between his legs, to keep sucking him. No doubt, it didn’t take him long before he desired to be inside somewhere else of her.

‘Jo.. Jo?’

(As she panted) ‘Yeah?’

(He whispered) ‘That’s good enough. Can you lie in my arms for a bit?’

She obediently cleaned that last bit of pre-cum up and crawled over his body, till her head was on his chest, and his cock right under her belly. Spending that moment talking about his girlfriend and her job, he couldn’t help but felt bad for her, doing all these for her family who wasn’t in an ideal situation.

Little did he know, that in her entire lifetime of that ‘career’ she had never been asked to lie still and do nothing. In a way, she understood what he was after – just the parts where he felt insufficient in his fairytale-like love story.

After twenty minutes into that conversation, she arched her body inwards and teased that softened piece of man-meat with some grinding motion, until he was up and hard again.

(Andrew asked) ‘Where’s the condom?’

(She replied) ‘Can we do it without? I went for my check up today. And I’m free of any diseases. The report is in my bag.’

With that, she reached over to her handbag on the bedside table for an envelop, which contained the ‘green-light’ he needed to see.

Immediately after his coy ‘alright’, she slid her hips south of his body and engulfed his cock in a pulsating heatwave, soothing the last of his fears with her orgasmic groan (during the penetration). Riding and grinding him like crazy, he could feel his hardness brushing against every inch of her juicy, soft vagina, driving her body more desperate.

Halfway through, he pulled her chest onto his and thrust his hips upwards, tearing through her sweet hole with much violence. Pumping that increasing tight pussy, neither of them was sane anymore.

Jolyn was busy screaming each and every of her orgasms for him, and he was grunting in a more excruciating tone with each passing minute.

(She moaned) ‘FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK.. ‘

Another climax took her breaths away and it marked the limit he could handle without exploding inside her.

(He groaned) ‘CUMMING JO! CUMMING!’

He lifted her upwards along his body to free his exploding cock, but was caught off guard when she swiftly rotated herself around into 69. Elbows supporting her upper body, her mouth went over his dick again, and Andrew’s hip-jerks did the rest of the work fucking her mouth.

Despite the awkward twist of his arm to rub on her clit, she was trembling as forcefully as him within seconds. All it took them was another minute, before he blew his load into her mouth, and at the same time, given the ego-boosting view of that thick, whitish liquid forming a droplet from her pussy, and then dripping into his mouth with a long, trailing strand.

Sweet, watery, and nothing more, he couldn’t believe how appealing a woman’s bodily fluid could taste. While it took her some time to contain all his semen before disengaging her mouth, he found himself licking those leftovers on her labia.

Returning to his awaiting gaze, she laid on the pillow and did the final act for him – to swallow his load. Skipping the details of after-service, he managed to get her number to be her ‘regular’.

(WhatsApp from Jolyn) ‘My dad is the so-called OKT. Do what you think is right.’

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