Girl Downstairs

(She WhatsApp-ed) ‘Kor, I’m back.’

(Rick replied) ‘Wanna come up?’

The :) emoticon she sent brightened his face after not seeing her for a week, having gone overseas with her family for holidays. Within ten minutes, she showed herself into his place in a thin, white singlet, with gaps wide enough to show him her red laced bra. He spotted the new pair of shorts on her too, somehow still able to fit her nice butt despite her small size.

‘Did you remember to take your medicine?’

‘Yupp. I set an alarm for it.’

Immediately, she walked into his arms for a tight hug, telling him how much she missed him with a playful bite on his bulge.

(She whispered) ‘Did he miss me?’

‘Why don’t you ask him yourself?’

She pried the waistband down with her tiny hands and jumped when it sprang to life, throbbing to his pelvic squeezes. In a hurry, she gave it a kiss and held it as she licked the head, wobbling his knees right behind the main door. As usual, she stepped onto his feet and ‘penguin-ed’ their way into his bedroom, where a present awaited in the center of his bed.


‘Uh huh. Go open it.’

The young teen ripped the wrapper apart to see a reel of bandage, along with a 3-piece set of panties from Victoria’s Secret. Stripping her bottoms off at the fastest speed, she put them on one at a time, in the sequence of red, purple and pink, for him to see.

‘I like this best!’

She said while running her hands along the red pair tightly hugging onto her hips. Returning to the bandage, she barely spent a minute figuring out what was it for before he took it from her, and pinned her flat down on the bed. He held both her arms above her head, through the rail-like design of the metal headboard and proceeded to tie her up loosely.

‘So this is what it’s for? Hehe.’

As soon as she was bounded, he pecked his way down her little body, raising her shirt and bra midway to suckle on her cute nipples to hardness. Shortly after she started moaning, he had found his way between her legs, licking and eating her out the way she would turn so weak to.

His every flick of her clit would cause her to groan in pleasurable noises, before a hard suck of that sensitive nub drove her screaming. It didn’t take long for her to get all wet and slimy, revealing a thick, white, translucent liquid in the middle of her pussy.

(She moaned) ‘Kor.. You’re making me really wet. You’re especially crazy today.’

(He whispered) ‘Cause I missed you lots.’

As he brought his body closer to her pussy, she opened her legs for him, giving him space to place his hips onto hers. In both their watchful eyes, he guided his dick into the juicy fold and pushed – in gentle, rhythmic strokes to get his every inch in.

After a minute, they were groaning in lust with his cock fully embedded inside, still motionless since he penetrated the full length of it. Sensing her wildly contracting vagina, he took his time to admire her slender figure, before resuming his thrusts.

In long, graceful swings of his hips, her small hole was stretched to its maximum width as his shaft plummeted repeatedly at her pussy, drowning her in sex as he kept his pace under control. To have a pussy that young around his cock, he was kept near the edge no matter how many times they had fucked, making every time as though it was his first – or her first.

The tempo of his hips began picking up speed as she pulled his face in to make out, driving his hormones to move faster to her sweet, cutesy moaning voice.

(She moaned weakly) ‘Kor.. I’ve been coming non-stop.. It’s getting sore.. ‘

‘I’m barely holding it in too.’

‘You know you can cum anytime right?’

‘Yes. But I would like to enjoy you for a while more.’

Her trusting smile calmed him a little, but his body was instead pounding faster and faster. Ten minutes later, he got up and they changed to his favourite position – doggystyle.

He loved how she would spread her legs wide for him, and then wait for a while before she grew impatient for his cock.

‘KOR! Stop torturing me already!’

Rick slipped his dick easily into her wet hole and continued to take her from behind, ramming her balls-deep to hear her making dirty noises beyond those slurping sounds. In this position, he was especially vulnerable to her gasping vagina, milking him like her life depended on his cum.

Just five minutes into the crazy hump, he was groaning louder than ever, slamming his hips on her as hard and deep as he could.



Three, five strokes later, he grabbed her ass firmly and pushed them together, while unleashing the last thrust that sent hot cum spraying into her innards, conveniently filling her up until she was dripping cum all over his bed. His ejaculation just wouldn’t stop even after a minute, still oozing even though he had pulled out of her.

As for the leftovers dribbling out of his tip, she quickly laid on his belly as he caught his breaths, gathering all those loose bits on her tongue until nothing was left. Like always, she cleaned him up with her mouth and helped wear his shorts back.

To get home with her present, she put on all three panties he gave, and hid them beneath the black pair she initially wore. At the door, before she left his place, she gave his little one a kiss to end the hour-long reminiscence.

How nice is it to have a fourteen year old, who’s on the pill, readily available for creampie-able sex, to be just living a few floors below?

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