The twenty-eight year old, female tenant whom has been staying with me since four years ago invited me for a drink in the living room, having been there through my divorce from day one, till the day I was officially single – again.

(She asked) ‘How are you coping?’

‘Quite alright. Now you have more peace in the house.’

(She continued) ‘Don’t say that. You know how much I love that little monkey.’

Referring to my little girl, I couldn’t agree more that we actually missed her more than the raging bitch I married. As we went through bottles of wine, I began questioning her more about the men she brought home, that if anyone stood out.

‘Nope. Still can’t find anyone. And I’m getting old.’

‘Well, not as old as me.’

(I replied) ‘Haha. And they say that older men are wiser. I think I’m always trying to find you, in them.’

Finishing up the last bit of wine in our glasses, we tidied everything up and made our way to bed – now-more-empty. Out of habit, I was scrolling on the 9GAG app until she creeped into my room with a shot glass.

‘Here. A shot of whiskey each to help us sleep.’

‘Haha. Crazy little thing. Cheers!’

We downed the final cup and she fell onto my chest, as if it was her knock-out drug. As proper, behaving adults, I carried her back to her room and found her holding onto my arms, unhesitant to start something ‘new’ as soon as my ‘old’ was gone.

(She murmured drunkenly) ‘You have sadness you need to fuck out, and I have loneliness I need to fuck away. We do have something in common tonight.’

‘You know, there’s other nights for that too.’

‘No.. It’s tonight, and other nights.’

She pulled her shirt off to expose her naked voluptuous C cups breasts and didn’t waste any time to slap both my hands on them, making me knead them as she moaned her dirty thoughts of me out loud.

‘Fuck me already. I’ve heard you shagged her like crazy. Do it to me.’

With me kneeling on her bed, it was easy for her to yank my shorts down, along with my underwear, to let her see the cock that wanted her even more badly than when I was married. In a fell swop, she took my cock into her mouth and let me thrust my hips, fucking, choking her a little as she gleamed to my increasingly sexy groans.

‘Are you ready for some pussy loving after this?’

(With my cock in her mouth) ‘Mmmhmm!’

As soon as she was done sucking, I flipped her over and spread her legs with my knees. Giving no thoughts to her readiness, I jabbed my dick into her and laid still for a few seconds to take in the new-found freedom, available to make love to anyone who deserved it more.

Without anything to hold me back, I was humping her so hard and fast on the bed, using the bouncy-springs to pull out really close to her opening, before ramming it back into the abyss of sex. From a feet-apart angle, she gradually turned into a ‘frog’, knees bent on her sides as I held her slim waist while fucking her like a psychopath.

(She groaned loudly) ‘YOU’RE.. MAKING ME.. COME NON-STOP!’

True enough, her body has not stopped shaking ever since five minutes into our same-goal activity, releasing juices over my cock that was plunging into her mercilessly.

In the midst of cavemen-tone grunts, the both of us were losing control of our pace, jerking our way dangerously close to the head of the bed as my hips banged her relentlessly.

(I groaned) ‘Just.. Hang.. In.. There.. I’m cumming!’

(She moaned) ‘OH FUCK! CUM INSIDE ME.. I’M SAFE!’

That said, I hammered my last lap with outmost violence, until she fell flat on the bed again, almost going unconscious the moment I unplugged her pussy for the tiny dam that ‘exploded’ our mixed, bodily fluids out onto the bed like pee.

We spent a good fifteen minutes in bed before changing a new blanket, and fell asleep in the room that we shared for many nights to come – until one of us was no longer ‘single’.

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