(Bella whispered) ‘So.. How does it feel to be in a room right next to that fucking couple? Almost married?’

(I replied) ‘Yeah. A little? And a little exciting too.’

The bridesmaid that came for the wedding without knowing anyone else got on with me quickly after discovering that I was in a similar situation like her, alone and awkward. After the wedding dinner, we went back to the room where we put our belongings, to find that everyone had collected their stuff, leaving us to be the last.

Taking the chance to wash up in the new-found privacy, it wasn’t Long before we heard some non-mistakable noises of their ‘official’ status for ‘raw’. The both of us just cheekily listened in to their progress, until the bride started screaming. (to our shock)

Soon, the freshly showered Bella turned red from embarrassment, and I turned fidgety from my erection. In the comfort of an empty, fully-paid-for hotel room, the robe she wore over her maroon evening gown (meant to keep her wet hair from touching her clothes) fell onto the bed, and I was given a visual treat to her smooth, glowing shoulders.

A minute later, she was sitting closer to me, and showed no resistance when I put my hand around her waist.

(She whispered) ‘I can relieve the pressure in your pants you know?’

(I whispered) ‘And if you’d like, I can remove your undies before they get wet.’

‘it’s too late J.. ‘

She collapsed onto the bed and I fell next to her, running my hand up her thighs until I felt the string of her g-strings in my fingers. As I tugged them off, she reached over for my belt too and stripped everything we did not need off.

Half-high and half-horny, we wriggled to the center of the bed and got started with touching each other sexually. For me, it was my fingers doing all the work smearing her juices around her clit, while she massaged my cock to an ever-enlarging size.

(Shouting from next door) ‘OH FUCK YEAH! *pause* SHHHH!’

Hearing that burst of lust, I was the first to lose control, instantly rolling on top of her and getting her legs spread wide for me. The sexed up girl then grabbed my shaft and led me right to her entrance, before I gave her a violent jab into that sweet hole.

Into the hottest, slimiest pussy I went, and I knew I was never going to be done until the ‘pressure’ was relieved. It was that trembly sense of pleasure, like coming out of a hot shower, into a cold room, and then tucking into a warm bed. I just couldn’t stop my hips once I began ramming her, almost as hard as the faint knocking sounds coming from the wall.

Moaning in sync, we shagged like crazy on that luxurious queen sized bed, using the bounce to get all of me, into every of her. There was no lack of lubrication as her pussy received all the seven inches of love I had, squishing loudly in response to that intensifying sex.

After being on top for ten, we changed to doggy and continued our pre-nuptial sex at the dresser, jerking it as hard as I was plowing her from behind. Unknown for how long, the other room had gone dead quiet and it wasn’t until a knock from the adjoining door stopped us.


(Her muffled moan) ‘Yes! WITH J!’

‘Okay.. HAVE FUN!’

We moved away from that wall and went into the bathtub, where hot water ran down our backs as I took her for the last ride, expending all the stamina in my hips, to drive her truly, madly, deeply high.


At that precise moment, my waist buckled as my load reached the customs, giving me barely two strokes before I lost control. Unplugging her pussy right away, she turned around and splashed into the tub, coming face to face with my swollen, big one.

Swiftly wrapping her hand around it, she proceeded to jerk me off at the same she fingered for her last orgasm. In under a minute’s time, hot cum started spraying into her face and her climax came immediately after, shaking her uncontrollably till I was done.

In the end, we took another shower before changing into the robes from the hotel. Following that refreshing change of clothes, the newly wed had a little bro/ sis time with us, spending a good hour in our (gender) specific rooms to summarise our activities.

By the time we got to bed, it was 3am, and Desiree, the wife, creeped up in front of me next to the bed.

(Desiree whispered) ‘Hey.. Bryan gave the green light for us. Let’s go to our room so he can have her.’

Needless to say, we did it with the doors opened, getting the girls to bend over (in front of each other) as they got rear-ended by us. After twenty minutes to bake that ‘creampie’, we slept with our ‘other’ partner till day break.

A good, last night.

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